Flea market, dog day, and drives

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Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and that you had a great weekend!

My love had the weekend off so we got to spend every day together.

And the other beautiful thing was that I got to take out my new Canon Rebel beauty that I talked about in my last post. 




Saturday we took our boy to the vet…just a general check up. Everything went great and he is a healthy and happy boy!




After that, we took a la la drive….




We then remembered that they were having Mountain Top Dog Day near us and we knew we had to go!




They had a demonstration from the local police department of their K-9 patrol and how they train them to sniff narcotics. It was pretty cool!


dog daydoggy.JPGhot dog.JPG

We also saw a hot dog dressed as an actual hot dog in a costume…. tried to photograph from far away, but I just did not do him justice.

frankie and ren.JPG

frankie and ren mtns and water.JPG

In addition to all of the beauty of dogs surrounding us, we had this. 


Later that night, I drove past my favorite field near sunset and had my camera.




I was not originally going to pull over, but then I spotted 3 deer in the field…


deer 1 .JPGdeer 2.JPGdeer jumping.JPGdeer jump 2 .JPG

I watched as they all jumped away and admired their graceful attitudes.




The next day, we hit up this huge flea market that I have not been to in quite a few years. As you may or may not know, I love flea markets. And farmer’s markets. Basically any markets…

I forgot how amazing it was and how many treasures you can find here…


Flea brightened.jpgflea- dog.JPGflea 1 salt shaker.JPGflea 2 guitar.JPGflea- van.JPGflea- trunk .JPGflea- lantern.JPGflea camera 1.JPG

flea camera 2.JPG

Quite a few old cameras were found…


But only 1 sad clown…

flea monkey.JPGwooden duck.JPG

Funny story about Mr. wooden duck here. I had my blogging brain turned on while taking these pictures and strolling the flea. I remembered a previous gaming post about my favorite game Gone Home that I had written- in the game, there is a wooden duck that I somehow remembered looking like this guy. When in fact, when I looked it up while writing this post, he was a Christmas duck. I’m pretty sure he was still wooden- so, close enough. Either way, he reminded me of Gone Home ; )


Frankie scored a $20 telescope!


The rest of the day….


statueold churchfeetme at oak hill_2.jpg


 I hope you all had a lovely weekend!






Blog birthday and my 25th!

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[The song my blog was named from!]


Yesterday was 1 year with Thegoodthingscomin! I can’t even believe it! Read my first post ever here….



This blog has been a great outlet for my feelings and it has become so much more than I ever thought it would. 178 followers is tiny in the blogging land, but to think that many people are reading your words somewhere out there…is pretty cool.


I like to chat with you guys about big things and little things in my life and everything in between. My blog has changed a lot from the beginning and will continue to evolve…excited to see where this goes!


Speaking of big things in my life, last time I wrote I talked about my 25th birthday and my 25 goals.


To celebrate a big birthday and my blog anniversary all in 1 week, I am so lucky!


I’m happy to say it was a glorious day at the lake, followed by a wonderful birthday dinner with my family- 4 of whom [nana and papa and my 2 cousins) I did not even know were coming so that was a great surprise!


Glorious day at the lake:

lake 1lake 2lake 3

lake 4

We taught this boy to swim this summer!

ren swimming.jpg


I have been begging my Frankie for a camera for awhile now….I normally borrow mama’s camera when I want to take good pictures. The morning of my birthday he surprised me with a disposable Fujifilm camera and told  me he ordered me something else, but it was not a camera, and that it didn’t get here in time.


Then he brought out the big box. Which ended up to be my dream, Canon Rebel T5, with a kit with a tripod, other lenses, a camera bag, and so many other accessories! My sissy chipped in too and I’m sure was in on the gag gift idea as well…

I can’t wait to play around with this and share the pictures on my blog. I have loved photography for a long time, but when I started blogging I found myself wanting to take pictures even more.




Lucky enough to finish the birthday night off with the ones I love the most..


bday dinner.jpg



Thank you to anyone reading, leaving thoughtful comments, or passing by.

Here’s to a year! 





25 goals for 25


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Guys, I turn 25 today!




I’ve had mixed feelings about it.


But then I was reminded of this important message by someone I know whose daughter did not get to make it this far in her life…


getting older



So here’s to embracing 25 and what will come from it!

Because many don’t get that chance.




I really love goals. 


25 is the perfect chance to create new goals.


So without further ado,


25 goals for 25:


1.)Stop being so anxious about the future.  

Being 25, I have plenty of time to figure that stuff out. It is also normal to have doubts, worries, fears. And to not have a clue what I am doing.  I have quite a few things I am interested in and want to try, so let’s take that day by day…most don’t have this figured out, anyway.


2.) Make Meditation a priority. 

This goes along with number 1- meditate, light some candles, listen to Native American flute music with rain. [my favorite meditation music.] Rinse. repeat. Learn to just be.


3.) Maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

I have still been having my daily morning smoothie, working out 1-3 times a week, and I stopped looking at the scale. I want to try out new workouts, up the intensity, and not be afraid to try new things at the gym.


4.) Get more serious about my blog. 

I’m pretty close to 200 followers and I would love to reach 200 email and WordPress followers.

I didn’t intend to make it a goal to make money off of my blog when I started, but when you start blogging, you come across a ton of people who make a living off of blogging. It’s pretty amazing that people can support an entire family on a blogging income with enough hard work. It would be nice to eventually make some extra money on the side doing something I really enjoy.


5.) Learn the ukelele. 

I got a guitar for my birthday about 2 years ago and learned a song, a few chords, took some lessons. Then I put it down and didn’t pick it up again….I read online that the ukelele is easier to learn and a lot of people learn that first and then guitar. I have a mint green ukelele I got from amazon with a shark on it that is just waiting to be played. I really love to sing and want to do cover songs when I learn to play.


6.)  Move out on my own…

Yup, it’s a big one. I’m finally ready to move out on my own, create my own space, and make my own mistakes in regards to living on my own. I will have to find something pet friendly though, because I would be very depressed without my babies. 


7.) Try a new thing at least once a month. 

Whatever it may be, just something new. I’ve been wanting to try aerial yoga, pole dancing classes, hip hop classes…


8.) Cook something new at least every 2 weeks. 

I started doing this and then school got in the way, but I love to cook when I actually do it and going along with goal # 6, I would love to have at least a few dishes under my belt for go-tos.


9.) Road trip out west. 

Frankie and I road tripped down south the summer I graduated from college, 2 years ago, and it was the best trip of our lives. Would love to go out west next- this might not happen exactly in my 25th year, but it will happen.


10.) Get up earlier, to do more things before work.

Work sucks and the earlier I get up, the more free time I have to do things I love before work. At one point, I was getting up earlier a few times a week to write a blog post, and my best thoughts and writings came from those times, not sure why…


11.) Laugh at yourself.

I’m a spaz and do a lot of silly things. Sometimes I worry how I look to other people, when really, who cares? I need to laugh at myself more.


12.) Make your opinion of yourself matter more than the opinions of others about you. 

If I could turn off caring about what others think of me, like a switch, I would have years ago. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!  This should have been goal # 1 for me.


13.) Do things you love, more often, and every day. 


14.) Be more authentic. 


15.) Keep track of my gratitudes more often, whether writing them down or just noticing them in my mind. 

Gratitude is important to me. But sometimes when I get caught up in life, I forget to keep track of what I am grateful for as much as I used to. I think it’s an important thing to keep as a habit.

16.) Throw another party.

I really enjoyed throwing my Spooky party last Halloween. And dressing as Misty Day from Coven. I was also really proud of myself for planning it all on my own and following through with it and that it came out better than I expected.


17.) Do more spontaneous things. Surprise yourself more. 



18.) De-clutter your life, regularly. 

It feels really great to get rid of stuff. I also love to shop, so I definitely accumulate some stuff too. I still have a whole box of summer shorts I found that don’t fit me anymore- that’s just bad energy sitting in the corner.


19.) Get out of your comfort zone more often… 

This is a big one for me that I need to work on.


20.) Positive affirmations and more positive self talk. 


21.) Network more for my blog, find my blog “tribe”…Spend time each week commenting, viewing, discovering new bloggers.


22.) Build myself a nice nest egg savings account. 


23.) Take more pictures.

I love photography and how it makes you more aware of your surroundings. To take good pictures, you have to be present.  And still. 


24.) This goes along with the last one- buy a DSLR camera and learn the manual settings on it. 

It would be cool to know exactly what settings to set for each individual picture and really personalize each photo…


25.) Keep making goals,  but don’t be too hard on yourself.

A good one to end on, to remember that we can do a lot, but we can’t do it all.





Prancing around P Town Mass

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We took a trip to Provincetown, Mass last week with our friends to camp and enjoy the town. We stopped in Boston on the way for a brief detour.

First stop was the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University to climb some trees.


trip 1.jpg


Next up, we did the Sam Adams brewery tour. 


sam adams 1.jpgsam adams 3.jpg


Next we headed into Provincetown. We set up camp at Dune’s Edge campground, which was a nice campground and about 5 minutes from the main town. However, we did not know until we got there that they do not allow any campfires. [Partly our fault because I think it was listed on the website] You can get a permit- but you have to get that 3 days in advance. You can also get a permit for a beach campfire, but that has to be 3 days in advance too. What is camping without a campfire, am I right?!


I found a campground about 25 minutes out of Provincetown that seemed to allow fires. If I were to go camping near P Town again, I would probably choose that option. But I guess it depends on how near the action you want to be and how much you care about camping with a campfire! To me, it’s essential. And so are smores.


After setting up camp we headed into town to check it out…

An amazing thing about this little town is that it has been declared the gayest city in the U.S. 

And you see this pride all over as you walk around : )

p town 1.jpg tower p town.jpgsign.jpg

boom boz.jpg

This kid was pretty awesome. And that is a man dressed as a pilgrim to the left, telling us about Provincetown history as we ate our breakfast. Here-people are not afraid to be who they are. 



Another amazing thing about this town is that if you head to the edge of it, only a few feet away, you find the beach.


p town 2.jpgp town beach.jpg


Another reason to love P Town: people here really love their pooches.

These little babies can be seem doing everything from swimming and catching fish at the beach, to shopping with their owner, to having a casual drink at the bar.


pooch beachp town 2

p town pooch 2.jpg

coffee 1.jpg

This coffee shop was a favorite of mine. So much sunlight streaming in!



Bar scene:


The bar scene in P Town was great. We visited a bar overlooking the water with an eclectic industrial beachy style inside.


tables at bar.jpg

I loved these homemade tables made out of a boat dock.

boat hostess stand.jpg

And the boat hostess stand…!

noreaster bar.jpg

Loved this place- Nor’East Beer Garden– they gave me a coffee with their homemade Bailey’s in it and it was delicious.

atlantic house.jpg

Atlantic house bar– cool environment, kind of too sassy for my liking bartender. I did not know until researching after this is the oldest bar in P Town-1798.



There is so much shopping to be done in this town- I got this amazing shirt, I wish I had remembered from what store. But there are many small local artist shops selling their own Provincetown designs. I am an ice cream fanatic, so it’s pretty perfect for me.


P town shirt.jpg

dog store

A favorite shop of mine was Paws & Whiskers– I told you they loved their pooches here. Yes, that is a doggy stroller.


Breakfast places:


Our first breakfast stop was at Devon’s. These are not the best pictures, but I loved the indoor decor with the glam style.

devons sign.jpgdevons glam.jpg


I got the eggs benefit, so yummy.

post office cafe.jpg

Our breakfast stop on our last day in Provincetown. Every dish had a box # name to go with the post office theme, which was really cute. This is where we got a meal and a show with our pilgrim friend from earlier on in the post.


Riding the beach dunes:


On our last day- we brought the Jeep and got a permit to ride on the beach dunes.


riding dunes 1.jpg

beach tracks.jpghot dogs.jpglighthouse.jpgjeep pano.jpg

frog togs.jpg

We made the best of the crappy weather we had. Thank God for frog togs. 


The sunshine came out right before we left as a farewell from P Town. 


What do you think of Provincetown? Have you ever been- if so, share your story with me!

Friday thoughts…


YAY, weekend!



I am back from a beautiful trip to Provincetown, Mass. That will be a separate post- but I just wanted to blog something little for now.

I feel refreshed and came back to a trip to a water park with our job, which was not a bad day at the office, if you ask me.

So far all I have planned for this weekend is celebrating my love’s birthday tonight, going to the Farmer’s market in the morning, and Saturday after that will hopefully include a lot of down time and spending time with my puppies. Sunday will be a busy one filled with music at a festival, I am finally going to see the Lumineers and I am so excited!



But yes, a nap is necessary.


Summers are always busy, and I love having lots of adventures, but being a huge introvert I need plenty of naps, alone time, and puppy snuggles in order to maintain a healthy and happy self, as well as to balance out the busyness.



What are your plans for the weekend?









Back to the little things

Listening now…


You fall through the trees
And you pray with your knees on the ground
For the things that you need
With your lust and your greed weighing down
And you weaken your love
And you hold it above your head
Success is a song of the heart, not a song of your bed



When life gets hard, confusing, or mundane- it’s time to go back to the little things.

I tried really hard this week to notice more.  To realize what was happening around me and take note. Of what the universe was sending me or trying to tell me.


Like when I went Pokemon hunting and found puppies:

blog 1

They were up for adoption and I had to control myself.

blog 3

I wished I could put them in my Poke ball and take them home…


Or the other day, when I finally made Chia seed pudding. And it was like heaven in my mouth, and why did this take me so long?!!

The other thing I love about Chia seed pudding is that you can eat it for breakfast or desert. And who doesn’t love something like that!

I wish I could find the recipe we used, but it was very simple. Basically soaking chia seeds in almond milk until the seeds expand. We topped ours off with fruit and cinnamon, but there are so many variations!

I’m very excited to try all of these.




And going for a run and then a visit to the creek we loved near the house we lived at a few years ago…


blog 7

blog 6 creek

Someone was happy.


What little things have you noticed this week that made you happy?

Monday gratitude





OK. I was kinda cranky this morning. Mondays have been harder for me as of late- have you ever been in a funk? I feel a little funky lately.

But I know things I also have not been doing that need to be done. To maintain my  sanity, my happiness, and my gratitude for the everyday little simple things. Which is why I started this little blog right here in the first place.

These things that have been lacking include: noticing my daily gratitude, stopping and listening to myself slowly and quietly, focusing on the present instead of the future.





So, speaking of gratitude and stopping and listening to yourself…

Today I am grateful for…


Yoga class tonight, taught by my sissy – as this post says, I need some clarity, time to breathe, and meditation in my life today.


Stranger Things on Netflix:

You have heard about it by now, right? If not- go watch! It is a binger, so prepare yourself to want to or actually watch all episodes in 1 night.


Modern Family.

Lately, if I do feel funky, I put on this show and it makes me laugh and brightens my day.


Thunderstorms. I love the heat- but it’s been very humid and hot and the earth needed some water. As did I- I got caught in it today and felt great!


Loving someone so much that you get sad leaving them after every time.

Sunday nights after a whole weekend spent together are especially hard, but also, I’m grateful to even have that.



What are you grateful for today?



The adventures of camping

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We took a little adventure camping in Virginia Beach at First Landing state park.

This place is special to us because we road tripped to Savannah, Georgia a few years ago, driving down the coast and making stops along the way, and this was our first stop where we camped.



This picture was from our first time here. This raccoon ate our sandwiches and carried the bags into the tree right above our tent- he watched us while he ate our food!


Going back brought back all sorts of nostalgia for those memories, but new ones were made too!

Not only that, but it has some cool history.

“The state park is near the site of the first landing on April 26, 1607 of Christopher Newport and the Virginia Company colonists before establishing themselves at Jamestown.”




Something we really love about this campsite is the trees. Makes you feel like you are deep down in the south, in a fairy forest.

Just look at them! 

And every campsite has it’s own beauty and is different looking, as well as private.




Our first night of arrival🙂



Not only that, but this campsite is minutes of a walk [depending on your campsite, it could be even closer] from the beach. 

Our first night there, we arrived later than expected.

By the time we set up camp, we wanted to take a walk down to the beach.

We were lucky enough to walk upon this stunning sunset.

Our last time here, also on our first night, we walked upon the most amazing lightning storm on the beach.

We learned to take on the unexpected and embrace whatever comes while camping.




The state park is right on the Chesapeake Bay beach, [also called “Chick’s beach”] which is incredibly warm, much less wavy,  and more calm than the regular ocean. It is so relaxing. I also did not feel as many hard shells under my feet, the sand in the water was soft and you sank right in.




We needed to search for water type Pokemon while we were there, too. Anyone else playing?!!



We took some time to re-visit the Virginia Beach boardwalk too. #Virginiaisforlovers





We ate at this lovely place on the boardwalk with live music that also had wild Magikarps flopping on the table while you eat!

I caught him, by the way.

Just thought this was too hilarious not to share.



This poor guy either thought I was taking a picture of him or knew I was playing and was hoping I caught him! Guess we will never know…




We packed up our camp and headed out of Virginia Beach onto our next stop, which was a new one for us.

Before we left, we hit up Citrus  for breakfast. I got the orange glaze pancakes, which were featured on the Food Network. As well as a mimosa. I also sampled Frankie’s Beach Benedict. Yum.

Don’t I look happy? I was!




So, we have visited Ocean city, Maryland before [also on our road trip] but never Assateague Island National State Park. 




I read about this place online, and it’s abundance of wild ponies on the beach, and knew we had to go while we were down here.

I was expecting to maybe see a few ponies….we got way more than we ever imagined from this trip.





How amazing is this?! We literally watched the group of horses walk in front of us on the beach. It felt surreal and dream worthy.


Of course we wanted to go back to Ocean City’s boardwalk, too! This boardwalk has a lot more going on than  the VA Beach boardwalk in our opinion.





I also wanted to report that on vacation, I finished 2 books! [This may seem like nothing, but coming from me- who is a very slow reader, and who spends a lot of her time gaming, it’s a big thing.]


I have loved Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series for awhile now.

I love books about small towns and characters I can relate to. I get so invested in them.

This vacation, I read Twisted Creek by Jodi Thomas, which had the same feelings as Virgin River series did for me. I just love when you can find authors that write in the same manner but also have a very different style.  I could not put this book down!


twisted creek.jpg


I am also reading You are a badass book– which has really helped me come back from vacation feeling  some type of way and ready to take on the world. And myself.  I have new goals written down for the week and the book really emphasizes taking things day by day, being more present, and all the things I have been lacking.


badass book.jpg




Yes, that is Spongebob on my shirt. He joined us for vacation!


It was hard to say goodbye to the beaches and the relaxation, but it’s back to reality now.

I hope you all enjoyed coming along for the journey, I certainly enjoyed sharing it. Let me know if you have visited these places before or plan to!




Back to the blogging world

Listening now…

Now I’m running late
And I’m not a coffee drinker,
But I lost sleep just thinking of you.
So pour me a cup,
I need to wake up,
I need me some love.
Now give it to me.”

Love this song.

girl GIF



I want to be like this. Sittin’ with the fishies, relaxing, not stressing about the future.

She is not worried how she will get up and out, she just sits.

She enjoys the moment….

Letting the chaos wash around you. But not consume you.


So happy to be back to the blogging world and focusing on this again. I have realized that blogging helps me live in the present.

I can’t wait to share my summer adventures with you all and read about yours!

This weekend we have our favorite Farmer’s market that I featured in my first ever written post on here.

And here, too.

So I will be sure to blog about that with many pictures again.


And I finished my class off with an 85, even though I am pretty sure I am pursuing other things.

After the relief of that was over, we attended a family wedding, which was beautiful. I did not take too many pictures, but we did manage to hit up the photo booth. [Classic.]




Next week we go on vacation on a camping extraordinaire trip to Virginia Beach and then to Ocean city, Maryland. While I will not be blogging while there, I can’t wait to share the adventure with you later!


What kind of adventures are you getting into this summer?

July thoughts…

Listening now…


[Amazing song, definitely worth the listen!]


Well all, I am so excited to get back into the blogging swing of things.

I have a bit of a deep post for you all, life talk, in the Life Talk blog section, appropriately. The blog has been a huge outlet of mine and I hope to maybe help someone going through the same things.

I mentioned in some of my last posts that I was going back to school full time for Vet Tech. I was taking an intense 7 week Medical Terminology class as my 2nd class of the major. It required studying every day, which I was prepared for.

I am doing well in the class and all is well.

I was prepared for giving up a lot of my free time and transitioning to school mode, which I did.

However, after a lot of second guessing, thinking of practicality, and my future, I have decided to put the Vet Tech on hold.


new girl gif.gif


I got into Vet Tech originally because I was looking to work in Animal welfare but was having trouble getting into it. I figured the animal experience would be great, knowing it would be difficult. I have been applying to a local animal sanctuary for years, with 1 interview right after college that was not the right job fit and 2 interviews recently, of which I did not get in the end- but I believe everything happens for a reason. The position was 16 hours and if I got it I would have had to give up my full time position with benefits.

This whole experience has made me realize that I love working for nonprofits[my current job], the flexibility is amazing, and very conducive to having a life outside of work and a family, which is a huge goal of mine. I aspire to get into the Animal welfare nonprofit field and I have plans for that too.

What I realized after this class, as time ticked closer and closer to going part time in my full time job with pretty good pay, great benefits, and amazing flexibility, was that I have it good. Not only that, but I love the aspects of nonprofits putting revenue back into their mission and that is and has been a passion of mine. I truly hope to combine the 2 passions into one some day.



The point of this post was to say- it is okay to be confused.  It’s fine to take it day by day.  I think the majority of society is handling life this way, I just did not realize until now.  It’s even better if you know in what direction you are going, and are going in that direction, and not exactly sure where it will lead you. That’s even more fun, right?

Not only that, but I have trouble living in the present. My mind gets stuck too far in the future, the anxieties of it, and i make rash decisions.

Why do we always feel like we need to figure ourselves out, asap?!

Let’s all breathe a little more, shall we?


To be continued…