Halloween Happy Planning

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It’s been so long since I did my last Happy Planner post. 

With Halloween coming, I felt like I had to plan! I feel re-inspired with planning when the holidays hit.

Lately, I am the kind of planner who plans when she feels like it and I don’t like to stress about planning every week out, even though I think it’s more fun to have a full planner to look through later on- I feel like when a hobby becomes an obligation, it becomes stressful and no longer fun. And then, what’s the point?

I got new stickers and washi tape from Michaels which have been getting good use lately. The Halloween section at Michaels is a scary place….and by scary I mean, frighteningly beautiful…and tempting.

Also, this week seems like Halloween week to me since Halloween is on a Monday this year!


plan 1.jpg


We are going to a space themed party this weekend. I am sure pictures will follow of the festivities… 

plan-3plan 5.jpg

plan 6.jpg

Why does it feel like my favorite month just flew by?!….. Le sigh. 

plan 7.jpg

The witching hour is here…

plan 8.jpg

And don’t forget to be curious and work hard. 

What are your plans for this week and for Halloween weekend?! I hope you are feeling witchy ; )

300 followers and weekend dreams

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(This song is in a car commercial and every time I see it I wanna dance and last night, when I could not sleep a wink,I had the beat in my head…so it had to go on the blog. #obsessed.)


We have reached 300 followers on this little up and coming blog!



This is a tiny update because honestly… I picked up a new project, as I usually do, and life has been busier.  I’ll talk more about it later because I wanted to do a whole post on that! But basically I am always hustling towards my goals and can’t stop, won’t stop. ok.png

I’ve been struggling with balance again. What is it with October, my favorite month, and feeling a sense of struggling to balance it all?

It’s getting dark early again and that’s been hard for me. I know that’s part of it because I feel this tiredness I haven’t felt in awhile, an effect of doing so much, and also- it’s dark by 6:30 pm…it makes me just want to crawl into bed…. z emoji.jpg

And I have started trying new exercise classes- 2 weeks ago Piyo, last week Zumba (which I have done before but picked back up after awhile) and this week Spin (I’m sore) and those have left me a little…tired, as well. With everything else. Why do I always decide to pick up a million new things at once?! Lol.

Piyo made me feel nauseas and like I was going to die, all at the same time. Spin, on the other hand, I loved and hope to make a weekly thing!


Anyway… when life gets a little bit harder, I try to go back to the little things, so here’s some pictures from my beautiful weekend…


pic for blog 1.jpgpic-for-blog-2pic-for-blog-4pic for blog 5.jpgpic.jpgpump.jpgpumpkin.jpgpump loot.jpg


I have to digress for a minute and talk about Greig Farm in Red Hook, NY.

This place has everything you could ever need. Apple and pumpkin picking, delicious bbq food in this adorable air stream trailer,  pygmy goats, and an indoor farmer’s market!!

I am getting hungry again just thinking about all of the yummy food we had.



food yum.jpg

We got these smokey deviled eggs and this brisket sandwich, both were amazing. The drink,too!

goat.jpggoat 2.jpgjelliesplantsbreads.jpggreig-2


An obvious fall necessity.

greig 3.jpg


I also love Sunday drives in October….




Thank you to anyone who has followed and supported this blog!









Halloween spooky haul!

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(….This song is so weird, yet totally perfect. Listen while you view…)





Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your spooky Octobers full of bright colors and dreams of goblins, ghosts, oh my….


My lack of posting this week is about to be justified because I have a fun post for you all!


I was honored enough to be able to work with Oriental Trading and at the same time, upgrade my Halloween collection. They sent me products to review, but being a huge Halloween lover, of course I was so excited!I got to pick out all of my own items- so they are all items I would honestly buy myself anyway.


Upon viewing their site to decide what goodies I wanted, I was so excited, like a kid in a Halloween store. After all, they have SO much Halloween stuff on their site- (Oriental Trading Halloween)


Since I love Halloween so much, I picked items that I thought I would use all year round, too.  (Because that’s totally normal to keep spooky things around all year, right?)’



Halloween lampshade topper:


The first item I wanted to feature was this Halloween lampshade topper, which is my favorite item that arrived.


lamp-with-skulllamp up close cropped.jpg


It has a feature on top that allows you to make it tighter or looser and is easily hideable, which I thought was really handy. The features are beautiful up close, too! Something about this topper just reminds me of the Adams family….and I would definitely keep this up all year long in my room.


Skeleton hand glasses:


The next item I was gifted with were the Skeleton hand glasses.  They come in a dozen and I could hardly contain myself.

Here they are pictured with apple cider(mmmmm), but feel free to add any bubbly cauldron-like Halloween cocktail to the glasses, I feel like they are just made for that!

I cannot wait to break these out at my next Halloween party. Or, any random weekday wine night by myself…just kidding, kind of.





Zipper mouth character pillows:


The Zipper mouth characters pillows made a nice addition to our white couch.  I just think they are so cute and they go perfectly with my Stranger Things pillows.(from Redbubble, if you are interested) Anyone else obsessed with Stranger things?!! I cannot wait until the new season… and I just found out Eleven and some of the crew were at NYC Com icon and I wish I had known!


pillows brighter.jpg

stranger things.jpg

They can’t believe how cute the pillows are, either. 

pillows edit.jpg


Round spider web table topper:


The Round Spider web table topper is a great addition to any table. Here, I have it on my square nightstand and even that worked perfectly. Don’t forget your other Halloween/fall accents, though!


spider web table side.jpgspider-web-tablespider-web


Black Widow Halloween costume: 

Aside from Halloween decorations, do you even know how many Halloween costumes Oriental trading has?!


This was an unexpected surprise, they sent me a Halloween costume that I didn’t even ask for! It was the Black Widow from Captain America🙂


Sissy got lucky, as she had a Halloween costume party to go to and now has a costume and looks stunning in it!


And I got lucky to be able to work with such a generous company! Everything was shipped so quickly and the quality so far has been consistent with their online reviews.


Have you gotten any good Halloween hauls?

Thanks for reading🙂


Currently in October

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Happy weekend!

(I really did want to bake some yummy fall treats this weekend…)

Last month I did a Currently in September post  and am going to attempt to do these once a month!

So here it is, our currents for my favorite month ever. 

Currently in October 

Me, currently…


This has been me all month and will continue to be me throughout October…


Current foliage…

Looking around outside my house right now catches my breath.

Driving around my little mountain town, I feel distracted, and can’t think of where to look first.


Currently wearing…

My Hunter boots and my fringe jacket. A lot. 

The jacket was on sale from Forever 21 for $20, the dress is from goodwill. I am excited to wear my Hunter boots with a variation of a million different styles of long thick socks.And leggings!


Fox and squirrel leggings. And leggings, in general. 

I wish I could remember who blogged about these leggings I read about months ago, then obsessed over, and searched my local Walmarts for. I have the best boyfriend ever, who searched all over Walmart until he found them for me.

They have foxes and squirrels on them, so of course I needed them!

They also say they are “sueded” leggings , they have this buttery feeling to them.



Currently watching…

Definitely still watching American Horror story! So far, it’s not my favorite season at all. But it is getting better each episode!

But currently in October, I’ve been watching…

Vlogtober on youtube. 

Vlogtober is when you tubers post a Vlog every day in October.

I mentioned Vlogtober last year in this post. and this Mental health monthly faves post.

Here are my favorite Vlogtobers who I have been watching for a few years now!

Sarah Hawkinson:

Sarah is a favorite you tuber of mine in general because she loves Halloween just like me, she’s an introvert also like me,  and I love her style and watching her thrifting trips. She is also the reason I started shopping obsessively at Michaels for Halloween stuff, all year round.

Samantha Maria:


music emoji.png

Currently listening to…

I have been enjoying this Autumn Leaves playlist made by Spotify.

Here’s my October playlist, which I’ll be adding to a lot.

I haven’t been very good lately about finding new music, though. Anyone want to share any I would so appreciate it!

I just found the song above too, Sunset lover by Petit biscuit, if you want to give that a listen.


Currently celebrating…

Coziness, warmth, and Halloween!

Every week Frankie and I celebrate a spooky night, where we light all of the fall candles, drink fall brews, and watch a scary movie. In a dimly lit and spookified room like this.

(Actually my room looks like this all year long.)

spooky night.jpg

Hanging skulls and tree branch lights in a  wine bottle, and pumpkin candles, oh my!

martini emoji.png

Currently drinking…

Well, not right now, since it’s 11:30 am on a Saturday.

Fall cocktails. Fall pumpkin beers and ciders. 

The drinks to the right were Apple Jack and my friend’s Pumpkin pie martini, which was my favorite. Yummmm.

Currently excited and thinking about…

Excited….Well guys, I landed my first sponsored post, where they are sending me $75 worth of Halloween goodies, all picked out by me, to blog about! I feel so blessed and I can’t wait to share with everyone. The fact that I got to hand pick all of the items made me feel great because I know that everything I am blogging about are products  I would obviously buy for myself!

Thinking about…And I am attending a space-themed Halloween party the weekend before Halloween and cannot decide between being Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic school bus, Buzz Light year, or Marvin the martian.  I will be making my costume and might buy a few little things for it if needed.

What do you guys think?! Help!

What are you doing this October? jacko

October is in the air!

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It’s here! It’s here! My favorite month of the year. 


In October we, along with the trees, start a new beginning and a new end. Things slow down, we get ready to settle into nighttime earlier, and we rest. 

Did you know that when you see the brightest trees in the fall that that means they had a particularly harsh winter the year before? So the most beautifully colored trees have been through the hardest of times…. something to think about.


“October is about trees revealing colors they’ve hidden all year. People have Octobers as well.” -JM Storm


“I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.”- Anne of Green Gables


“Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter…”- Carol Bishop Hipps



The air is rising and the wind is wild with leaves,

we have had our summer evenings,

now for October Eves!” – Humbert Wolfe


october.jpgfallpumpkin.jpgautumn.jpgfox pumpkin.jpgpump.jpgtrunk.jpgleaves.jpg

hallo art 2.jpgpretty .jpgvintage halloween.jpg



Hope your October is all you ever imagined and more….. BOO!

Friyay Thoughts…

Happy Friday all!


So what are you thinking about today?

Here are my current thoughts buzzing around my brain.


Friyay thoughts…

New band discovery: AJR.


Discovered   AJR  this morning. And so glad I did! They were on the Elvis Duran and the morning show this morning. Little did I know, my friend reminded me that they opened for a Melanie Martinez concert we went to last year!

It’s funny because they mention Elvis Duran in their song:

“I can’t complain, no, I won’t be mourning

Cause I skipped on prom

For Elvis Duran in the morning”

One of the brothers told the story of how he actually did skip his prom because he had to take an early flight out the next morning to go perform for Elvis Duran’s show at a mall. How funny and inspiring if that?

Take a listen…




September’s Black moon tonight.


Black moon

“A black moon occurs when there are two new moons within the same month.”

The stars are supposed to be even brighter tonight because of this. So make sure to look up tonight!

black moon.jpg

Halloween costume ideas.


I think this one is really funny, although I am not super thrilled about being a tree.


bob ross and tree.jpg



Thinking about how I’ve been slacking on my Abandons posts and my 20 something guides.


These are my favorite kind of posts to do. And the hardest to get done. I have been thinking about new places to explore for abandoned treasures and 20 something guide ideas…

So far I have done:

A 20 something’s guide to Adulting

A 20 something’s guide to an anxious mind   (Which also doubles as a biography of my life)

A guide: 20 something myths

A 20 something’s guide to housework


Any ideas?



Wine and my bed.


Pretty much since I woke up I have been thinking about both of these things…


wine quote.jpg


What are your Friday thoughts?



Monday gratitude

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I am sorry for the lack of updates this week, life has been busy, and we had some family things come up…

We had an unexpected grief in our family and had to pull together to get through it.

This changed our plans for our family visiting, but we were still able to spend time together and show them what the Catskills are like in the best time of the year, autumn.


It’s so important to remember your gratitude every day, but especially on Mondays.

Now that it’s getting colder, it is getting harder and harder to get out of my warm bed with my pup all snuggled behind my knees. But I have to remember that another weekend will come soon and I have to be thankful for the current moment.


Monday Gratitude:




Last post, I mentioned my plans for this weekend were to go to Oktoberfest with my family and my cousins, who were visiting from Ireland.

It’s my favorite festival by far and it goes on for 4 wonderful weekends!

fest 1.jpg

fest 21.jpg

By the way, I got Hunter boots….! First time out with them at the fest.

fest-3fest-2fest 4.jpgfest 5.jpg


Meet 3 month old Ginger. I fell in love.


Changing leaves.

This time of year, when you look out into the mountains and some trees are changing and others are still green and some just have their tips super bright.



Impromptu sister photoshoots at our beautiful home.






Saturday night my sister spiced up some hot apple cider and rum and we all went outside to enjoy some drinks by the fire….ahhhhh.

We also had a hilarious game of Cards against humanity that night.

mtn view.jpgmonkey hat.jpgfire.jpg


What are you grateful for this Monday?

Weekend roundup; weekly planning

Hope you had a glorious weekend!

It’s been awhile since I have done a weekend roundup and weekly planning post. This is because to be honest, I’ve been slacking completely with my Happy planner.

Now that fall is coming, I felt the urge to pick it back up again and begin my fall planner layouts. So excited!


So, Last post I talked about how I was going to Coney Island for my friend’s 25th birthday.

Unfortunately, I did not feel safe bringing my new camera with me so all of these pictures were taken on my iphone. It still amazes me how great that camera is, though!

We went down on Saturday, which involved a lot of traveling, walking, and Pokemon hunting.

Did you know that Pokemon ride the subway, too?

pokemon on train.pngcollage.jpgburger.jpg


We got to Coney right when the sun was setting, which was beautiful.

Here I am posing with my one true love, ice cream.

P.S.- As a blogger, I kind of suck at getting pictures of my outfit when I am out and about. But this is a cute black 80’s style overall dress I just got from Forever 21, an Aztec patterned crop top from H&M, Converse, and a Vera Bradley crossbody. [Necessary for the subway and traveling to keep your stuff safe.]

ice fcream.jpgconey.jpg


That night…

Later on, we hit the town in Brooklyn.But first came getting all dolled up together!

I wore my new pleather dress from Forever 21, choker from Express, faux suede fringe heels from TJ Maxx [I believe they are Laundry brand- and you can’t tell they are fringey in the picture, wahh], and a blue bag from H & M to give it a pop of color. I crimped my hair to add to the 90’s look and added some winged eyeliner and lipstick.


We ended up meeting up with a longtime friend who we haven’t seen in awhile, who lives in Brooklyn. He knows his way around, so we ended up at Union Pool bar, which was pretty much the perfect place.

We stayed there all night because it had an indoor bar, outdoor bar and lounging areas, and a separate club section with a DJ who played pretty much all the perfect dance songs.

The atmosphere was so relaxing…



Halloween accents too, yup- my perfect bar.

girls 2.jpg


A great time was had by all-but as my mama says, it’s good to go away and it’s even better to come home. Can you see where I get my introverted and homebody tendencies from? : )


Weekly planning


Now that the weekend has come to an end [cue tears here] it’s time to get back to planning.

So today, I headed over to my favorite place on earth, Michael’s.



michaels haul.jpg1.jpg23.jpg4.jpg5.jpg


I thought the leaves washi tape was fall themed, and couldn’t resist using some of my Halloween stickers already, since we’re going to Oktoberfest this weekend! Remember my Oktoberfest post last year?

I am so excited! And I’m bringing my camera, so I’ll be sure to blog about it.


 What did you do this weekend?!  Any week plans?

Currently in September

Listening now…





So I was sitting down and was thinking about all of my favorite things right now, today, on Friday September 16th, 2016 and so far in September. I love reading these kinds of posts and finding out what everyone is reading, watching, listening to, etc.

So I hope you enjoy it too!




Currently excited about…


We have reached 200 followers on here!



Shoutout to Prapti-Choudhary for being my 200th follower!

I am so happy and amazed at how far this blog has come and how much it has come to mean to me.

So here’s to more blogging and more blog accomplishments to come!



Currently watching…

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare season.

I talked about my obsession with American horror story in my last blog post about my fall favorites.

Did you see the premiere?!




We finally got to see what the season will be about and it has some lost colony vibes mixed with Murder House vibes. [season 1] Murder house was my favorite season of all, so I am so so excited to see what they come up with. It also felt more jumpy already in episode 1, whereas most seasons in the past have kind of led up to the scary parts.


I am also watching the new Teen mom season…don’t judge me.

I am basically just watching to see what Farrah does next…





Currently reading…

I am not a big reader. Every now and then if I find a book I can obsess over and not put down, I love reading. But I often pick up books and put them down and forget about them… it’s a bad habit, but I love to read blogs and articles.

Speaking of AHS, I am currently reading these kinds of articles a lot lately:

10 things you might not have noticed about the AHS premiere

7 incredibly spooky facts you need to know about the lost colony if you are watching AHS


Currently going…

Tomorrow I am going to the city for my friend’s 25th birthday celebration.

There will be Coney island, dinner, drinks, and celebrations!



Currently listening…

I have been watching Grace VanderWaal, the 12 year old ukelele and singer sensation who just won America’s got talent, on repeat!

Her voice and maturity amaze me and I truly wish she had an album out so I could re-listen to “I don’t know my name” every day.

All of the songs she performed on the show were originals that she wrote. She is just stunning and if you don’t know who she is, I highly recommend giving her a listen. She gave me chills and I cried the first time I heard her.



Currently buying…


Just bought a beautiful pair of flared jeans from Express, which were on sale from $70 to $20! I love flared jeans lately and especially for fall. I also bought an overall dress, a leather dress for going out in the city this weekend, and I recently finally bought clogs. I also may just cave and finally buy those Hunter boots with my birthday money…I tried them on in the store the other day to make sure I got the right size if I ordered them online. And figured out I actually like the matte look better than the glossy!



How’s your September going? : )






Fall favorites

Listening now…


fall cat.jpg



Autumn is my favorite season. There are just SO many feel- good things happening in this season. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling like during the Christmas season, but a different kind of feeling. 

I wanted to make a list of my favorite things about fall that I get excited about every year! 


1.)  Leaves changing, Chasing leaves, leaf peeping: Fall photography.

Now that I have my own camera, I am even more excited for this. I got my camera in the perfect time! I am so excited to go for drives and chase the changing leaves. 

I took this picture last year , on September 14th. 

leaves changing .jpg

fall colors.jpg

September 29th, 2013.


2.) Fall movies.  Mama and I have already watched You’ve got mail. My absolute favorite fall movie. Which, I don’t even know if it truly counts as a fall movie because there is also Christmas and winter in there, for probably the same amount of time. 


3.)Fall candles. Currently lit right now while I write: Autumn leaves by Yankee Candle simply home. 

Here’s a list of last year’s favorite fall candle scents, which I think all sound delicious smelling. Fall candles. I need to take a trip to yankee and bath & body works. However, I recently bought a Macintosh apples and pumpkin spice candle from TJ Maxx, which has been doing the job perfectly and probably for half the price of both of these stores. Would highly recommend checking there first!


4.) Fall fashion. Shorts and dresses with tights, scarves, light jackets. Most importantly, boots are back! I wrote a blog post recently about my fall fashion inspiration.  Since then, I have become even more excited- mainly about clothes with patches, varsity and bomber jackets, cropped denim with frays, sneakers, and sweaters with elbow patches… hopefully a fall haul soon to come. Last year, I wrote about my fall outfit  for the Oktoberfest festival that I went to, which is actually my next excitement on my list. 


5.) Oktoberfest.   

My favorite fall festival, that goes on for 4 weekends in a row in my home town. 

Oktoberfest festivities  are always something to remember.  

Riding the ski lift up and down the mountain with the crisp October air while  admiring the  array of colors, spread so sporadically over the valleys, appropriate of the early October time setting. It’s something I just feel like you can’t beat. 




We went in 2014, too, with our friends. 

Our Oktoberfest is the absolute best because it’s situated right in the mountains in the Hudson Valley- including food, beer, kettle corn, and riding the ski lift.  With your beer, if you prefer. : )


2014 fest.jpg


6.) Fall hiking.  

I didn’t hike nearly enough this summer. But I also prefer to hike when it’s cooler out. 

I can’t think of a more perfect time to hike than in autumn, with the cool crisp air and changing and falling leaves around you. 


fall hike.jpg


7.) Pumpkin, apple picking, and corn mazes. 

pumpkin pick.jpgcorn.jpg


8.) Halloween parties. Fall cocktails!

Last year, I had a Halloween party and it was my first ever party that I threw on my own.


It was really fun planning it and getting everything ready! I had just as much fun photographing everything and blogging about it…

Okay- now looking back, I did not make any fall cocktails for my party. I think I was too busy with the decorating to focus on that!

Pinterest has an array of mouth watering fall cocktails like this caramel apple sangria:

sangira.jpgfall drinks.jpg


9.) Being spooky. 

Last year, Frankie and I had “Spooky nights” every so often, where we would watch a Halloween or fall movie and do fall- oriented things. Like craft. I know I’m a nerd, but it was fun.

Being spooky also means dressing as vampires.



Or carrying a skeleton on the side of the highway.

[We were doing a photoshoot]

Halloween 2.jpg


10.) American Horror story. 

I am a huge fan of the show. For Halloween last year, Frankie and I dressed as Meep and Lobster boy from the Freak show season.

There was a costume contest and I was very upset we did not win, but was convinced it was because no one knew who we were because they didn’t watch the show. I urge you to watch AHS! All the seasons are now on netflix.


ahs costumes.jpg


I also dressed as Misty Day from the Coven season for my party last year…


The new season premieres this Wednesday- and there have been many hints, but overall, they have been very secretive about what the season is about. I have heard all sorts of rumors, and they have released many mini trailers, but none really telling what the season is about.

There have been a lot of “6’s” in the posters and trailers. I have heard the season is about the lost colony, which I think would be pretty cool. But we will have to wait and find out!




 What are your favorite fall things?