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I am a huge fan of watching youtubers. I love to watch mental health videos by my favorite people and a common theme they do is “mental health favorites” where they talk about what helped them mentally that month. So I wanted to take this on in blog form. I haven’t talked about my own mental health yet, but someday when I feel ready, I might. Here’s some of my favorite people, if you’d like an inspiration:

Lisa Emerald

Amy Christina

Anastasjia Louise


Since November has arrived, here are my mental health favorites for october. These are all sorts of things that helped me feel happy and optimistic this month.

                     October Mental Health favorites:

  • Photography. My mom and I got a camera together over the summer and I have been enjoying it so much. I always loved photography, but lately it is making me truly happy- I find that it is making me more mindful of what is around me. Instead of being annoyed when my dog wakes me up at 6 am to go out, I grab the camera as I look outside and see pink skies and I just feel grateful, like the world is waking me up with such a gift. I couldn’t resist the foliage this month, either. Remember this? My October mornings post  : )
  • Routines. I kind of need some sort of a routine in my week to stay positive and mentally healthy. Blogging has helped me with this a lot this month. I know that on mondays, I post in a promo monday blogging group and focus on getting my blog out there. Every other weekend for the season I went to the farmer’s market with mama. Things like this, they help me-the market, for example, gives me something to look forward to and the blog gives me goals to work on while doing something I love.
  • These babies. My best friends in any month, and they may be in every mental health favorite post!pups 6 both of them
  • Vlogtober. An October vlog segment my favorite youtubers do where they film every day until the end of October. I look so forward to these and I’m not sure why I enjoy watching them so much, but I do! I am so very excited for Vlogmas.
  • Journaling. I keep my dinosaur composition book next to my bed- I write down weekly goals, things I am grateful for, and blog post ideas or inspirations.
  • Candles, first fire of the season, being comfy in layers, and halloweeney-ness. All recipes for a healthy mind and happy heart.

Thanks, October. What were your mental health favorites this month?

stay mentally healthy

15 thoughts on “Mental Health Monthly Faves

  1. Very cool! I just started reading personal development books last month, so I feel that really helps me stay positive and helps me stay mentally healthy. Something that I feel really has helped lately is listening to the classical music station! It really helps calm me down and enjoy the beauty in music. Especially it being a non-commercial station is awesome. Regular radio really stresses me out and frustrates me with all the ads and gossip drama. Great post! Looking forward to seeing your blog grow. Feel free to join me in my Thursday Link-ups sharing new things you tryout on your Thursday posts and then adding the link to my post on Thursdays!

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by caroline and offering your own mental health favorites- both seem great and I will have to try! I used to listen to classical music a lot when I was studying and it definitely helped me. Yay, the thursday tryout looks so fun- definitely jumping on that.


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  3. You’re an inspiration. Thank you for bringing more awareness to mental health. We really need that in this world, where it currently suffers from so much stigma.

    And..yay for dogs!! I have two birds, and they’ve contributed so much to my own mental well being. ^-^ Love our animal companions.

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