Adventures of Abandons, part 2

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Let’s start our week off with some creepy, possibly haunted, abandoned structures. If you haven’t read my part 1 of this series, start here:

Adventures of the Abandons Part 1

Meet the Cold Spring Hotel: 1904. 

FYI, no relation to “the beiber.” Sorry, guys.

cold spring

Here’s what it looks like today, and sadly, will be demolished soon.

cold spring 3 edit

cold spring 7

The house was fallen much more than the last time I was here!

cold spring 8cold spring 13

A little editing is fun, too.

A little editing is fun, too.

house 1

And just down the street we have this house- that was left to the elements.

house 9

And the little run down shed next door.

And the little run down shed next door.

And next-

Welcome to Cortina Mountain Ski Resort! I’m combining pictures from my phone and my camera because I first visited last winter and got some good shots- when I went this time, there was a jeep parked nearby that was not last time and a dumpster filled with garbage- maybe they are fixing it up! So I tried not to linger too long….


ski resort 4 ski resort 7abaonded ski iphone 5abandoned ski iphone  3



I hope you all enjoyed!

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