Bye Bye Burly

We’re home now. We’ve come and gone many a times, but it’s different this time- we are not sure when we will be back. I remember the day so well, dropping my sister off at college in Burlington,VT, and being fine on the drive there and even when saying our goodbyes. Then all of a sudden as we drove away it hit me that she was leaving and I cried to myself in the back seat, watching the city drift by that would be her life for the next few years. But my Sissy is a wanderer, she goes somewhere and soaks in all it has to offer- and then has to move on to soak in the next experience.  She may be traveling for a bit, so we are not sure when we will be able to get back to Burly. So we soaked it in this weekend. 

She inspires me so much. I admire the way she feels the fear and does it anyway and the way she follows her gut and ignores others doubts. I love how vastly different we are, yet so much the same. She’s a drifter, while me- I’m a homebody. I wish to travel and see the world, but then I like to get back to my life in one place and my routines. We are such a good sisterhood balance, she teaches me to think about things for myself that I may never have before- and I think I ground her a little bit.

So for now- it’s bye bye burly. I hope we meet again soon. XOXO

Here’s a collection of Burlington treasures from this weekend…

burly 6 burly 11 mom and jon burly 9 sculpture burly 1 dogs burly 3 speeder and earlsburly waterworks picburly candle and amandaburly me and sis selfiehotel VTmanda fridgemanda wall artmanda wall art 2burly coffee

                                                   Treasures from the Past:

August 2015-Arts Riot food truck stop

August 2015-Arts Riot food truck stop

arts riot 1arts riot 2

burly tree

VT Teddy bear had a rough night.

VT Teddy bear had a rough night.

burly store 2 burly coffee shopfarmers market veggie cut outsfarm marketvt boat beachburly panoramic

Back to Black party

Back to Black party

sis back to blackburly sunset old

                         And finally, the anthem to her freshmen year:

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Burly

  1. Burlington is such a cool city. I have an uncle who lives there and I love visiting him. Also, that whole sister bond thing, when my little sister graduated high school, I literally had to sit down because I was crying so hard. Love her!

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