For auld lang syne…

bottle.png Listening now….


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days o’ lang syne

For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne,
We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne!

For more information on the song and it’s meaning: Article

“Translated literally it means “old long since,” but the meaning is more like “old times” or “the olden days.”

To me, it basically means to cherish these times and moments that we have with each other, and once they are gone, to not forget them. Only make new ones. I’ll cheers a cup of kindness to that!

I loved this song and it’s meaning so much that I got it tattooed on my hip, the clock reads the time I was born- basically as a reminder that time is precious and not to be wasted.


I  loved this song, but even more ever since I saw the Sex and the city movie, where Carrie rushes to Miranda’s side as she’s alone on New Years Eve and it plays in the background. It’s just so beautiful. Here’s the scene where the song was featured:


This, to me, is what New Years is all about. Being with those you love at midnight, wishing each other well and helping each other make your dreams come true- all year long.

I hope you are all with those you love the most tonight and please be safe.

new year.jpg


A 20 something’s guide to housework

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housework rules.jpg

  1. Start with wine. 

I know, this one’s obvious. But with wine, everything appears cleaner and seems….better. Suddenly, you realize there is not as much work as you originally thought and you’ll be off the hook soon to be free and sit with your bottle, while binge watching whatever it is you’d like.  After all, you earned it!

wine febreeze.jpg

2.  Just don’t attempt to fold a fitted sheet. Trust me.

Step 1: Crumple into a ball.

Step 2: Once ball is formed, continue with wine, then get up, brush it off, and find something more meaningful to do with your life than trying to fold a sheet perfectly.

fitted sheet.png

3.  Do laundry and put into dryer to leave in there for a minimum of 3 days, or whenever you feel like actually folding it and putting it away. 

spongebob laundry.jpg

Not bad, Spongebob!

4. Only do what is absolutely “necessary.” Febreze is your friend- cover that up for as long as possible. That garbage can still has room in there. Your friends are equally as messy, they don’t care, do you actually care, either?

housework funny.jpg

Take a nap, watch TV, do something more fulfilling than the housework you’ve been avoiding for weeks! Just be careful not to watch HGTV… it may trigger some feelings on inadequacy. : (

5. Don’t fret. It’ll get done at the absolute last minute when it needs to be done!

cleaning done.jpg



Goals, gratitude, and rounding up the year

♫ Listening now:

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing time with your families on the holiday.

christmas fam picoutside by fire

It was warm enough here in upstate NY that we were able to sit out by the fire!

I always get the after Christmas blues a little bit. December flew by this year and you work so hard to make the season and the day amazing and then before you know it it’s over so quickly. I hardly had enough time this year to watch all of my favorite Christmas movies!  But on the other hand, I find it’s kind of nice to get back to some sort of routine.

If you remember, I had a post Goals, with gratitude, where I talked about how gratitude helps me make and achieve my goals. Christmas time, especially, has me thinking about what Im grateful for and how far I have come from the Christmas before.

“And so this is Christmas
And what have we done
Another year over
And a new one just begun”

Gratitude: Last Christmas, I was in a job I was unhappy in, mainly because of anxieties I created in my own head.  This year, I am still in that job and appreciate it so much more and realize that many of my anxieties were out of proportion to what was going on in my real life. I am still in that job and much more confident at my abilities at it and I am up for a promotion this January. I also see how much it has taught me about myself and believe I am here for a reason right now- to listen, learn, and grow from the people I work for and the clients I am helping.As some of my anxieties lessoned, my gratitude for what I had in front of me and was not seeing before grew.

….And every Christmas, I become less concerned about gifts and more happy to spend time with those who really matter and see their faces when they open their gifts. I have so much gratitude  for this coming of age, and I think it’s inevitable for all of us as we get older, I’m grateful for discovering the true meaning of Christmas more and more every year. 

Goals and rounding it up…

I don’t really like to make New Years resolutions, I prefer to take it month by month, week by week, day by day.

My goals for January 2016:

  • Register for an animal shelter management certificate class online, finally. I have been wanting to do something with animals for a long time now and I’m going to stop thinking and the how and just start doing. Just work on it; worry about the rest later.
  • Working on my calm. More healthy habits to contribute to a healthier mind, because this goal has fallen by the wayside for awhile now. This means more meditation, exercise, and more tea; less coffee. Some coffee is necessary, but I also know it’s not the best for me. [I got a ton of loose leaf tea and a tea infuser for Christmas to work on this goal! And they are all delicious.]
  • De-clutter, physically and psychologically. I already started this goal, yay! I have finally taken on the daunting task of organizing my crazy messy jewelry box- I got rid of so much jewelry I no longer wore and untangled a mess of my favorite necklaces. Plus, I found jewelry I had thought I had lost but was really just in the abyss of my clutter. I felt better immediately, especially for completing a task I have been avoiding for years! I have also donated a few bags of clothes and have stuff up on ebay to sell.
  • Save money and stop spending money on things and instead spend on classes, experiences, etc.
  • Dig out the gratitude journal and start writing gratitudes down again. There is something just helpful about physically writing down what you are grateful for every day and sticking to it. Sure, I think of them in my mind. But writing them down makes it clearer to me and makes me feel better about my day.

Those are the main ones for me. What are your goals for January? Share with me, I’d love to hear them and maybe I’ll get some more ideas for myself!

So to round up the year, we only have 6 days. As Jack Dawson would say, to “make it count.” 

jack titanic.jpg




Christmas Eve gratitude

Listening now…. home alone with my sister…I have to watch every Christmas!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already. How?  We surprised my sister tonight at the restaurant where she works and had dinner- last night my boyfriend and I exchanged gifts because he works Christmas day and we both had had family plans Christmas Eve. I got spoiled and feel so grateful. Little mini haul below.

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday if you celebrate. I feel so grateful being able to take Christmas Eve and Christmas day off and spend with my family. We have had some bizarre near 70 degree upstate NY weather- but looking near the forecast next week, winter will arrive. At first I was sad we have no snow for Christmas, but really, I should be thankful and enjoying it- we can spend Christmas outside with the family with the fire lit tomorrow.

eve 7 squish and mooeve 1

eve 6 squish.jpg

Daisy, waiting for Santa

eve 2.jpg

What I wore tonight, complete with gifts from my love…

eve 5

I have wanted red Doc Martens ever since I watched the whole season of My so called life in one day with my sister. Angela Chase wore them and looked so cool. If you have not seen this show, you need to! I am due for a re-watch asap. I also got this Betsey Johnson be my baby flap bag that I loved because it looks classic like an expensive Chanel, but still has that Betsey Johnson flare to it- yet you can wear it with anything!

angela chase.jpg

Angela Chase and her docs

eve galaxy shirt

I got this galaxy style shirt at goodwill, but it’s Vera Wang! It’s light and airy and I love it.

eve earrings

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whatever you cerebrate, and enjoy spending time with family and celebrating your gratitude!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas XOXO

Happy planning:Christmas and DIY

Listening now…. “I’m mr. heat mister, I’m mister sun….”


So I wanted to show off my current week’s planning in my happy planner. If you haven’t seen my first planning post, check here! [Goals; with gratitude post]

So guys- I actually loved this planner at first. Then I kind of hated the disk system it has instead of spiral bound- I was afraid of the pages falling out. I even went out and bought a webster’s pages planner in gold-silly enough, I didn’t realize how small it would be, even though it was a personal planner. It was just too small for me and my big writing. I also love to have lots of space to be creative with it lately. So- that made me realize my true love for my happy planner! And surprisingly, the pages have held up very well.  [And I flip through them a lot!]

Another thing I have realized- the happy planner is great for customizability. The disk system makes it way easier to change things in and out and you can even change the front cover and the color of the disks if you’d like. Not many planners have that option- so that is really cool!

planner editedunnamed.jpg

planner haul

Michaels was having a clearance today, too! Here’s my little haul.    

heart emoji smiley


DIY– I used the back plastic part behind my sticker pack, the washi tape from Michaels, and a sticker I recently got and made this little bookmark- it still needs to be hole punched. But I thought it came out really cute!


I figured you can even use the bookmark for a dashboard if you want. 

planner DIY pouch

I also made this homemade sticker pouch, which needs to be hole punched also, I’m hoping it comes out as good as it looks right now once it’s hole punched!

jan planning 2

“Hey baby” sticker- also from my local pharmacy.


Also, I started planning  for January already… but let’s focus on the holiday, first!

planner edit 2
I got these Charlie Brown stickers at my local pharmacy  and I thought they were really perfect for Christmas week! Linus is tired from Christmas night and Lucy looks like she is checking her list twice. 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Squishmas

Listening now… puppies snoring

Squishmas? You may ask. My sister came up with this term today, very witty of her. We call one of our puppies “squish” since we always want to squish her. You know that feeling you get when you see something really cute, you somehow want to squish them, right? No, really. I’m not crazy: it’s actually proven.

Article: The psychology of “It’s so cute I could eat it”

Do you have this? Furthermore: 22 signs you have cute aggression

So I wanted you all to meet my squish able babies. The amount of pictures I have of them on my camera and on my phone is a little bordering on psychotic, but I don’t really care.

Meet Squish. Otherwise known by her real name Daisy- but also by itty, itty bitty, monkey, pumpkin, stinky, etc etc.


pups 5 playing

Facts: she hates people and dogs she doesn’t know, anytime we have company over they must do the cookie procedure. She has to be locked up in my room until they are already inside, then I can bring her up to the person- have them stand still so she can sniff them and seize them up and feed her a cookie. After this she is usually fine.

However, she has bitten my mom’s friend on the nose and a little boy that I babysit for-also on the nose. She hates kids- even with the cookie procedure done and out of the way.

daisy muzzle

Last year for Christmas, Santa got her a muzzle.

A lot of people think she’s mean, but she is the sweetest and cuddliest baby you will ever meet once she knows you and is comfortable with you. She would sleep all day with you while spooning if you let her. Case in point:

snuggly babysnuggly baby 2

She can sense when you are hurt, upset, or happy. She will come over and gently lick you on the face if she sees you crying- almost to ask, what’s wrong and what can I do?

daisy and me.jpg

As you can see, best friends from the very beginning.

daisys first snow

Her very first snow.

squish swimming.jpg

Her very first time swimming was this summer, taught by me and her ball. [The only way she would get in!] We love to go on adventures.

daisy in the manger.jpg

And finally, in the spirit of Christmas: Daisy in the manger.

More fun facts: she was the runt of the litter. Our other baby Lily, had puppies and we kept her. She had trouble getting to mama’s nipple to feed, so my mom used to watch her and lift her to it so we could keep her alive.

lil with pups

Our baby Lily with her pups, May 2009[Taken on ancient 2009 cell phone, so has that quality]

Meet “Tubs.” Otherwise known by her real name, Lily, and many others- princess, printa, fatty, etc etc. Tubs is courtesy of my mom due to Lily’s insatiable appetite and her piggy-like stature. She’s our little piglet. On her Christmas list: food. She is the sweetest baby you will ever meet. Unlike squish, she has always warmed up to everyone right away and will come right up to you. She is the most trusting pup and a true people lover.

Tubs 1.jpg

Our old girly is 13 now.

sleepy tub

Sleeping soundly by the tree and fire…..spoiled.

sleepy tub 2

* Hears crinkling of wrapper in the kitchen*

sleepy tub 3

Now awake, and ready to eat.

If you have pictures of your squishes, I’d love to see them!

We wish you a very merry Squishmas.  XOXO


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Monday musings: It’s a wonderful life!

♫ Listening now… 

[Not Christmas related, but, I just found this song and love it.]


Our favorite movie ever, especially at Christmas time, is “It’s a wonderful life.” My sister found it in a play version locally so of course we had to go! She treated us to the play as part of our Christmas gift and we had such a nice girls day!

This weekend my mom, sister, and I went to see “It’s a wonderful life” in play version! It was nice to have a girls day, just the three of us. The weather was still and is still strangely warm for December, so it felt a little weird to be walking into the playhouse to see “It’s a wonderful life” without snow. The show ended up to be in the form of a 1930’s radio broadcast, which was different and really fun! There was a man in the background who did the sound effects and every now and then would slam a door, ring a bell, etc. as needed. The characters did such an amazing job and were so theatric, we were laughing the whole time!


mom its a wonderful life 1playhouseplayhouse

photoshoot 2

Cute little old fashioned theater 

mom brios

                         What we wore: (Quick sissy photoshoot before we left)amanda photoshoot 4photoshoot amanda 1photoshoot amanda 3photoshoot 3 me

photoshoot me 2

Ready for Christmas in reindeers 

       What mama wore:

playhouse mama 2

Ready for Christmas in reds 

Vlogmas obsession

Listening now: Vlogmas, as I write this.

♫ And a good friend showed me this today:

1989 Taylor Swift album cover- Ryan Adams

drake meme

Hey, Drake


I wanted to tell you guys about my latest obsession: watching my favorite you tubers do their “Vlogmas” posts, where they blog every day in december for christmas. Am I the only one who loves watching people do random everyday or even kind of mundane things? They always manage to make it look fun, though!

If you recall, I mentioned a few of my favorite you tubers in a previous post: Mental health monthly faves.

So I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite you tubers who are participating in Vlogmas right now: binge watch and enjoy if you are anything like me!


video emojiExtrasunbeamsjess: I love her style, her piercings, and she is amazing at makeup. She is also a successful you tuber but still studying very hard at college, which I think is really cool! She also opens an advent calendar every day with little goodies-so that’s fun, too!

Extrasunbeamsjess Vlogmas


video emojiSamantha Maria: again, I love her style and makeup and her life with her boyfriend and their 2 dogs is funny and cute to watch, too!

Samantha Maria Vlogmas


video emojiRawsammi: A great mental health you tuber and I was so happy to see she was doing vlogmas this year!

Rawsammi Vlogmas


video emojiAntastesia: Her accent,  her hardworking nature, her blue hair, and she lives in Paris! So cool.

Antastesia Vlogmas



Happy watching!

watching pic.png






Christmas in Newport, RI

♫ Listening now…


It’s been a few days, guys! I was on vacation! heart emoji smiley

I surprised my boyfriend for our 6 year anniversary- he didn’t know where we were going most of the way. (Of course he tried to guess the whole way, but I didn’t tell him!) We stayed at The Hotel Viking, which was beautiful.

I have always wanted to go to Newport, Rhode Island- my mom and her sister used to go with friends for the summer and raved about it. Mom says it was her escape. It felt like she was entering a different place altogether. We pull out her harbor bell Christmas ornament from the little town every year while decorating the tree. So of course I had to visit!


The Hotel VikingWebsite


Tiny little steps!



The marble house mansion



Christmas in the Newport mansions



The oldest tavern in America!


The waitress brought us downstairs to show us the original keg!


Bowen’s Wharf for some Christmas shopping-right by the water



These seagulls were in love everyone- they were making out on the beach!



We visited the corner cafe for brunch before we left to go on the cliff walk- such a cute little atmosphere and amazing food!


Here’s their website: Corner Cafe


And the ice cream! Anytime of the year, of course. We visited Kilwins-it was amazing. Kilwins website. They have chocolates, too!

The cafe we went to had this cute art hanging up, so I researched the artist. Her name is Johanna Kriesel. When I saw it I recognized the art- I knew I had seen it before, but didn’t know who it was!

j krieseljazz

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading! XOXO