Vlogmas obsession

Listening now: Vlogmas, as I write this.

♫ And a good friend showed me this today:

1989 Taylor Swift album cover- Ryan Adams

drake meme

Hey, Drake


I wanted to tell you guys about my latest obsession: watching my favorite you tubers do their “Vlogmas” posts, where they blog every day in december for christmas. Am I the only one who loves watching people do random everyday or even kind of mundane things? They always manage to make it look fun, though!

If you recall, I mentioned a few of my favorite you tubers in a previous post: Mental health monthly faves.

So I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite you tubers who are participating in Vlogmas right now: binge watch and enjoy if you are anything like me!


video emojiExtrasunbeamsjess: I love her style, her piercings, and she is amazing at makeup. She is also a successful you tuber but still studying very hard at college, which I think is really cool! She also opens an advent calendar every day with little goodies-so that’s fun, too!

Extrasunbeamsjess Vlogmas


video emojiSamantha Maria: again, I love her style and makeup and her life with her boyfriend and their 2 dogs is funny and cute to watch, too!

Samantha Maria Vlogmas


video emojiRawsammi: A great mental health you tuber and I was so happy to see she was doing vlogmas this year!

Rawsammi Vlogmas


video emojiAntastesia: Her accent,  her hardworking nature, her blue hair, and she lives in Paris! So cool.

Antastesia Vlogmas



Happy watching!

watching pic.png






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