Struggles of a Jack Russell


When you get so tired from sleeping all day, that you end up just sleeping the rest of the day, too:

tubby tired.jpgmunchy tired.jpg

When mom gives you this yummy people food but you have to pick these pebble things out of it….

tubby food.jpgmunchy food.jpg

When you get a new toy and wanna be friends, but are overcome with such desire to rip him to shreds:

tubby toytubby toy happy

When you wanna do your yoga in peace, but everyone keeps taking pictures of you….

squish yogasquish yoga 2

When you pull up to the lake and know you own it:


But there’s other dogs and people there so you must always be on guard.


When you’re just trying to do normal things and your owners always need pictures of you:


Trying to sleep be like…IMG_5884.JPGIMG_6922IMG_6106

Trying to swim be like….IMG_5915IMG_6158

Trying to enjoy the holidays is always like…IMG_7588IMG_7596


31 thoughts on “Struggles of a Jack Russell

  1. So cute – my sister has a Jack Russell…. and we have two dogs…. I always look at my youngest daughter (now 23) and say…. “I wish I had the life of these dogs… laying around all day, eating and sleeping!” Truth!

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