Food truck; sleepy pup; spring cleanup

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I hope you all had a good weekend! I feel pretty refreshed overall and I got to sleep in…



Friday night Frankie and I went to a new food truck event that will be going on every friday.

I got an apple grilled cheese and he got a cubano, just like in the movie Chef! If you have not seen Chef yet, I highly recommend. Frankie and I joke about buying a food truck and traveling all over just like in the movie….

food 1food 2

food 3

Sun setting over the food truck festivities. 

food 5

frankies food

He also got a side of truffle fries. MMMMMM. canoli




On Saturday, I literally did only one productive thing and that was bringing in wood. The rest of the day I spent in bed, watching Downton Abbey and cuddling with the pups.


Pretty laid back day overall…

sleepy pup 1sleepy pup 2sleepy pup 3

Later on, we had ourselves one cozy night…

cozy night 1cozy night 2cozy night 3cozy night 5cozy night 4munch and toy.jpgsat night 1sat night 2

downton and wine.jpg

In my Loving lately post awhile back, I talked about my obsession with Downton Abbey. I may have mentioned it a few other times, too….


I’ve reached season 5 of Downton already- so I am kind of panicking! Since I have been on such a hardcore binge, I have neglected Shameless lately- so will definitely be picking that back up again when I’m all out of Downton [but I will also cry, first].


Oh! And the wine I am drinking currently is: Menage a Trois… yummy.



So that’s pretty much how my Saturday went. I was debating going out dancing, but I was low on funds this weekend and pretty content at home with my pups and my wine. Ahhhh, the life of an introvert….



Today was beautiful. 60 degrees in the sunshine and springy goodness- I was outside all day helping Mama with her gardening. Check out her page for frequent garden updates and to see her little garden up close and personal!

This little guy was found wandering around…. it’s early to see them, too!caterpillarmunch playing

We had to visit our neighhhhbors with a special carrot snack for them…meet Sassy and BJ. 

horses 1


Is that food we smell?!?

horses 2 eatingmama and horses.jpg

I also found a use for the pretty wine bottle I have been saving! Mama gave me some dried hydrangeas and I really love the way they look in the bottle:



This beautiful shell was found outside near the garden when we moved in, too. I took it inside and am using it to carry my crystals- this is sitting right next to my bed : )


What did you do this weekend? Tell me below!

Thanks for reading XOXO




Weekly Round up

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This song just makes you happy. Dance your Friday happy dance with me!

P.S.- I would love to be road tripping, canoeing, and roasting marshmallows on a beach somewhere like they are in the video- soon enough summer will be here! = )


Do you ever just have a week where you feel proud of yourself?


I had a great week, I hope you all did too! Welcome weekend! I plan on sleeping in and enjoying the warmer spring weather to come.

Weekly Round up:

I cooked 2 dishes this week in an effort to learn how to cook, made a big step towards a career with animals [hopefully I will have good news later, until then-can’t say much more!] I also went to the gym last night and my boyfriend taught me some of his gym techniques, which brought me out of my safe-gym routine comfort zone and brought on my sore muscles this morning, especially in the left arm.


Quiche is my all time favorite dinner lately. My mama showed me how to make her famous Quiche recipe– I highly recommend clicking on that link if you love a delicious and easy quiche. And if you’d like your quiche to look as delectable as this:

blog 1blog 2


Yummmmm. I love how you can add pretty much anything you want to it and it is pretty healthy, too!


On wednesday, I made my love dinner. It’s been awhile since I have cooked for him[and I barely cook in general, but want to learn!], so I was struggling to find a relatively easy but yummy recipe.

blog 3.jpg


I settled on a garlic parmesan chicken, rice, butternut squash, and texas toast. It was simple, but really good!


blog 5.jpg


Since I did the cooking, he brought the wine- which was really good. I’ve only recently gotten into red wines at all and I am having fun exploring.


blog 9 wine

It’s described as,


“California- Intense fruit aromas and flavors of rhubarb and black cherry that are complemented by hints of mocha and vanilla. The plush, velvety mouthfeel and smooth finish round out this intriguing, full-bodied red blend.”


Yummmm. You can find this wine here– 


The puppies enjoyed the chicken mixed in with their pebbles, too. As you can clearly see, they picked it out and left the pebbles scattered…. as I previously mentioned, struggles of a jack russell include when mommy gives you this yummy food but you must pick these annoying pebble things out of it.

Frankie stepped on one I had failed to pick up later that night and cursed in pain….oh puppies….


Last night, after the gym-  Frankie and I were famished and went to grab a burger. I loved the style of the restaurant, I had to take pictures!

restaurant 1

Aren’t these lights awesome?!

restaurant 2

Mermaid table!

restaurant 3

 How was your week? Tell me what you did!


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A guide: 20 something myths…

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If you are not familiar with my guides, click here, where I pretend to know what I am doing about adulting. 

We clearly know that this is a confusing time. People do not make it any easier on us. The expectations society puts on us already add to our anxieties on top of our anxieties.

Often though, the expectations that we put on ourselves are way worse than anything outside of us.

There are a lot of myths going on out there about being in your 20’s, in my opinion.

So, I wanted to offer you a helpful guide to debunk these myths and do your own damn thang. 

Myth 1:  We have to do everything, right?

Guide: Do as much as you can while working hard, staying humble, and getting enough rest.

Somewhere along the way, I think we all picked up this idea that since other people are traveling all over the country, while working towards their masters degree, and volunteering all over the place- that we have to be doing this too, right? Nope.

I think comparison is our very worst enemy. People find themselves, or sometimes, create themselves at different paces. Some of us also need more naps, don’t judge.


Myth 2: Others know better for you…

Guide: Don’t trust other people to guide you to your happiness. Value your opinion the most.

Why do we do this, anyway? We make a decision or think about making one and ask everyone around us what they think. We ask for opinions and tend to value those rather than our own.

In the end, the person that deals with your decisions, good or bad, is you.


Myth 3: You are an “adult,” right?

Guide:  If you somehow already feel like a true adult already, you’re either doing it right or wrong, whichever way you want to look at it…for me, I am staying afloat while not really knowing what I’m doing, maintaining my car payment yet still playing sims and watching teen mom, while miraculously maintaining a full time adult job with real benefits and health insurance! As soon as I get home though, I put on my pajamas, not matter what time it is.

 I actually already have a guide for this, it’s your lucky day! [20 somethings guide to adulting


Myth 4: In college, you’ll figure everything out.

Guide: Hahahaa. In my opinion, it only got harder after college.

College was great for making me motivate myself towards a goal while multitasking, such as writing papers, working with full time school, maintaining relationships, etc. If you actually figured out your true career and passion in college, that’s great! However, I think most of us are just kind of floating around, working hard always and keeping goals. We may not be sure exactly where they lead, but I think the minute you become stagnant, you can lose some of your passion and drive. I think most of our passions are un-teachable. I think those are the things we find outside of the classroom, in real every day life experiences. And those experiences may sometimes, if not often, lead us into unexpected paths.

steve jobs quote


Myth 5: You should no longer be cuddling with stuffed animals…

Guide: If someone says you should stop this in your 20’s,  you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

Cuddle all day, every day.

squish 1squish 2

A weekend of spring tease

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I just found this song tonight- I find it so beautiful…enjoy.

I hope you have all and are still enjoying your weekend!

My weekend ended up being busier than I thought- but luckily, I got to spend some time out in the sun! We had 60 degree weather Saturday in the sunshine and it was a lovely little tease for Spring.

The pups quite enjoyed it, too.

weekend 1 squish.jpg

Again, the The struggles of a jack russell are real tough. Clearly.

weekend 5 book

My Sissy recommended this book to me and let me borrow it. I thought it is the perfect time to start it out in the sun on the swing- so far I love it….

weekend 360 degrees.jpgtubby sleepy in sun.jpg

When the babies were not busy sleeping in the sun, they were off chasing squirrels.

munch outside.jpgsunshine.jpg

We have been very lucky this year with a mild winter with many spring tease days. Days like this keep me going until spring actually comes. Oh sunshine, how I miss thee.

I was planning on enjoying the sunshine and lovely weather by going to Woodstock for the day. Mama surprised me by telling me we got 2 cords of wood delivered.

So, I spent the time in the sunshine in a much different way than I expected- stacking wood. 

I was just grateful it was so beautiful out and to have the workout for the day…especially since I did not make it to the gym last week….


That night, after all the hard work was done, we went out to dinner with friends- the place was lovely and we had never been there, so it’s always fun to try new things.

tavern 214 1

The moon was showing off for us that night, and I could not resist….

tavern 214 2.jpg

Blackberry Mojito!


Lobster mac n cheese and rib sliders…. YUM


Looking back and writing this, I spent the weekend eating very well.

Today, I participated in a work event- a huge fundraiser they have every year to raise money for the nonprofit I work for.

Last year, they raised $50,000.

This year, their goal was $75,000.

The fundraiser benefits an array of our different programs- both serving adolescents and adults- including our numerous homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters.

I felt honored to be paid to be here today and watch people donate with all of their hearts to such a great cause- and got to eat a lot of chocolate along the way, too.

The theme is a Chocolate Lover’s Brunch.

brunch 1me at brunch.jpgbrunch 2brunch 3brunch 4


The brunch features both a live and silent auction, with a bunch of items that have been donated to be auctioned on. 

brunch items

brunch food.jpg

I got paid to drink mimosas and eat chocolate today. Thank you, universe.

It feels nice to be inside tonight relaxing after a busy weekend.I have reached season 4 of Downton Abbey and am still just as obsessed.

But it was a very productive one, too!

What did you all do this weekend? Share with me!





A letter to my younger self

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young me 1.jpg


Dear younger self, 


I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to offer you something, anything, that I have learned and picked up while drifting through this little thing we call life.

If I can say anything, it’s this. Stay young as long as possible. Preferably, always. Don’t lose that butterfly feeling in your tummy you got as a kid in the summer running through the grass with your friends.

Yes, the feeling is different now- it’s been re-invented, you may have to look harder to find it.

But I’m telling you that it’s there.

Find it in whatever way it exists for you, keep it with you always. 


stay young.jpg


Your friends from high school may always be your favorite, and it may be hard to trump them- but you must try anyway. Branch out- it will be good for you.

I know you don’t like meeting new people and making new friends, you feel you are not “good” at it. You should probably give yourself more credit… always remember how far you have come rather than how far others have gotten in comparison to you. I always preferred a small friend group, anyway. [ Introvert post ]



You may lose friends along the way…

Our lives are different, but because I am a sensitive human being this will affect me more than the average person. Don’t let it.  Let nature take it’s course, it knows what it’s doing. Trust the path at hand, it’s there for a reason and knows you better than you may know yourself.

However, I’ve realized that you will also have those friends who you have known forever, they know everything about you [ I mean everything], and you can pick up just where you left off when you see them-[ Joey ]

Those friendships are a different kind altogether.

blog 1.jpg


Take as much time as you need after high school to explore yourself. Some people know right away what they want to do with their lives, you are are not one of those people. That’s okay- just don’t rush into anything for the sake of pressure from society.

And don’t think it’s not okay to take detours. You don’t have to stay on the same path you have been on-it’s never too late to take a sharp turn.



But no matter what happens, no regrets. Education is never a waste, learning is always beneficial.

Take that weird elective. Nothing is weird in college, anyway. Take classes even after you graduate and are working full time. It will be hard- but never stop exploring. You may find that who you are and what your interests are change a lot over time.


Whoever you are, be that. 

This is probably cliche, but I’m going to say it anyway.

I used to think it was silly that I loved being alone and playing video games. I have learned to embrace the fact that I am me: Introverted ; gamer., among other things…


It’s okay to still listen to Brand New and Dashboard Confessional when you are sad OR when you are just getting ready for a night out. Either works. They are there for you, always. Pick them up again whenever you need them, feel the high school nostalgia at it’s finest. [ Listen to song above ]


Thinking ahead on a Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, all! It is very wet outside today and I have taken a glorious day off of work to focus on my studying for an exam this Thursday and decided to do some blogging, as well.

I’m finding it hard to motivate myself- it has been years since I have studied- and my previous degree was in sociology, which was mainly papers, not exams.

Right now, I have a “rainy day” candle lit and this yucky weather has me thinking ahead to spring. I am getting the craving to go through all of my clothes, donate what I no longer wear, and go spring shopping.

Soooo, I may be thinking ahead a bit here. But I feel I must in order to make it through these cold days to come…. it will be here soon enough : )


Spring wish list:




A line buttoned denim skirts:


Ballet inspired Lace up flats:


Overall dresses:


Classic trench coats:

I have wanted one for years but just have not yet invested in one…


trench 2trench 1



Rompers. And basically anything else Alexa Chung wears…

Does anyone else have a Spring fashion wish list? What’s on yours?

Adventures of Abandons: Part 3

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[You guys know I love American Horror story!]
I hope you are having a great weekend! I’m going to be honest, I have barely left my house because it has been below 10 degrees all weekend!

Here’s part 3 of my abandons posts -[Abandons posts]

I only left the house once yesterday with my pup and bundled her up in her jacket to go for a ride to photograph an old train I pass frequently, but have just never had my good camera with me.

This is the old version of the Catskill Mountain Railroad.

For some reason, it has a circus feel to me, which I love even more.


train 1.jpg

train 8 inside.jpg

You can see a crack in the window right near a windshield wiper and the controls that used to move the train…

train 2train 6train 4.jpg

We didn’t get too close to the longer section of the train- because there was a private property sign up and the train was not far from the road at all.

train 12.jpgtrain 8.jpgtrain 11.jpgtrain 7.jpgtrain 10.jpg