Mental Health Monthly Faves: January

Listening now…

Awhile ago, I posted my Mental health monthly faves, a series my favorite youtubers who frequently talk about their favorite things for that month that helped their mental health.

January is a hard month for me- yes, there are new beginnings. But the winter has also just begun and sunshine and happiness sometimes seem farther away for me. Do you feel the same? [Delicate ]

I found a couple of things that helped me mentally this month-


I talked about the changes going on career-wise for me in this post [Starting over post],

And I have really been enjoying being in the classroom setting again and learning. Although we learn things every day, there is just something different about someone giving you the information, taking notes on what you think is important, and reading about a subject you are interested in.

Also- taking a class to explore a new career you are interested in make it that much more intriguing, because you are really trying to get the most of out it. [I never used to actually read the textbooks I paid so much $ for in college, but now I am!]

Show binges:

It’s been cold outside and I’d rather be inside binge watching. Lately it’s been a true struggle balancing between Downton Abbey and Shameless. Last night I watched too many episodes of Downton- I am now mid-way through season 2 and panic has set in for when it ends.

The shows have two completely different vibes, it’s pretty entertaining to switch back and forth.


Infused Tea:

My mom got us a bunch of loose leaf tea for Christmas from World Market and she got me a travel mug from David’s Tea with a tea infuser already inside of it. The mug seriously keeps my tea hot all day long. And I have been having one cup of coffee in the morning and tea the rest of the day and feel better most days doing that!

world market tea.jpgmug.jpg

Appreciating the little things:



The sun set later today and I watched it on my way home…


Did you have anything that helped you mentally this month?



4 thoughts on “Mental Health Monthly Faves: January

  1. I’m not a fan of the cold season! It can be hard to find motivation to doing many things I want to. I always feel so limited in what I can get done or have fun with when its cold because I get cold super easily and end up wanting to stay in by the fire with blankets versus looking like an eskimo trying to go outside! I can see how one can become easily down in emotion with the winter season! I definitely am excited to see the sun more! Glad to see you focusing on the good things in life nevertheless!

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