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I have always loved thrifting.


I visited Goodwill today after months of no shopping and had a lucky day! If you thrift, you know how it works-the days you go in just browsing casually with not a lot of money are always your luckiest and most expensive days!

But even then, I only spent $52 and got some great brands- 2 Banana Republic items, Converse, Anne Klein, Mossimo from Target, a JC Penney brand, and some others.




One of my favorite things I got was this beach straw backpack purse, great for hiking, the beach, and going to the lake! Small enough to be convenient to tote around, yet enough room to fit your essentials. There is no tag- so the brand is a mystery!



Other favorite. This springy dotted little dress- it has a 50’s kind of style to me and it’s modest enough to wear to work, too. It is airy and flowy with almost bell-like sleeves but fits perfectly. I can’t wait to bring this out- you may see it in some future outfit of the days…




Stripey Banana Republic moto-style jacket:

Gotta have stripes for spring!




And flowers for spring, too. With some zippers on the side to level out the girly-ness. Frankie called this a granny sweater… I actually love granny sweaters. I just think it’s cozy and pretty, though.




I just went through my closet for spring and filled 3 bags to donate- the amount of vests I still had, even after the spring cleanup, was crazy. Yet I buy more….I just love them.

Forever 21 military button sherpa vest:




This one looks better on in person, but I love the studded detail on it, the pockets, and the airy feel.

Anne Klein studded cardigan:




Black Converse black short sleeve sweatshirt with cut out detail on the top.

Trying this on, I thought the sweatshirt material would make it a little more unflattering, but I was wrong!



Another Banana Republic item- I love Banana Republic, but can only afford it thrift store style : – )

Red cardigan with design down the front. The design reminds me of a link chain…




I hope you all enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by- XOXO


Have you found any treasures while thrifting?

18 thoughts on “Thrift Haul

  1. Great picks and buys! Good for you – I love to go to Goodwill and we have some others in the area and this is a reminder I haven’t been lately – love that red cardigan (I love anything red) and love that bag! Great buys!


  2. Nice post!

    LOL Just kidding. I couldn’t resist after your comment on my blog. I completely know what you mean about that though. If you can’t leave a decent comment, then why bother 😉

    Anyway, you found some great finds! I never find great clothes there for me, but I do find a vintage prize once in awhile. The men’s rack seems to be better here.

    Your “pups” is adorable. I love Jack Russels 🙂

    Thank you for your visit!



    • Thank you for visiting me back Rue! Means a lot! I also hit up the mens rack quite often… especially for big sweaters!! =P And thanks…..I am obsessed with my pups. If you visit me again, or have viewed my other posts, you may see that! LOL


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