A heartfelt thank you

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[I love this. Thanks again, Spotify weekly. ]


Yesterday, I reached a blogging milestone. Tiny in the blogging world, but big to me, we reached 100 followers!  I am currently drinking a margarita to celebrate.  

Does this mean people are reading, maybe even relating, a little bit?! Wow.

The relating part means more to me- if I write something that someone can relate to, even a little bit, I could end this blog tomorrow and be happy.

Just kidding, that’s a lie…I am loving blogging too much to do that.

I actually never thought I would be this consistent with a hobby. I quit step dancing when I was a kid, piano, etc. after a few weeks.

The thing is – this has kind of become more than just  a hobby to me. Not sure when that happened, but it did.


So I wanted to say a true thank you to anyone that has read, commented, followed, offered me insight or advice, and related in some way to what I have had to say.


Most of all I want to say thank you to my mama and my sissy who have inspired me to blog- I saw them both blogging and wanted to start one of my own. We are a blogging family and I got inspired!

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