Spring and Summer wish list

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Awhile back, on a dreary winter day, I was dreaming of spring….

And now it seems it is here to stay, it’s almost May, and I could not be happier.

I was an August baby, so I think my heart loves and belongs in the sunshine.

I wanted to update the Spring wish list I made a little while back. As I go, I will check items off and make an updated post when I acquire some of these items and will post photos of a haul. After all, I love me some hauls.

I have already started my Spring shopping and purchased a few items like striped jeans, cardigans, and boy short bikini bottoms-which I have been wanting for a few summers!

But I keep thinking of or seeing more and more things I have to have…


Here is my updated Spring and Summer wishlist:


   Shoes of all kinds…


I am a fan of sneakers right now. Been wearing my low top white converse a lot, my Vans, and Keds.

Hence, I would like some more…













I feel like you either love or hate these shoes. I love them and have been lusting over them for awhile now. I have been loving the 90’s style lately and these platform shoes are no exception. Yeah….I need them…




 Matching sets:


Yes please.




I couldn’t be more happy that these came back into style. I have enjoyed layering necklaces with a choker lately.

I love the versatility of them!





T Shirt Dress:




Tropical prints:






Summer floats:


….But do you see these!

I spend almost every day at the lake during the summer. It’s my second home, I bring my pup, throw her ball so she can swim, and bask in the sun while reading a book and listening to whatever lake playlist I have at the time.




I spent last summer lusting after Taylor’s magical swan float. Not again this year, guys!




 What are you lusting after this spring and summer?




Weekend roundup ; Sunday weekly planning

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I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! 


This one was pretty busy for me actually. I am still not done yet- I have to study my butt off tonight and tomorrow night so I am blogging as part of my procrastination…



I spent all day Saturday volunteering for a “Fill the Van” event for the SPCA.


For this event, they focus on filling the van with supplies for the animals staying at the shelter. This includes food, toys, treats, etc.


We also accepted donations and sold a few items as well- it was a big success!


We were also accompanied by 2 furry friends that were up for adoption, to both lure people in to give donations and to hopefully get people interested in thinking about adopting them.


At our table, we had Jingles.


A2-3 year old Pit mix and the sweetest little girl ever. She got loads of attention and helped keep the 5 hour day fun!


We did pretty well on our donations, too ; )


Thanks Jingles!


Also, our Volunteer shirts are pretty great too. [ don’t mind my hair- needs to be dyed!]

“Keep calm and carry treats” 



After a quick nap and a delicious dinner at home, I headed out for a few hours to see some friends. I got to hear some surprisingly good Frank Sinatra karaoke, which I wish I filmed!


My friend really wanted to take a shot off of a ski [ ski town mountain thing I guess- we’re late on this one, considering it’s almost May- haha]


I am not a shot girl by any means but I agreed mainly for the picture and the sake of trying something new.


And so…we did….we can check that one off the bucket list, eh?


Lots of coordination involved in this one guys, the trick is to have everyone lift it at the exact same time.





Today I helped mom out in her garden . I love being outside and totally do not mind the outdoor chores on a lovely day.


I was multitasking between helping mom and throwing the ball around for the little squish, who let me know very loudly with her squeaky ball that she needed to play.



Sunday hobbies include: stalking chipmunks and squeaking ball while owners try to get their work done.


Speaking of chipmunks…


We came across this beautiful woodpecker [pictured left] and saw our usual cardinal friend perched on the tree to the right. The puppies found this woodpecker pecking and stared at in in awe, so I looked to see what they were looking at and found him!



I couldn’t be happier that Spring is finally here to stay.


After this,  I headed out to do some errands for mama such as a trip to the dump and the grocery store. Fresh fruit for my smoothies for the week, yay!

And then I sat down to plan out my week.


Weekly Planning…

I love to plan out my week in my Happy Planner on sundays lately.


I go into my week less stressed knowing what I have to do and what I have going on.


I think a trip to Michaels is due soon- I really want to try using scrapbook paper in my planner…


Here’s how my weekly layout came out this week:

I used permanent market this week instead of pen, but then realized it bleeds through onto the other pages- so I probably won’t be doing that again.

I really want to get some different colored pens and start color coordinating things [if I do that I will probably not use as many stickers]



My sister is having  a Harry Potter trivia night for her birthday this weekend. You don’t know how badly I wished I had Harry Potter stickers for this week…I will be sure to blog about that!


What did your weekend look like and what are your weekly plans?

Conquer yourself


Every now and then I find that perfect song that represents exactly what I am trying to say in a post- this is one of them. Definitely worth a listen while reading…


be patient



If nothing could stop you, not even yourself– what would you conquer?


Would you start over again based on a feeling that you needed to re-invent yourself…?


If not…is something stopping you- is the something you?


As humans, I think we seem to trust our feelings pretty well. That gut feeling of- this is right for me and that is wrong.


So why are we less likely to follow through on the feeling of what is right for us?


We’re scared- mainly of failure, I think we are afraid to disappoint ourselves. It makes sense. But the thing is- the time will pass anyway. So you may as well invest in it trying that new scary opportunity that gives you that feeling of I think this is right.


Even if it doesn’t work out- so what? You came out stronger and newer, for following through on one of your passions and wants that you couldn’t get out of your mind until you gave it a go. If you are thinking about it while you lay awake at 4am when you can’t sleep, you should probably do it.


We are fearful of the new and the unknown- like me, I have this idea that I am bad at science. I am now entering a science specific field so I can work with animals.I think I was “bad” at science because I never took anything I was interested in- I did okay, got average grades in human bio and chem. 


I think once you plant this idea into your mind as a seed, it will grow.


Whatever it may be- Oh, I must be bad at science. Well then, I won’t try that again.


Or maybe it’s-I can never get past that “feeling like I can’t breathe” horrible feeling while running. Okay then, I’ll only run this mile over and over and over again. 




What do you wish to conquer in your life?

What is your first step to making it happen?


A Saratoga kind of Sunday

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I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful 75 degree spring weather we are having! It was stunning out today and I had a weekend full of fun and soaked it all in.


Saturday Frankie and I went to our friend’s new house to visit and it felt like a mini vacation!

Saturday night was filled with beer, laughs,  and toasts made to each other while we did cheers.


Oh also- wings and lots of candy. Gym- here I come this week- ten fold!

cheers emoji.png



And there was also fun with Quinn.


They live about 20 minutes from Saratoga so on this warm Sunday we took a day trip in and originally just planned on having breakfast and walking around the town a little, but ended up going to the tattoo expo too because it happened to be going on today!


I love random little life surprises. 


For those of you who don’t know, Saratoga is known for their big horse races that take place during the season. So you end up seeing their horse pride all over town adding to the charming aspect of the little village.



Even the policemen trot around on horses.




They are proud sellers of Death Wish coffee


Another thing I love about Saratoga is how dog friendly they are. Many doggies roam freely and are invited inside.

Guys! And this place: Stinky Dog. Of course I saw it and right away knew I had to go in.



We walk in and are immediately smiled at by the lovely owner and artist herself and hear, “Stinky greetings!”


Basically the owner is an artist who made her boyfriend a dog stuffed animal out of a tweed fabric for a present and ended up drawing these stinky dogs as she was inspired- as I walked around, I see that these dogs have more of a social life than me. 

“Stinky Dog goes camping”

“Stinky Dog does ballet”

Etc, etc.

Example- apparently Stinky Dog enjoys the Saratoga racetrack himself!



They were definitely my favorite shop of the day.

You can check them out here: Stinky Dog website



Sloppy Kisses: another adorable doggy boutique


Stumbling upon the tattoo expo was fun. For only $10, you can roam around and check out local tattoo artist portfolios, pick up freebies, and get a tattoo or piercing while you are there!

I definitely want more tattoos, but right now I don’t have anything I really want for sure. And I like to be sure. [duh]

The expo has different events going on every day too- today was free caricatures and a psychic sideshow.




After the expo, we hit up Druthers Brewery for a drink.

It was an awesome atmosphere and I got a coffee beer which was yummy.

It felt amazing to be able to sit outside comfortable and I knew that summer is on it’s way = )



Next was ice cream at Kilwins– apparently they have been there since 1947. It was delicious. I could not decide between butter pecan, pistachio or cake batter- but you can never go wrong with Mint Chocolate Chip.


What can I say, I love to eat and drink, okay?


So… before we left, we were lucky enough to go visit the Saratoga Casino & Raceway.

Our friend works in the IT department and needed to grab something.

So we came along for the ride and got out and watched the Jockeys who were practicing before a race.

It was so cool to watch! And another awesome unexpected surprise of the day, too.



We took the Jeep top down on the way home and rode off into the sunlight, filled with gratitude and the feeling of summer coming in our lungs.


I also came home with a Saratoga haul! And most of it was free from the expo- so many stickers! You know how I loveeee stickers.

Those little tiny solo cups I won at the psychic sideshow. I went on stage- ! Oh, and you can’t really tell in the picture, but I got a Daria patch that is also a sticker.?!? I was so psyched. Anyone else remember Daria? 



Loot includes: Stinky dog stickers and magnet, Saratoga coffee traders iced coffee cup, mini solo cups, “Mom” fake tattoo, Daria patch/sticker as well as many other sweet stickers.


What did your beautiful weekend look like?!


Today’s thoughts

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Some random thoughts buzzing around my brain today.

Enjoy bee.png



How spoiled my pups are. How I love them so much I want to squish them.

spoiled pup 1.jpg

She loves fruit, okay?

pups 1.jpg

Squishing and kissing all day every day.


Food. [This is less thinking lately and more like what I think of always, but yeah.]

My delicious watermelon feta salad I had for lunch and the kiwi- banana- strawberry- coconut smoothie I had for breakfast.



How busy my fall will be.

And how hard the classes will be…

My lack of a life for the next year and a half or so…

Yet how excited I am. I figured out a way to go part time at my job and attend school full time… I mapped everything out. Planned out a budget, putting away my tax return. And registered for classes!

I actually figured out today that I have to drop Restraint and Handling, which I didn’t want to do! Other people in the program have told me how fun the class is and that you go on field trips a lot and people bring their own pets in for demonstrations…but I need to work at least 24 hours at my job and keep my financial aid- so I’ll have to take it in the spring.

I am most nervous about Chem… and Animal Anatomy- but that sounds much more interesting to me than Chem.

school schedule.jpg

And how much I might need this mug:

vet student.jpg



What are you thinking of today?

Monday Mantras

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[Everyone needs a little Jack in their lives.]



Happy Monday!?



This weekend I saw an awesome Celtic band with my sister and friends, completed my volunteer orientation for the SPCA, and relaxed a lot Sunday.


Huge coffee in hand and smoothie in the other, my week planned out, dreams in tow, and I am sort of-kind of ready to tackle this week.


How about you? Need a little motivation?