Blog birthday and my 25th!

Listening now…


[The song my blog was named from!]


Yesterday was 1 year with Thegoodthingscomin! I can’t even believe it! Read my first post ever here….



This blog has been a great outlet for my feelings and it has become so much more than I ever thought it would. 178 followers is tiny in the blogging land, but to think that many people are reading your words somewhere out there…is pretty cool.


I like to chat with you guys about big things and little things in my life and everything in between. My blog has changed a lot from the beginning and will continue to evolve…excited to see where this goes!


Speaking of big things in my life, last time I wrote I talked about my 25th birthday and my 25 goals.


To celebrate a big birthday and my blog anniversary all in 1 week, I am so lucky!


I’m happy to say it was a glorious day at the lake, followed by a wonderful birthday dinner with my family- 4 of whom [nana and papa and my 2 cousins) I did not even know were coming so that was a great surprise!


Glorious day at the lake:

lake 1lake 2lake 3

lake 4

We taught this boy to swim this summer!

ren swimming.jpg


I have been begging my Frankie for a camera for awhile now….I normally borrow mama’s camera when I want to take good pictures. The morning of my birthday he surprised me with a disposable Fujifilm camera and told  me he ordered me something else, but it was not a camera, and that it didn’t get here in time.


Then he brought out the big box. Which ended up to be my dream, Canon Rebel T5, with a kit with a tripod, other lenses, a camera bag, and so many other accessories! My sissy chipped in too and I’m sure was in on the gag gift idea as well…

I can’t wait to play around with this and share the pictures on my blog. I have loved photography for a long time, but when I started blogging I found myself wanting to take pictures even more.




Lucky enough to finish the birthday night off with the ones I love the most..


bday dinner.jpg



Thank you to anyone reading, leaving thoughtful comments, or passing by.

Here’s to a year! 





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