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So I was sitting down and was thinking about all of my favorite things right now, today, on Friday September 16th, 2016 and so far in September. I love reading these kinds of posts and finding out what everyone is reading, watching, listening to, etc.

So I hope you enjoy it too!




Currently excited about…


We have reached 200 followers on here!



Shoutout to Prapti-Choudhary for being my 200th follower!

I am so happy and amazed at how far this blog has come and how much it has come to mean to me.

So here’s to more blogging and more blog accomplishments to come!



Currently watching…

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare season.

I talked about my obsession with American horror story in my last blog post about my fall favorites.

Did you see the premiere?!




We finally got to see what the season will be about and it has some lost colony vibes mixed with Murder House vibes. [season 1] Murder house was my favorite season of all, so I am so so excited to see what they come up with. It also felt more jumpy already in episode 1, whereas most seasons in the past have kind of led up to the scary parts.


I am also watching the new Teen mom season…don’t judge me.

I am basically just watching to see what Farrah does next…





Currently reading…

I am not a big reader. Every now and then if I find a book I can obsess over and not put down, I love reading. But I often pick up books and put them down and forget about them… it’s a bad habit, but I love to read blogs and articles.

Speaking of AHS, I am currently reading these kinds of articles a lot lately:

10 things you might not have noticed about the AHS premiere

7 incredibly spooky facts you need to know about the lost colony if you are watching AHS


Currently going…

Tomorrow I am going to the city for my friend’s 25th birthday celebration.

There will be Coney island, dinner, drinks, and celebrations!



Currently listening…

I have been watching Grace VanderWaal, the 12 year old ukelele and singer sensation who just won America’s got talent, on repeat!

Her voice and maturity amaze me and I truly wish she had an album out so I could re-listen to “I don’t know my name” every day.

All of the songs she performed on the show were originals that she wrote. She is just stunning and if you don’t know who she is, I highly recommend giving her a listen. She gave me chills and I cried the first time I heard her.



Currently buying…


Just bought a beautiful pair of flared jeans from Express, which were on sale from $70 to $20! I love flared jeans lately and especially for fall. I also bought an overall dress, a leather dress for going out in the city this weekend, and I recently finally bought clogs. I also may just cave and finally buy those Hunter boots with my birthday money…I tried them on in the store the other day to make sure I got the right size if I ordered them online. And figured out I actually like the matte look better than the glossy!



How’s your September going? : )






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