November gratitude: week 1

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Last November I talked and thought a lot about gratitude. 

I want to keep that going for this year and do a weekly gratitude post! It’s the perfect time to give thanks for what we have when Thanksgiving will be upon us shortly. By the way…I can’t even believe that!

This blog was created at a time when I was having trouble being mindful, staying in the present, and not inducing anxiety for myself thinking about the future. I still struggle with that and maybe we all do. Especially as a 20 something, who feels like she must have it all figured out. As if time is passing by so quickly…

I think stopping to think about all that we have to be grateful for is really helpful in keeping yourself in the present.


Week 1 gratitude: 


I am grateful for an awesome job that lets me help people.


I work for a nonprofit helping teens and young adults 16-24 obtain and keep employment. Along with this, comes an array of other issues they are dealing with rather than just jobs.

Working with people who have a lot less than you do on a daily basis can really make you more appreciative of the little things in your life, that you may take for granted without even realizing it.

In addition to that, I work for a company that gives a lot of time off and offers great flexibility and freedom. It gives me the opportunity to work on other projects on the side, go to school if I want to, and work on bettering myself.



This is what I did today!



I am grateful for my favorite people (and dogs) in my life. Grateful that my family is not only that, but also are my best friends.


(I love them all to infinity and beyond. Lolz. Had to.)

buzz.jpgmama and sis.jpgtubsstinker.jpg


I am grateful for my creativity.

There was a point that I thought I was not creative simply because I am not good at drawing, painting, etc.

I have realized as I’ve grown up that creativity comes in so many forms. Just because you may not be able to draw any other form of person besides stick figure form does not mean that you are not creative!

Blogging has helped me realize a whole other creative world- putting words and pictures together, along with music that resonates with what I am writing about on that particular post, makes me feel good. It makes me feel even better when people respond to it. Thank you readers!

And planning with my Happy planner makes me feel this way, too.

I am grateful for my body and the way it lets me move every day.


How often do we stop and think how amazing our bodies are to us? Not enough, I think.

It came to me recently in my Zumba class-just wow. Zumba is such a mix of mental and physical work. Following along the best you can to the moves, remembering the moves, and physically moving quickly to the beat of the music. It’s hard. Our bodies do so much for us every day and it’s so important that we thank it by nourishing it with good food, exercise, and sometimes even wine 😉

I am grateful for my car and the freedom it gives me.

Okay, I know it’s a material item, but I am currently working with a young single mom whose car has broken down (2nd car in about 2-3 months) and it has me feeling especially grateful for my car and all of the freedom it gives me. I have been there- broken down on the side of the road multiple times on my way to college and stuck somewhere because my car would not start and has some mysterious electrical issue. (I would just have to wait a little while and it would start again) So I know what it’s like…when I graduated college and was finally able to afford a decent car I was beyond happy.

My car treats me well and I love it.


I am grateful for November, a time to remind us to give thanks and be grateful.



I was looking for an inspirational gratitude quote to end this with, but I came across this. I think it sends just as important of a message to remain grateful even in hard or stressful times. : )


 What are you grateful for this week?



11 thoughts on “November gratitude: week 1

  1. Beautiful post ❤ And it sounds as though the work is unbelievably rewarding, humbling, and gratifying on so many different levels.

    You are doing amazing things! Zumba-ing! Giving thanks! Feeling grateful! Reflecting on the positive! Taking care of pets! I swear my dog grounds me on days when I just can't with the people. XOXO and hope you are enjoying your weekend! Always lovely to come in your home (and your planner is adorable, btw).

    Liked by 1 person

      • Charlotte, for some reason, my computer OR my blog, idk- at first all I saw was “beautiful post!” as your comment…so I replied…but I did not see any of the rest of it until now- thank you for such a thoughtful and lovely comment by the way! I means so much, as I am a huge fan of your blog, too! But..yes my dogs “ground” me too- I love that way of looking at it. Totally accurate. I am convinced without them that I would not be as happy. 🙂


    • LOL thank you girl… I am oh so glad you enjoyed it and also that rumi quote was a favorite of mine as well hahah i could totally relate to it.. i hope your weekend if fun too! So sad it’s over ; (


  2. Love this post! There are so many things to be grateful for. That’s awesome that you are able to help others out through your work. In certain times it takes you seeing someone else’s situations to remind yourself that you do not have it that bad. I am not a creative person by any means but I feel that blogging is a creative outlet.

    Liked by 1 person

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