Saturday drives and abandoned homes

Listening now…

This weekend I really felt like some adventures. I did not do nearly as much fall hiking as I wanted to so far and it will be snowy soon!

Saturday I decided to just take a drive with my camera and my pup (one of my favorite things to do) and go abandoned building hunting and just take photos.


I have this keychain hanging in my car as a reminder…


I ended up driving about 40 minutes away to another ski mountain like my own and decided to venture over to the ski lifts and check them out.


I wandered around to tiny towns that you could blink and miss. But I found little parts of them that I needed to capture!


Like this adorable library, so cute that I wanted to live in it.



And we did find some abandons!

abandoned edit 1.jpg

abandoned 2.jpg

Did the previous owners of this house have a funny sense of humor putting Halloween decorations outside? Or even scarier: maybe it is not really abandoned and someone really lives here…..

abandoned 3.jpgother house 1.jpghouse 4.jpgabandoned 5.jpg

bee nest….


And the night ended off with a beautiful sky…



14 thoughts on “Saturday drives and abandoned homes

  1. These are such hauntingly beautiful photos. I’m not sure what it is about abandoned homes and buildings, but they never fail to fascinate me. They seem to have a story and a history to share with anyone who takes the time to really look at them.

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