November gratitude: week 2

Listening now…



Last week I started week 1 of my weekly November gratitude posts.

We are in week 2 already and Christmas will be here before we know it! But let’s focus on the now and giving thanks…


Week 2 gratitude:

angelI am grateful for well spent weekends with my love and peaceful hikes. 

I am grateful that I have new places to explore all of the time and new adventures to be made. As well as new abandons adventures. Like these old estate ruins we found…

It’s a new work week and I’m sad already. But looking through my pictures from our day of adventures makes me happy and feel better.

I needed an adventure and fresh air. I can’t wait to go hiking again! I want to do as many fall hikes as I can before the snow comes.

I found this article of these abandoned ruins you can hike to in upstate NY and I am determined to do as many of them as possible before snow. (We will see what happens but that is the plan!)

Why are the weekends so short and the weeks so long? : (



What’s left of the old estate…



And the lean to which offered a cozy resting spot. 




angelI am grateful for stunning sunsets and super moons. Grateful for these little things in life that give us something to look forward to and tell us to keep going.



I took this using my mom’s super zoom lense. Love how it came out with the branches over the moon!


angelI am grateful for new places to try.

Like a local speakeasy with a bonfire outside to snuggle up by and a newly renovated bar/restaurant that is beautiful.



angel I am grateful for my camera, which gives me the opportunity to capture these memories, look back on them, and realize how grateful I am.





Thank you for reading! What are you feeling grateful for?









34 thoughts on “November gratitude: week 2

  1. Love reading posts like these – and that hike looked so fun. I really enjoy exploring ruins and things like that. Guess it’s the hi 🙂

    It’s usually the little things we take for granted that often end up meaning the most. This is such a good reminder! Right now, I’m thankful that I’m able to blog full time and devote time to my passion, and I’m so thankful for my super supportive family and friends.

    Also, that speakeasy looked like a neat place to hang out – laid back and cozy!

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    • Yes- I know! You know what’s funny is that I blog about gratitude a lot, but I don’t keep a journal of it.I used to but I just never kept up with it… I think blogging has become somewhat my journal, though.


  2. It looks like you had a great weekend! It’s such a good time to get some hikes in. I am not prepared for the cold! I get a lot of anxiety on Sunday knowing that the weekend is going to be over.

    Right now, I’m thankful that I have enough. A home, clothes on back, food to eat. I’m also thankful for my boyfriend who I love more and more each day. (Speaking of boyfriends, yours is very nice looking haha) It’s good that you two get out on these sort of adventures!

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