Stories of Santorini…Part 3: Beaches

Listening now…

Beaches make me feel at ease…this is why I picked this song!Also, it’s been on repeat lately.  Listen as you view…


I am sorry for the lack of posts lately everyone! A lot has been going on in my life as of late… a lot of changes!

We visited some incredibly beautiful beaches in Santorini. Ones that seem like a photo out of a calendar but are actually real life…


Red Beach:

Red Beach is located near the ancient village of Akrotiri- called “red” beach because of the red rocks and sand- or pebbles, that make it up.

It was a really wild thing to hear all of the pebbles wash over each other as each wave came along- reminded me of the sound of July 4th sparklers! Crackly pebbles washing over each other.


red beach boat

My favorite among the beaches we visited!  You might be able to see why…


red beach

The water was actually more blue in person….  #takemeback

red beach.jpgred beach 1red beach 2red beach 3red beach 6red beach rocksred beach beauty.jpgred beach boats.jpgred beach other sideme on red beachme on beach


There were doors built into the rock walls for storage that I thought were so cool…


red beach doorred beach door 2.jpgred doorship


Perissa Beach:


“Black Sand beach”…complete with a black doggy, too! (See below)


beach 5beach 4beach 3beach 2beach 1perissa 2perissa 3perssa 1

perissa 4

Yes please.

perissa 6perissa 7

Kamara Beach:


Kamara Beach is definitely your more “touristy” beach and beach town filled with tons of restaurants, bars, and shopping! This is definitely where you want to go to get your beach bar feel.

kamara sign

colors in Kamari

kamarikamara 2k 3k 4k 5k beachk beach 2k beach 6

kamari at night

kamari at night 2

Moon lit dinner…

kamari at night 3

We got so lucky this night, the moon was SO orange and huge- hard to capture on camera…


See you soon for more Santorini! XOXO

12 thoughts on “Stories of Santorini…Part 3: Beaches

  1. Wow, such beautiful scenery! I’ll have to add Santorini to my list because I’m sure after I’ve done my first proper holiday I’ll be desperate to go somewhere else! What an awesome way to enjoy a moonlit dinner too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY that’s amazing!! Please feel free to pin them for later I know I don’t have a pinterest button (need to figure that out) but you can pin things from the web and just copy the link- you are going to have the most amazing time! Can’t wait to read about your journey too!


  2. OMG these beaches are stunning. So pretty and I love how each one is so different! SO neat with the doors!! Love love love your pictures… and getting lost in the scenery for a few moments 🙂

    This song is beautiful and intoxicating. Thank you for sharing! Side note: I love the leaf tattoos your BF has; is there a significance there? I’m always interested in ink 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Charlotte- they are actually feather tattoos and each one has initials of loved ones who have passed on, he got that really recently! I thought it looked so cool in the photo of him on the beach too.


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