26 funny feelings about turning 26

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Upon looking up inspiration for this post, I came across this read on Thought Catalog that summed up exactly how I feel about turning 26 in (less than) 2 weeks. It reads,


“It’s more like 26 shows up in the middle of coffee one morning and hands you a freshly printed memo that reads: “You’re going to get old one day and die. You’re cool for now, but it will happen. You’re officially on notice. You won’t be young forever.”


I am definitely not overly excited about this age. So I blog about it!

I wanted to make this a funny one because it’s 26 and let’s face it… 26 is not funny at all. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was turning 25?!  Also….my blog birthday is on August 17th– 2 days after my birthday! This year will be our 2nd birthday.


I wish it was only my 2nd birthday too…. at least then I would not be closer to 30.



26 funny feelings about turning 26:



1.) By this age, my mom had 2 kids and a house….

By this age, I am living in my mom’s house. Lolz. Working on that! …This is funny, right?


2.) Wrong. Things like that are no longer funny. It is no longer a joke to not have your shit together. Which is funny- because most people at 26 do not have their shit together…



3.) You are now officially closer to age 30 than to age 20.


4.) Your clock strikes midnight on your 26 birthday and so begins your life clock…tick tick ticking away….



5.) You are now officially an adult.



6.) And you are in that weird phase where everyone you know is either still going out partying a lot, (was never my scene) OR getting engaged or married, and having or already has kids. It is a confusing time for all of us.


7.) If you are like me and have been in a relationship for a long time and are not already engaged, the questions from everyone you know about “why” said engagement has not yet occurred will occur even more often.  Be forewarned.  We have joked that our answer from now on will be ,”Oh, we already had the wedding, you didn’t know?” Leaving said question asking individual to wonder silently how and why their invite somehow got lost….


8.) You are at that weird age where anyone under 22 seems really young to you and oh God, why am I saying things like “when I was your age….” Make it stop. I work with teens and young adults up to age 21 so continuously hear phrases like “on fleek.”



9.) This is the age where those same teens ask you, “how old are you anyway?” and you secretly cheer when they guess younger than you are.


10.) And although 26 is your new number, you still have no clue what you are doing with your life. I feel like most people by this age have a stable job that may have OK pay and good benefits that they could stay with for awhile, but they are not satisfied or don’t feel inspired by it. (me right now) Most of us have not yet fulfilled our dreams.


11.) My 10 year high school reunion is in 2 years. Woah.



12.) Your biggest milestone years from here on out include each new decade….16 you can drive, 18 you are legal, 21 you can drink, 25 you can legally rent a car, 26 you…..can no longer be on your parent’s heath insurance. Woo hoo!


13.) You are at that age where you are wondering if your Sims, Animal Crossing, and sticker hobbies are becoming too young for you.  Lol. JK- this will never happen. Keep that youthful spirit forever!


14.) ….Perhaps it is time for your Simming to get much more serious, though. No more drowning Sims in the pool or making them cook repeatedly to cause a fire. You will make more serious Sims lives now, give them more stability. Because are you are 26 now. You will now live out your 26 year old dreams for yourself vicariously through your Sims more now than ever.


sim meme.jpg



15.) Life choices feel much more….serious. At this age, it’s almost like you feel like you don’t have enough time to make mistakes!



16.) At this age, we are caught between struggling to still make small decisions, like what desert to order when you are out or which wine is the cheapest but the best quality- all while plagued with the sudden pressure that 26 brings to make those big decisions. Like whether to buy a house, marry, or have children.



17.)The feeling like you might really have to start that “having a family” thing soon, but don’t feel adult enough yet to care for yourself 100% yet, let alone a child.


18.) For me, this thought of turning 26 feels like I am caught between the urge to do something really out of my comfort zone and the urge to settle.


19.) The feeling of old and young happening simultaneously…


20.) You are now that age you used to think was “old.”


21.) I feel I should stop avoiding looking at my bank account balance…


22.) And save money so I don’t have to be afraid to look. : )


23.) 26 is realizing how far you have come..


24.) And how far you still have to go!


25.) It is learning to embrace age because with it comes wisdom from your experiences.


26.) 26 feels like I will be celebrating the small victories a lot, while I try to master this “Adulting” thing.


If you have passed this 26 milestone, any advice? Share with me 🙂









14 thoughts on “26 funny feelings about turning 26

  1. These are all so true! I’m 28 and I remember when I turned 26 thinking, “That stupid “biological” clock has started ticking and I can’t even take care of myself.” I will tell you, my late twenties have been wonderful. I know things now I didn’t know before. I can pretty much support myself but still have so much to learn. (For example, my husband and I are trying to buy our first home and I feel so uneducated!) Just tell yourself that older is wiser!

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  2. I am 28 and am honestly so excited about turning 30 in two years! I have loved my 20s, but they have been tumultuous. They’ve included graduations, cross country moves, new careers, figuring out relationships, working through some tough stuff, etc. I’m looking forward to my 30s feeling super stable and just reveling in all of the work that I did to create a life that I love during my 20s. I hope that you enjoy 26. It was a fun one for me!

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  3. Awwww I loved reading this ❤ So much. And remembering 26. It wasn't that long ago, but then, life goes by too quickly sometimes. I loved that age. A lot. Things were changing and happening and I felt like I was on top of the world. But you know, I don't have my shit together and I'm 38. And those questions you're fielding about when you're going to get married and get kids?

    Sigh. They never end!

    Keep doing YOU. You are doing a fantastic job at that and I'm wishing you all of the best for a very happy and healthy birthday, my sweet! XOXO

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  4. Ok..so I will be turning 26 in a month and it’s freaking scaring me…I still live with my mom, still in uni,don’t have a business,….and the list continues…haven’t been in a relation and I just feel the best part of my life is slipping through my fingers so fast…
    Just hope 26 brings alot of achievement and adventure.

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    • Don’t worry! I moved out for the first time on my own ever at 27. I didn’t know what I really wanted to do until this year when I started my business. It will all come to you in time! Thank you for reading and happy birthday ❤️❤️


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