Meet sweet Molly

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Meet our new sweet Molly! 




Molly is our new 3 year old Chihuahua/Papillion mix rescue. (Called a Chion)


You may remember we have 2 other pups- two Jack Russells. My mom has been looking for a 3rd dog for awhile now- since Lily is getting older, poor girl. We don’t want to leave Daisy alone since she has always grown up with another dog and we have always wanted to adopt to save a life.

My mom put in countless applications to rescue groups only to hear nothing back. One day she decided check the email Adopt a pet sends you automatically (which she usually does not check) and saw Miss Molly!

She put in an application and hoped for the best…


molly in car

Molly on her way HOME!


Next thing we knew Companion Pet Rescue contacted us back (right away!) letting us know we have been approved and that Miss Molly girl would be traveling from Tennessee (where she was being fostered since August) up to Newburgh, New York the very next day. 

Of course we dropped everything and went and got her! The picture above is Molly in my car on the way home.

The experience of adopting a dog and picking them up was like nothing I have ever experienced.

Remember that when you adopt, you are saving more than 1 life because you are making more room in shelters for others that need help!

molly alsleep in car

Miss Molly was super hyper at first until we got to the thruway and she fell right asleep. That’s when I first knew how much of a cuddle bug she is.

Molly arrived in a big transport tractor trailer with a bunch of other dog crates in it traveling to their new homes, too!

When the man handed her to me in her blanket (her only thing she arrived with besides a collar- her green blanket which she chewed up at her foster mom’s home hehe) I immediately burst out crying and thanked him. This might sound silly, but that man handing her to me was how I imagined it would feel when you first see your child.

I was just filled with so much love for this little baby and felt all of her fear and emotions for her in that moment.




I think I also felt so many emotions because I knew what she had been through.

We know she was left outside all day in the hot Tennessee weather.

We know that a woman had her and gave her up because she did not have patience with housebreaking her. Because you know, dogs take work and patience. But the love they give you back is ten fold and oh so worth it…

We know she is afraid of crates and wary of men coming near her but don’t know why.

We know that she is home now and we will never make her feel that way again.






This goofball loves to sleep in all kinds of weird positions.

And despite what she has been through, she is really the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. So loving and cuddly, she smothers you in kisses and gets so excited when she sees you.

We have fallen in love with her and are pretty sure she loves us too!



To be continued on the life of Molly…

15 thoughts on “Meet sweet Molly

  1. Omg, I love the pics!!!! She is awesome and this foster mom loved her so much and I’m so glad that she has found her forever home..
    Hugs and kisses to my sweet little baby girl… you are going to have an awesome life💗💗💗💗💗💗

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  2. Oh, my goodness… this post just made me unbelievably happy for you all ❤ And you captured my thoughts on adoption exactly. It's an odd emotional experience, isn't it? And so gratifying and just incredible.

    Dog people are my favorite people 🙂 Best of luck with her. She is such a cutiepie. The pic in the car on the way home is just perfect and sums up what she must be feeling to have been through so much but to know that it all gets better from here on out. MUAH!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes charlotte- you get it! Love my fellow dog peeps, they understand me the most. Lol. Love all the fostering you are doing, saving so many lives! I want to foster when I get my own place someday (if frankie will let me….lol )


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