Reverse Bucket List: 2017

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Happy New Year everyone! 


Instead of writing out goals this year I wanted to do a Reverse bucket list post. I have been seeing these around and wanted to write one so what better time than the end of one year! I love writing goals, but the reverse bucket list is a way for you to look back on your year with gratitude for all you have done and accomplished!


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  1. Traveled to my dream destination-Santorini, Greece. This by far made 2017. Start here with my Stories of Santorini posts if you want to come along on the journey. The next few things on my reverse bucket list also took place in Santorini:
  2. Swam in a hot spring.  But so worth it to say we did it.
  3. Ate a real Greek Gyro. (And ate them….every day.)
  4. Quadded around the cities of Santorini. And watched many Greeks completely ignore stop signs. (Stoptional, am I right?)
  5. Rented a private cruise ship. 
  6. Experienced the most amazing sunsets of my life looking over Santorini. 
  7. Okay moving on to the rest of the year…
  8. Went to Watkins Glen and walked under waterfalls 
  9. Rescued a dog and experienced first hand picking her up! Hey Molly….. 🙂
  10. Saw my sister graduate yoga school. (200 hour) That was a really cool experience & I am so proud of her!! Yoga graduations are not like regular graduations- there is a lot of chanting, meditating, and dancing! (Plus food)
  11. Went to a cat cafe for the first time! They even had cat cupcakes. 
  12. Went to my first bachelor & bachelorette party
  13. Reached almost 900 WordPress & 900 email followers on this little blog (Woohoo thank you all!)
  14. Put my first ads on my blog & got accepted as a Target Affiliate
  15. Reached out to many brands for collaborations. Sure I got no answers on quite a few but I still did it…
  16. Left my job to pursue working at an animal hospital
  17. Came back to my job in realizing the animal hospital life is not for me. Learned I really don’t want to be a Vet Tech. 
  18. Went back to school to take Graphic Design classes. So far I love it and am continuing with it and want to take Web Design classes too so we will see what happens. Anyone else following this path?
  19. Got to design a logo for my fundraiser at my job. It was really cool to see my logo on the photos every one took on the red carpet!
  20. Met with a funding group about buying a house. Doing big adulting things is well….scary. We have been looking at homes on and off for about a year and a half, but now we are definitely getting more serious about it. We weren’t really ready until recently and now we are really excited about it.
  21. Went to a lighthouse
  22. Went to see my sister’s new place in Wakefield, Rhode Island. 
  23. Did a photo shoot with a photographer on a USS Slater ship. It was a 1940’s vintage shoot!
  24. Went to a great pumpkin blaze with thousands of lit Jackolanterns
  25. Got the chance to work with on this blog & have them write a blog post for me and Tweet it on their Twitter. As a dog lover, this was really cool for me and I always love developing new relationships with brands to work with.


So cheers to all of our accomplishments this past year and sure– we’ll set some goals too. But most of all, we will be proud of ourselves and how far we have come. We will live in gratitude and have more presence in our daily lives, being mindful of our steps as we take them.

“Don’t look back- you’re not going that way”


18 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List: 2017

  1. You are adorable 🙂

    Also what an incredible year you had in 2017! Greece and rescue dogs and brand partnerships and hot springs and quads and authentic gyros and bikinis and warm weather (I’m stuck on that last one, admittedly, because I miss sunshine, HA!). I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you. Also I love the don’t look back quote towards the end ❤ Ain't that the truth?

    I loved working with Rover, too–they are such an incredible brand and well, any company that cares about animals is always a-okay in my book 🙂 Sending you much love and sunshine! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Donnalee-still figuring that one out but yes i do feel better about it 🙂 My initial dream I worked on for a long time was working in an animal sanctuary, I even did an internship and took classes for that too/looked into a masters program for it but/…unfortunately those jobs are too far and few between to invest that much time and money to not be guaranteed a job.


    • Yes- you should definitely make it to to both santorini and watkins when you can (I know, much easier said than done, especially with kids) but if you can make at least one new place a year happen…i feel like that is great! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading


  2. Im totally following you now. I love your writing style AND that you adore animals, too. 🙂

    Isn’t Greece just magnificent? It’s at the top of my list of favorite places in the world. I did two weeks there when I was 15. A week just outside Athens and a week cruise of the islands. The sun is just so hot there, the water so cold, the food is exquisite and the sights compare to none other. I want to take my husband there someday. 🙂

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