My Thrift Haul & Poshmark

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(Anyone else watching The End of the F***ing World on Netflix?! This song is courtesy of that show. So good- especially if you loved Atypical, like I did.)



I wanted to write this post for those who may not have thrifted yet and may not realize the amazing finds you can get, while paying way less than you would at a retail store!

I started thrifting around age 18 and haven’t stopped since…

I actually prefer thrifting to shopping in the mall because I find it more fun and satisfying when you find something really unique and when you find something of a brand you know is expensive that you bought for like $5.




J Crew French Hen sweater:


This item was listed on my Poshmark account- (that’s here by the way) and sold within about 2 weeks. It’s so cute and soft, I was considering keeping it for myself.




White Mountain booties:

Channeling my inner Angela Chase obsession again, these reminded me of her….so obviously in the cart and home they went. (Thanks to my love for gifting me with these Adidas leggings for Christmas)


Banana Republic “Keep It Simple” Sweater:


We could all use this little reminder for life, right?



Asos Brocade & Leather Jacket:



Mango Suit Collection Utility Jacket:


I had never heard of this brand, but when I looked it up, found that they sell pretty well on Poshmark.

I have been wanting a Utility Jacket for awhile and this one is perfect. It has tons of pockets and is really warm. The inside of it can also be unbuttoned and worn as a vest! Great for traveling.

I also really love the small leather strips on the shoulders.




Never mind my crazy hair…


Do you go thrifting? Do you thrift and Posh or Ebay? P.S. I have an Ebay account, too- that’s here.  

I am really excited to get better at selling on both- I have been listing all of my items on both accounts so that if it does not sell on one, it may sell on the other. I had a pair of Lularoe leggings listed on both that someone eventually bid on on Ebay, so I took it off Poshmark since a bid means the item is sold- listing on both is more work, but it increases your chances of making money and reaching an audience!


post thrif.jpg


Thanks for reading & happy thrifting!




16 thoughts on “My Thrift Haul & Poshmark

  1. Love that utility jacket! I’d like to get another to replace mine that’s getting very tatty, but I think I need one with more padding for winter. Great finds here – also love the cute Keep It Simple sweater 🙂
    Caz x

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  4. OMG! Where do I begin. I love that utility jacket. They are so comfortable and you can pretty much wear them with anything. Anyhow, I too am a thrifter as well and have been for some time. I have a Poshmark store and had an eBay store a few years ago but haven’t listed things on there for some time. I love the thrill of finding good bargains. Some i keep and some I sell. The most exciting news I found out was one of my favorite thrift stores actually have everything half off on the last day of the month! I was super excited!!! So I guess that is where I will be on the last day of EVERY month. Happy thrifting!


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