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Guys. I am so very sorry for the lack of posts lately! Life has been nothing short of insanely busy…but in an amazing way. This month is seems especially true that life does not stop for anyone.



This is basically me dealing with life right now.


If you follow my Instagram, you may know that I have been struggling with keeping up with it all. I wrote a post about taking a little step back from the blog briefly to re collect.  I mentioned when something that you love (like blogging) becomes an “obligation,” it can be hard to keep up with it. And I always seem to feel guilty when I don’t post every week. This blog is pretty much my baby so when I neglect it I feel that neglect strongly. BUT- self care!



Currently doing….


House Hunting. 

If you read my last Currently post you may know we have been house hunting… and if you have ever bought a house, you may know just how time consuming this process is. (But fun and an adventure, as well!)


house hunt 2house hunt 1


We have seen some pretty wild stuff while hunting….




……..Literally- wild.


So we went to see a home last weekend that had a neighbors chickens behind the yard. We started out by saying “awww, they have chickens-how cute!” Until we saw this turkey come out of nowhere. He was especially feeling me and ran towards me and backed me into a corner- Frankie and our realtor were in front of me blocking me. I don’t think Mr. Turkey wanted new neighbors.



Angry Turkey will keep you from selling your home


Update: We have officially put in an offer on this adorable little Cape Cod home as of today- please wish us luck and pray. I am so in love with it but also trying not to get excited as there are already multiple offers on the table. 


cairo cape!.JPG

Currently Celebrating…


Big birthdays…


Mama celebrated a big birthday and our good friend celebrated his 30th.



steve bday.jpg


Currently Celebrating…..Life. 



Also if you saw my Instagram you may know that I wrote about my mom having a very close call on her big birthday, March 19th. They were traveling on a 3 lane highway in the left lane when ice started coming off of a truck in front of them. My mom’s boyfriend tried to move lanes, but the ice kept coming and this time in a huge chunk of at least 3 feet straight into their windshield, blowing it out completely. They drove 5 miles with no windshield in the dead of winter, covered in shards of glass, with the heat up all the way, trying to flag the truck driver to pull over as he was trying to escape! They eventually got him to pull over with the cops on their way. This driver was let off with NOT EVEN A FINE. I am still in disbelief at the complete  Thank God everyone was okay- Jon walked away with a scratch on his arm and that was it.


Currently Loving…


Bullet Journaling. 


You guys have heard of this, right?! You know I loved my Happy Planning, but I just couldn’t stay consistent with it…Bullet Journaling offers a lot more freedom so we will see. So far I am really loving it. There are SO many resources online to help you and you can really make it your own.


bullet journal supplies.JPG


My spreads so far…


Currently watching….


Go watch. So binge worthy.





What are your currents this March?

16 thoughts on “Currently in March…

  1. Don’t even tell me my long a** comment didn’t go through!!! NO WAY! I’ll leave another one and touch up on some things I mentioned in my last one 🙂

    1) I am keeping ALL THE THINGS crossed for you and please let me know how it turns out with the house! It is so emotional, but I’m still holding on to hope that the right one will come along for us both ❤
    2) I can't believe that story with your mom and I am SO glad that everyone is okay. You can get very heavily fined in NJ for not shoveling off your car, and I can't believe this guy got away with doing that! INSANE!!! SO glad everyone is okay, that must have been so scary!
    3) I am just starting my Bullet Journal journey, so if you have any resources, please let me know! It's a bit intimidating but I'm going to ease into it slowly, because my daily planner just seems like a giant waste of space. Like, I'm not using it for what I should be, I guess….
    4) Mr. Turkey needs to back off. They are terrifying and I have no idea what I would have done if I had that thing gobbling after me, lol.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I always appreciate your long comments Charlotte! And I hope it wasn’t Worpress that screwed it up for me its always blogger accounts that don’t like me commenting… plus u have to go through those crazy long security checks :/ yayy im so glad u are bullet journaling! I would love to see what yours looks like too if you blog about it at all… so far I have been addicted to watching people show their bullet journals on youtube its so fun. I get a lot of ideas from that too…. and with the house… we found out this morning that we got it ❣️❣️🏠🙏🏻 so now the process has just begun hehe. Finding an inspected, getting appraised, etc.. and hopefully that all goes well. I still feel like it’s not ours until all of that is done! But we got it! 😍


  2. My goodness! This post was probably my blogs saving grace. I too have been house hunting this month and as a result of that and packing, my blog has been pretty non-existant. I may have to take your idea and do a what I’ve been up to post. Congratulations on your new home!!! SO CUTE!!!


    • Thank you so much Jamie- we just found out this Saturday that our offer was officially accepted! :0 Totally excited and scared lol. But yes once we get in there, going to be 100 % busy busy with the house and I may have to put up like a little “blogging break” post or something but also would love to do update posts on the house itself and the work we do…when I have time. lol. You can totally steal this idea- many bloggers do “Currently” posts every month! Wishing you the best of luck in your house hunting process as I know how crazy it can go, but a fun adventure!! 🙂


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