Spring Dreams…

Listening now…



Are you dreaming of Spring like I am? Yes- it’s April. But not on the mountaintop.

We got more snow. Ugh. But we have to remember to be patient with the earth’s timing.

It’s on it’s way….it is just slowly waking up. Taking that extra stretch and yawning.




2 thoughts on “Spring Dreams…

  1. Awwww I loved all of your photos here. And also this song! This girl’s voice is ridiculous (in a good way!!). Have been thinking about you and hope that you’re making headway on the house–what’s the news there?! I can’t believe you’re still experiencing snow! My goodness… what a winter that won’t end, eh?

    We just got outbid on house #4 and took it pretty hard this week. But we’re heading back out this weekend, and hoping that things pick up again, otherwise we may have to shelf our search for the time being. We discussed taking some of the money out of our house fund and putting it toward a vacation if this doesn’t pan out. I think we should do that anyway, but that’s just me 🙂

    Anyway, sending all my ❤ ❤ ❤ to you, sweet one!

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    • Awww Charlotte- thats a great idea with the vacation. I am so sorry about house number 4 and I 100% understand your house hunting heartbreaks but it doesnt hurt any less that way 😦 the story with the house is that we backed out of the last deal… unfortunately our inspection had a lot more things needing fixing than it was worth and than the sellers were willing to negotiate- so we had to walk. I am still getting over that one. In the end I think it was meant to be because I loved the house more than Frankie did… the search continues for us too and I am 100% down with taking our saved $ and putting it towards a vacation if we don’t get anywhere after some time. Good luck to you dear ❣️❣️


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