Spring outfits of the day

Listening now…


Guys, spring is so sprung right now~!

I think I am enjoying this May more than ever. I love watching the trees bloom around town and our backyard!



Do you see the bird nest behind the Lilac bush? Mom- you were right, we have a beautiful Lilac bush!



With this beautiful weather, comes the perfect time to bring out your favorite spring outfits.

Sorry not sorry ahead of time for my silly bathroom pics. I do feel like it keeps it more “real” with these, though. To all the bloggers out there that just have a professional photographer following them around all day to capture their looks….I’m just not about that life. Although I love doing a good photoshoot every now and then!


Boat shirt, capris, and moccasins:


boat shirt.jpg

All 3 items were #thrifted


Shorts and tights


shorts and tights.jpg


Vintage Plaid dress


plaid dress.jpg

I haven’t actually worn this yet but I can’t wait to.


High waisted parachute pants, Keds, and wicker bag


wicker bag and keds.jpg


Camo overalls,  glasses, and hoop earrings


Camo overalls.jpg


Black Jumpsuit with cropped stripe shirt



This time taken in my very own bathroom!


Camo leggings, oversized sweater, slip on shoes


camo leggings.jpg


Striped shorts, cropped grey tank, and my Tuk leopard platform shoes




Floral Jumpsuit


floral jumpsuit.jpg



8 thoughts on “Spring outfits of the day

  1. I love seeing the beautiful flowers coming to life in spring, especially pink blossoms, we have a few of those trees further down our street. Gorgeous!
    Love your outfits. I go for tights (leggings usually, I always ladder tights way too quickly) with shorts a lot. I like the stripey ones you have, where’d you get them from? Hah, I’m so nosy! I think all of mine are from H&M now. I really like your glasses too, they suit you. I really need to dig out some spring/summer clothes soon & pack away a few jumpers, maybe that’ll make the sun come out! It’s a bit nicer here today, but it’s still cold!
    Caz xx


  2. Awww, you look so friggin adorable in all of these outfits! Where did you get your camo overalls? LOVE! And that floral jumpsuit is the best. Hope you are enjoying your new digs and the spring! We have had nuttin’ but rain for the past few days, and goodness, it is so miserable! Hopefully the sun pokes out soon!


  3. omg you’re so adorbs. I agree about the perfect blogger photos! I have been self conscious to post selfies because they’re not like that, but you’ve inspired me to! Love your posts; please blog more! xoxoxo


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