Stories of Santorini…Part 2: Architecture & Ruins

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If you did not catch Part 1, hop over there first!


I am going to have to just accept the fact that there is no possible way I can share all of my journey and photos with you guys- there are just too many and too much to say!

For Part 2 of this journey I wanted to talk about the beautiful architecture of Santorini Greece.

I touched on this a little bit in the first part…the blue domed churches and the blue and white buildings make up the majority of the architecture you see here.




Combined with what the locals told us in person, after I came home I read up more on the architecture of Greece. Read more about it here!

Safety is a huge concern of the Greek and a big reason much of their architecture is the way it is today. Key elements include protecting themselves from pirates back in the day as well as building into the left over volcanic rock that makes up the majority of the island that has been disrupted by volcanoes over the years. A local told us that Santorini used to be 1 connected circle until all of the natural disasters occurred!



The Cliff side Caldera of Santorini…


Entire villages are built right into the island’s Volcanic cliff sides, or the “caldera.”

I am convinced our hotel had the absolute best view possible and you can really see how cliff side everything is…



fira cliffside

There’s the cliff side of Fira…

fira cliffside 2fira cliffside 3


And the beauty of the caldera of Ammoudi Bay…



The domed churches…

( with all their “bells” and whistles)



church with ladder.jpgIMG_3506church with sky.jpgpyrgos church view.jpg



Many of the churches featured these tiny bell towers as well which are just too beautiful… the sounds of the church bells as you are walking through Greece truly add to the feeling!


IMG_3442IMG_3581church.jpgchurch pyrgos.jpgbells.jpgbuilding with dog.jpgwhite and blue.jpg


Pastel painted towns…


Certain towns, such as Oia, have more pastel colored buildings and homes than other towns do.


IMG_2824IMG_2825pastel.jpgpastels 2.jpgpastels.jpgIMG_3436pastels.jpgpastel cafe.jpgpastel colors.jpgboat.jpg


I don’t want to get too into the beach towns yet because that is a separate part I will do, but Kamari beach and the surrounding town is a town you will see a lot more than just the blues and whites . Each of the restaurants and bars had their own color theme so all you see as you walk down the strip is a different bright color associated with that business.


colors in Kamari.jpg

The colors of Kamari!

cobblestone steps

You see a lot of cobblestone steps too…


Historical architecture and ruins…




You see many old windmills

windmill 2.jpgwindmill.jpg



And ruins of what used to be…

Obviously I love abandoned ruins  so being in Greece was a dream for me. My favorite towns we visited were Pyrgos and Exo Gonia because of the amazing history you can see as you walk the streets of these places with their ruins…

pyrogs ruinsMini marketruins.jpg

IMG_3049old doorIMG_3055IMG_3056


Greece has many castle ruins you can visit and we took a trip over to the Venetian castle in the village of Akrotiri.



Visiting the Venetian castle ruins…


castle 3.jpg

IMG_3061IMG_3062castle 2castle


The view from the top of the castle

And here are some favorites of mine from the town of Pyrgos:

Pyrgos is also where we ate at our favorite restaurant of our whole trip, Metaxy Mas- but that is for my food post! 😉

pygos 2pyrgos 2dangerpyrgos 356walking.jpg78


An abandoned Greek music venue…


1234frankie.jpgwhite dome.jpg


We came across an abandoned taverna/restaurant…


taverna 2taverna 3taverna 4taverna 5

taverna 6

Old kitchen

tavernmalantern 3walkway.jpglanternvineshouse



We passed this old building frequently on our outings on the quad and on one of our last days I decided to stop and take pictures of it this dog was tied up….I hope he is okay!

You frequently see shells of buildings that seemed to be starting construction and stopping it abruptly. We think this is due to the economic troubles currently in Greece that many people started building homes, hotels, etc and then could no longer afford it.


creepy house.jpg

hotel 3

We think this may have been the start of a hotel…

hotel 4

hotel 5

Doorway to heaven?

hotel 6hotel with viewhotel 2househouse


Archeological site at Akrotiri:


We visited the Akrotiri archaeological site

akro ruins 4akrotiri ruins 1akrotiri ruins 2akrotiri ruins 3ruins 4.jpg



Greek courtyards and homes…


I made sure to be a complete creep and peek into the Greek home courtyards too to get a feel for that as well. They are all so adorable with their little outdoor spaces complete with vines, greenery and flowers as well as their laundry hung outside on the line in the breeze…


inside greek homes.jpgflowers.jpgcourtyard.jpglaundry hung.jpg


I hope you enjoyed journeying around Santorini with me on this part 2!


Stay tuned for upcoming parts including Greek food, shopping, beaches, etc… XOXOX

November gratitude: week 2

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Last week I started week 1 of my weekly November gratitude posts.

We are in week 2 already and Christmas will be here before we know it! But let’s focus on the now and giving thanks…


Week 2 gratitude:

angelI am grateful for well spent weekends with my love and peaceful hikes. 

I am grateful that I have new places to explore all of the time and new adventures to be made. As well as new abandons adventures. Like these old estate ruins we found…

It’s a new work week and I’m sad already. But looking through my pictures from our day of adventures makes me happy and feel better.

I needed an adventure and fresh air. I can’t wait to go hiking again! I want to do as many fall hikes as I can before the snow comes.

I found this article of these abandoned ruins you can hike to in upstate NY and I am determined to do as many of them as possible before snow. (We will see what happens but that is the plan!)

Why are the weekends so short and the weeks so long? : (



What’s left of the old estate…



And the lean to which offered a cozy resting spot. 




angelI am grateful for stunning sunsets and super moons. Grateful for these little things in life that give us something to look forward to and tell us to keep going.



I took this using my mom’s super zoom lense. Love how it came out with the branches over the moon!


angelI am grateful for new places to try.

Like a local speakeasy with a bonfire outside to snuggle up by and a newly renovated bar/restaurant that is beautiful.



angel I am grateful for my camera, which gives me the opportunity to capture these memories, look back on them, and realize how grateful I am.





Thank you for reading! What are you feeling grateful for?









Saturday drives and abandoned homes

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This weekend I really felt like some adventures. I did not do nearly as much fall hiking as I wanted to so far and it will be snowy soon!

Saturday I decided to just take a drive with my camera and my pup (one of my favorite things to do) and go abandoned building hunting and just take photos.


I have this keychain hanging in my car as a reminder…


I ended up driving about 40 minutes away to another ski mountain like my own and decided to venture over to the ski lifts and check them out.


I wandered around to tiny towns that you could blink and miss. But I found little parts of them that I needed to capture!


Like this adorable library, so cute that I wanted to live in it.



And we did find some abandons!

abandoned edit 1.jpg

abandoned 2.jpg

Did the previous owners of this house have a funny sense of humor putting Halloween decorations outside? Or even scarier: maybe it is not really abandoned and someone really lives here…..

abandoned 3.jpgother house 1.jpghouse 4.jpgabandoned 5.jpg

bee nest….


And the night ended off with a beautiful sky…



Adventures of Abandons: Part 4

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[Latest obsession-Halsey]


Happy May!





To start off the springy month, I bring you another part of my Abandons adventures series.


It was a dreary Sunday outside and the perfect day to explore around a creepy old house.


This is one of my favorite posts to do and it’s been awhile since I have done one- if you want to see my last one of the old circus train, check it out here.


So- I pass this house all the time. And as usual, I wonder it’s story and the people who occupied it.


house 2house 1house 3side house.jpghouse 4


The vines tell the time of when there was last someone taking care of this house…

house 6

house 7

Someone is clearly squatting here and you could easily see inside…

house 8


I tried to research the house online online but didn’t have any luck…





Adventures of Abandons: Part 3

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[You guys know I love American Horror story!]
I hope you are having a great weekend! I’m going to be honest, I have barely left my house because it has been below 10 degrees all weekend!

Here’s part 3 of my abandons posts -[Abandons posts]

I only left the house once yesterday with my pup and bundled her up in her jacket to go for a ride to photograph an old train I pass frequently, but have just never had my good camera with me.

This is the old version of the Catskill Mountain Railroad.

For some reason, it has a circus feel to me, which I love even more.


train 1.jpg

train 8 inside.jpg

You can see a crack in the window right near a windshield wiper and the controls that used to move the train…

train 2train 6train 4.jpg

We didn’t get too close to the longer section of the train- because there was a private property sign up and the train was not far from the road at all.

train 12.jpgtrain 8.jpgtrain 11.jpgtrain 7.jpgtrain 10.jpg

Adventures of Abandons, part 2

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Let’s start our week off with some creepy, possibly haunted, abandoned structures. If you haven’t read my part 1 of this series, start here:

Adventures of the Abandons Part 1

Meet the Cold Spring Hotel: 1904. 

FYI, no relation to “the beiber.” Sorry, guys.

cold spring

Here’s what it looks like today, and sadly, will be demolished soon.

cold spring 3 edit

cold spring 7

The house was fallen much more than the last time I was here!

cold spring 8cold spring 13

A little editing is fun, too.

A little editing is fun, too.

house 1

And just down the street we have this house- that was left to the elements.

house 9

And the little run down shed next door.

And the little run down shed next door.

And next-

Welcome to Cortina Mountain Ski Resort! I’m combining pictures from my phone and my camera because I first visited last winter and got some good shots- when I went this time, there was a jeep parked nearby that was not last time and a dumpster filled with garbage- maybe they are fixing it up! So I tried not to linger too long….


ski resort 4 ski resort 7abaonded ski iphone 5abandoned ski iphone  3



I hope you all enjoyed!

Adventures of abandons, part 1

The last few years I have really loved finding abandoned structures and taking pictures of them. My friends and I enjoy it, my mom thinks it’s very strange. (Meanwhile, I distinctly remember her telling me a story of how her and her sisters went into an abandoned house with a beehive a few stories high!)

I went searching last weekend with my pup in the car and found a lot more than I had hoped for! Many times, I would be on a busy road and see one in passing and think ahhhhh! I wish I could pull over and get that but there are cars behind me….so I have started keeping notes of those in my brain as well as written down.

So I thought I would share my collection so far with you…in multiple parts. Because there will be more exploring to do. There always is!

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Where have they gone?

Where have they gone?

lex house 2

lex house 3

lex house 7

lexington house 1

I like to think about their story... did they have to leave or did they leave by choice?

I like to think about their story… did they have to leave or did they leave by choice?

old res 3

Through research I found, believe it or not, this restaurant was only closed in 2009!

Margo’s Yelp reviews- was a booming place once!

old res 1

old res 2

old res 5

I am not really sure what this one is, but it reminds me of Ireland.

I am not really sure what this one is, but it reminds me of Ireland!

The skies were also very dark that day and at times it was so rainy I had to pull over for a bit, so it reminded me of Ireland weather, as well!

The skies were also very dark that day and at times it was so rainy I had to pull over for a bit, so it reminded me of Ireland weather, as well!

This next one saddens me every time I pass it...

This next one saddens me every time I pass it…

burn house 1

I tried to research this one too with no luck so far.

burn house 2

Old lonely farmhouse

Old lonely farmhouse has made a new home for the birdies and critters.

route 28 house 2 route 28 house 5 rt 28 house 1

A little baby one, seen as I went to turn around down a dead end road.

A little baby one, seen as I went to turn around down a dead end road.

abandoned 4

Now, I already posted these in my Seasons passing post, but it was too relevant to this theme, I couldn’t resist.

Berries thriving amongst the dead...

abandoned 5

Do not enter

But do you really want to enter?

And a few lost photos from my week before that somehow didn't make the blog... of this abandoned house I pass all the time and decided to photograph

These were taken awhile ago on my iPhone- not ready to see snow again! But I love this place.

These were taken awhile ago on my iPhone- not ready to see snow again!
But I love this place.

doll 4 doll 2doll1