Christmas Eve… <3

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Hints of fall…

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I see hints of fall all around me already.

Living on the mountain top you see the tippy tops of the trees changing very quickly.

August seems non existent and before you know it, the trees are almost all orange.

I am a local leaf peeper and on the way home this weekend I had mom pull over to get these photos with my camera! People probably think I am a tourist but that’s okay.


fall colors 1so cutefall colors 2fall girl 2berriesmushroomsapples



And every time we wonder
What we left back in your hearts
Could you see we’re dreaming
Though our minds just fall apart
But we will end up somehow
With a peaceful mind
And you are leading me now
To the site where I flew from you
When your pace just scared me blind
We will come back and joke of days
When I sold you to the unkind
We will end up somehow
With a peaceful mind
And you are leading me now




The art of love

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“Whatever God or whatever higher power you believe in, they brought us to this earth in a perfect way, and you have to learn to love yourself. Otherwise, it’s an exhausting way to be.” -Callie Thorne


” I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.”- Lucille Ball

Artist Henn Kim is amazing.

(Also featured above)

And Sara Herranz. See for yourself how amazing her work is!



Also meet Sveta Dorosheva, who completed the pieces below as well as the first piece of this blog post, which I just think is stunning.



Catch a boat to England, baby,
Maybe to Spain
Wherever I have gone,
Wherever I’ve been and gone
Wherever I have gone
The blues run the game

Send out for whiskey, baby,
Send out for gin
Me and room service, honey
Me and room service, babe
Me and room service, whoa
We’re livin’ a life of sin

When I ain’t drinkin’, baby
You are on my mind
When I ain’t sleepin’, honey
When I ain’t sleepin’, momma
When I ain’t sleepin’, well
You know you’ll find me crying

Catch a boat to England, baby,
Maybe to Spain
Wherever I have gone,
Wherever I’ve been and gone
Wherever I have gone
The blues run the game

Livin’ is a gamble, baby
Lovin’s much the same
Wherever I have played
Wherever I throw those dice
Wherever I have played
The blues run the game

Maybe when I’m older, baby
Someplace down the line
I’ll wake up older
So much older, momma
Wake up older
And I’ll just stop all my tryin’

Catch a boat to England, baby,
Maybe to Spain
Wherever I have gone,
Wherever I’ve been and gone
Wherever I have gone
The blues are all the same

-Blues run the game by Jackson C. Frank

October is in the air!

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It’s here! It’s here! My favorite month of the year. 


In October we, along with the trees, start a new beginning and a new end. Things slow down, we get ready to settle into nighttime earlier, and we rest. 

Did you know that when you see the brightest trees in the fall that that means they had a particularly harsh winter the year before? So the most beautifully colored trees have been through the hardest of times…. something to think about.


“October is about trees revealing colors they’ve hidden all year. People have Octobers as well.” -JM Storm


“I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.”- Anne of Green Gables


“Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter…”- Carol Bishop Hipps



The air is rising and the wind is wild with leaves,

we have had our summer evenings,

now for October Eves!” – Humbert Wolfe


october.jpgfallpumpkin.jpgautumn.jpgfox pumpkin.jpgpump.jpgtrunk.jpgleaves.jpg

hallo art 2.jpgpretty .jpgvintage halloween.jpg



Hope your October is all you ever imagined and more….. BOO!

Tasty art: Gretchen Roehrs

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[This song also has Beyonce in it!]


Happy Saturyay! As happy as I am, why does it have to be nice out when I am at work and forecast for rain on the weekend?! Anyway… still the weekend, woohoo!

A little while ago on Instagram, I came across this:



Of course my first thought was “=0!”   I have to know who this is!

I messaged the Instagrammer and found it to be:



gretcehn hersefl.jpg



I think she is just brilliant and so clever. Two of my favorite things in one: food and art!

Can you imagine living in a world where everyone is made out of food?





Here is her website  and her instragram. Both, of course, fabulously decked out with ladies rocking their food.

Which is great because let’s face it, we don’t always feel like we rock our food…















I feel like I have dreamed of being both a cookie and a waffle before….




What do you all think?



April Favorites

April flew by so quickly and next thing I know I am watching it slowly wave at me in my rear view mirror. This whole year is really racing away!

I am a little late on this one guys….but here it is, my April faves!




I have been loving Halsey lately. You guys may have heard her on the radio with her songs “Hold me down” and “New Americana”

My personal favorite of hers is “Gasoline.” Check it out in my April Faves playlist below.

I also just think she is completely gorgeous and am enjoying seeing her versatile style…she seems to not care about defying the odds, whether it’s in the form of blue hair, short hair, or wearing men’s underwear.


Halsey 3.jpg


Here is a playlist I made of my April music faves… complete with some Halsey and some wonderful new discovers from my Discover weekly Spotify playlist.



My personal faves on this list:  Gasoline by Halsey, Rum rage by Sticky Fingers, and Tiny soldiers.

My sissy added a few of her own faves: Let it go by James Bay remix, Clap your hands by Whilk and Misky, and Tiny soldiers. Thanks, sis!




Pretty excited about this find here….


If you follow my blog, you know I am an animal lover and specifically, dog obsessed. Even more specifically, Jack Russell obsessed. [Hey babies!]


Alas, I came across  the instagram of Mouser Patchface:


The idea that I have not yet thought of making an instagram for my Jacks is crazy to me now- Mouser has over 14,000 followers and his mommy is probably making moolah off of instagram by now. Not sure…is that possible? Well anyway, if he’s not making money….he should be.

It basically just follows his little life, sometimes thought bubbles are added…



Whether he’s out eating hamburgers, walking across tables, or driving his BMW, you can expect Mouser to be having a good time and looking good while doing it.


Prissy Pig instagram:


The fact that Chelsea on Teen Mom has a pig as a pet, makes me want one even more than I already did.


But then I came across Prissy Pig’s instagram profile…

Yeah….enough said. Look at them! *Squish squish*



The day I can have my own mini pig dressed up in a bikini on the beach is a day that I can die happily and go to heaven. I would feel complete in this life…


Health, Fitness & smoothies:



I have talked about my fitness goals in my March Triumphs ; April Goals post and my smoothies in this post. I have enjoyed making health and fitness a priority in my life and it has helped in other aspects in my life as well- like anxiety and clearing up my skin.

I have never really talked about my skin on here yet, but I have had hormonal and consistent chin acne since I was about 18.

Since I started making a smoothie with fruits and greens in it every weekday morning for the past 2 months I would say- my skin has completely cleared up. I cannot recommend this enough for anyone dealing with acne- it does take more time in the morning to make a smoothie, but you could do it at night [I am just lazy]- but it is so worth it.

It just goes to show that what you put into your body really does show on the outside!

Also I have really enjoyed making yummy smoothie combinations and experimenting. I have transitioned into using less fruit and more greens and am going to start cutting the coconut almond milk I normally use with half water.


Alien art:


Because why not? I think this also has something to do with my nostalgia for the 90’s lately, like my love for chokers coming back that I talked about here. 

I found one piece of alien art and next thing I knew I was an hour deep into looking up these guys… oh well, it obviously paid off.

You have to see it to believe it!  [See what I did there?]



Also…how cool is this?!



Just kidding! Just goodbye until my next post…. 🙂


What were your April favorites?

Conquer yourself


Every now and then I find that perfect song that represents exactly what I am trying to say in a post- this is one of them. Definitely worth a listen while reading…


be patient



If nothing could stop you, not even yourself– what would you conquer?


Would you start over again based on a feeling that you needed to re-invent yourself…?


If not…is something stopping you- is the something you?


As humans, I think we seem to trust our feelings pretty well. That gut feeling of- this is right for me and that is wrong.


So why are we less likely to follow through on the feeling of what is right for us?


We’re scared- mainly of failure, I think we are afraid to disappoint ourselves. It makes sense. But the thing is- the time will pass anyway. So you may as well invest in it trying that new scary opportunity that gives you that feeling of I think this is right.


Even if it doesn’t work out- so what? You came out stronger and newer, for following through on one of your passions and wants that you couldn’t get out of your mind until you gave it a go. If you are thinking about it while you lay awake at 4am when you can’t sleep, you should probably do it.


We are fearful of the new and the unknown- like me, I have this idea that I am bad at science. I am now entering a science specific field so I can work with animals.I think I was “bad” at science because I never took anything I was interested in- I did okay, got average grades in human bio and chem. 


I think once you plant this idea into your mind as a seed, it will grow.


Whatever it may be- Oh, I must be bad at science. Well then, I won’t try that again.


Or maybe it’s-I can never get past that “feeling like I can’t breathe” horrible feeling while running. Okay then, I’ll only run this mile over and over and over again. 




What do you wish to conquer in your life?

What is your first step to making it happen?


Monday: coffee and gratitude

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One of the things I really enjoy about my job is the need to problem solve often. Things come up and I often have to think on my feet.


It keeps things interesting- today has definitely been one of those days where things have not gone as planned!


Hows your day going?

I hope you woke up happy.

I hope you’re having a good hair day.

I hope you get good news today or your favorite song plays on the radio.




Here’s my gratitude for the day so far:

  • Healthy eating– so far I had a delicious banana berry with ginger and hemp protein powder smoothie and a banana sandwich
  • A job where I can also blog- it’s the little things.
  • A weekend well spent- shopping and lunch with my mom and sister and time spent outside in the garden and the beautiful weather. [working on those spring goals!]
  • Perseverance-a prospect I thought I had may not have worked out. But that doesn’t mean I am giving up on it.
  • Goals-Imagine how  boring it would get spending every Monday doing the same exact thing and not working towards anything new or better?





You know what also helps? Coffee.

I recently found the artist Megan Hess– take a look at how amazing she is…


This one’s perfect for a rainy day like this…