Bullet Journal Diary: Part 1

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Guys- the peepers are back getting ready for warm weather! Have you heard them? They are still the most relaxing sound ever to me…Also I thought this sound was perfect for this post since bullet journaling is therapeutic for me and relaxing and I wanted you to also feel that as you read.


If you guys read my last post, you may have seen that we put in an offer on a house. Well, we found out we got the house this Saturday!! YAY!

With good and exciting things in life comes a lot to do and a lot of planning. The last 2 weeks have been extremely stressful and there is even more involved with buying a house than I ever thought.

So, right now, my life needs more planning than ever.



I have always been interested in Bullet Journaling but always thought that you had to know how to draw to be good at it.  With my Happy Planner, I found it really hard to keep up with because if I missed a week of planning (which was a lot of the time, let’s be real) I just felt guilty and like I lost motivation to keep going at it.

With bullet journaling I find it so much easier because one you make a layout, a lot of it is just updating it as you go. You can come and go as you please and feel like journaling.

Of course I had our Young Living Essential Oils Diffuser going while I was bullet journaling- if you missed the post where I talked about it, check that out here .

If you are interested in getting your own, make sure you read that post and use my mom’s code!

Bullet journal 1.jpgbullet journal 2.jpg


A lot of bullet journaling is creating “collections” and here I have created a habit tracker and a weekly to do list.


moods .jpg


I love the idea of keeping track of my moods, habits, and memories and have found it really helpful so far.


blog post bullet


Hoping bullet journaling with help me be more organized with my blog…will report back…


house timeline.jpgIMG_6797


I created a category for my Poshmark closet to keep track of what I thrift, for how much, and how much I flip it for to make a profit on Poshmark.


You can find a ton of beautiful Bullet Journal inspiration online- especially Pinterest.


Here are some beautiful Bullet Journal Inspirations and examples of pages I want to create…





Have you Bullet Journaled? Share your tips with me! 


Currently in March…

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Guys. I am so very sorry for the lack of posts lately! Life has been nothing short of insanely busy…but in an amazing way. This month is seems especially true that life does not stop for anyone.



This is basically me dealing with life right now.


If you follow my Instagram, you may know that I have been struggling with keeping up with it all. I wrote a post about taking a little step back from the blog briefly to re collect.  I mentioned when something that you love (like blogging) becomes an “obligation,” it can be hard to keep up with it. And I always seem to feel guilty when I don’t post every week. This blog is pretty much my baby so when I neglect it I feel that neglect strongly. BUT- self care!



Currently doing….


House Hunting. 

If you read my last Currently post you may know we have been house hunting… and if you have ever bought a house, you may know just how time consuming this process is. (But fun and an adventure, as well!)


house hunt 2house hunt 1


We have seen some pretty wild stuff while hunting….




……..Literally- wild.


So we went to see a home last weekend that had a neighbors chickens behind the yard. We started out by saying “awww, they have chickens-how cute!” Until we saw this turkey come out of nowhere. He was especially feeling me and ran towards me and backed me into a corner- Frankie and our realtor were in front of me blocking me. I don’t think Mr. Turkey wanted new neighbors.



Angry Turkey will keep you from selling your home


Update: We have officially put in an offer on this adorable little Cape Cod home as of today- please wish us luck and pray. I am so in love with it but also trying not to get excited as there are already multiple offers on the table. 


cairo cape!.JPG

Currently Celebrating…


Big birthdays…


Mama celebrated a big birthday and our good friend celebrated his 30th.



steve bday.jpg


Currently Celebrating…..Life. 



Also if you saw my Instagram you may know that I wrote about my mom having a very close call on her big birthday, March 19th. They were traveling on a 3 lane highway in the left lane when ice started coming off of a truck in front of them. My mom’s boyfriend tried to move lanes, but the ice kept coming and this time in a huge chunk of at least 3 feet straight into their windshield, blowing it out completely. They drove 5 miles with no windshield in the dead of winter, covered in shards of glass, with the heat up all the way, trying to flag the truck driver to pull over as he was trying to escape! They eventually got him to pull over with the cops on their way. This driver was let off with NOT EVEN A FINE. I am still in disbelief at the complete  Thank God everyone was okay- Jon walked away with a scratch on his arm and that was it.


Currently Loving…


Bullet Journaling. 


You guys have heard of this, right?! You know I loved my Happy Planning, but I just couldn’t stay consistent with it…Bullet Journaling offers a lot more freedom so we will see. So far I am really loving it. There are SO many resources online to help you and you can really make it your own.


bullet journal supplies.JPG


My spreads so far…


Currently watching….


Go watch. So binge worthy.





What are your currents this March?

Currently in January

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Currently loving…

I am currently loving quite a few things right now! Yay, life!

The sunrise this morning, I even grabbed my Canon to capture it…stunning. Bitter cold January mornings don’t seem so bad when you look up and see this.




My coloring Happy Planner…!


Check out these stickers I got that celebrate the fact that you woke up before noon, put on pants, and totally adulted. #YES

planner 2.jpg

My new office!


Working for a nonprofit, I cannot even begin to tell you how bad our old office was…not only that, but a lot of things about it were unsafe.

We have moved offices and I can’t stress how much of an improvement this is…I feel happier and more productive already.

We have bright windows.

We have a clean office with new floors.

We have a safe space for us to work and the youth we work with to come see us now!

I am no longer embarrassed to have friends and family visit me at work. (True story.)

And…we chalkboard painted the crap out of everything.

We also got an office fishy friend named Gill.



My little office nook area, where fishy friend lives by his plant 🙂



These pictures. 



Having some photo shoot fun after sissy’s yoga class…



Currently reading…



Last Currently post I talked about how I was reading  “Behind closed doors,” which I finished and was amazing! It was a page turner, can’t put down kind of book. Which is really hard to find for me…

Now I am reading “It ends with us” by Colleen Hoover which I honestly just started and have hardly gotten far enough in to comment, but- my mom recommended the last 2 books I read which were amazing and I finished really fast. So I trust her 🙂


Currently watching…


If you have been reading my blog for a little bit, you might know of my obsession with the show Strange things. 

For Christmas this year, I even strung lights all over my Stranger things pillows to be that much more festive.


My sister even got this specially made for me for Christmas (A quote from Stranger Things, in case you don’t watch)  #Coffeeforlife




I found a show to tide me over until the new season starts.

The OA on Netflix.



This show is really hard to put into words, so I will let Wikipedia explain:

“The series centers on Prairie Johnson, an adopted young woman who resurfaces after having been missing for seven years. Upon her return, Johnson calls herself “The OA”, exhibits scars on her back, and can see, despite having been blind when she disappeared. The OA refuses to tell the FBI and her adoptive parents where she has been and how her eyesight was restored, and instead quickly assembles a team of five locals to whom she reveals that information, also explaining her background story. Finally, she asks for their help to save some other missing people who she claims are currently in the same situation she has described to them.”

All you have to know is that it is binge worthy and you will want to keep going and going to find out what happens…

What are you currently doing this January? Share with me 🙂

Halloween Happy Planning

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It’s been so long since I did my last Happy Planner post. 

With Halloween coming, I felt like I had to plan! I feel re-inspired with planning when the holidays hit.

Lately, I am the kind of planner who plans when she feels like it and I don’t like to stress about planning every week out, even though I think it’s more fun to have a full planner to look through later on- I feel like when a hobby becomes an obligation, it becomes stressful and no longer fun. And then, what’s the point?

I got new stickers and washi tape from Michaels which have been getting good use lately. The Halloween section at Michaels is a scary place….and by scary I mean, frighteningly beautiful…and tempting.

Also, this week seems like Halloween week to me since Halloween is on a Monday this year!


plan 1.jpg


We are going to a space themed party this weekend. I am sure pictures will follow of the festivities… 

plan-3plan 5.jpg

plan 6.jpg

Why does it feel like my favorite month just flew by?!….. Le sigh. 

plan 7.jpg

The witching hour is here…

plan 8.jpg

And don’t forget to be curious and work hard. 

What are your plans for this week and for Halloween weekend?! I hope you are feeling witchy ; )

Weekend roundup ; Sunday weekly planning

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I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! 


This one was pretty busy for me actually. I am still not done yet- I have to study my butt off tonight and tomorrow night so I am blogging as part of my procrastination…



I spent all day Saturday volunteering for a “Fill the Van” event for the SPCA.


For this event, they focus on filling the van with supplies for the animals staying at the shelter. This includes food, toys, treats, etc.


We also accepted donations and sold a few items as well- it was a big success!


We were also accompanied by 2 furry friends that were up for adoption, to both lure people in to give donations and to hopefully get people interested in thinking about adopting them.


At our table, we had Jingles.


A2-3 year old Pit mix and the sweetest little girl ever. She got loads of attention and helped keep the 5 hour day fun!


We did pretty well on our donations, too ; )


Thanks Jingles!


Also, our Volunteer shirts are pretty great too. [ don’t mind my hair- needs to be dyed!]

“Keep calm and carry treats” 



After a quick nap and a delicious dinner at home, I headed out for a few hours to see some friends. I got to hear some surprisingly good Frank Sinatra karaoke, which I wish I filmed!


My friend really wanted to take a shot off of a ski [ ski town mountain thing I guess- we’re late on this one, considering it’s almost May- haha]


I am not a shot girl by any means but I agreed mainly for the picture and the sake of trying something new.


And so…we did….we can check that one off the bucket list, eh?


Lots of coordination involved in this one guys, the trick is to have everyone lift it at the exact same time.





Today I helped mom out in her garden . I love being outside and totally do not mind the outdoor chores on a lovely day.


I was multitasking between helping mom and throwing the ball around for the little squish, who let me know very loudly with her squeaky ball that she needed to play.



Sunday hobbies include: stalking chipmunks and squeaking ball while owners try to get their work done.


Speaking of chipmunks…


We came across this beautiful woodpecker [pictured left] and saw our usual cardinal friend perched on the tree to the right. The puppies found this woodpecker pecking and stared at in in awe, so I looked to see what they were looking at and found him!



I couldn’t be happier that Spring is finally here to stay.


After this,  I headed out to do some errands for mama such as a trip to the dump and the grocery store. Fresh fruit for my smoothies for the week, yay!

And then I sat down to plan out my week.


Weekly Planning…

I love to plan out my week in my Happy Planner on sundays lately.


I go into my week less stressed knowing what I have to do and what I have going on.


I think a trip to Michaels is due soon- I really want to try using scrapbook paper in my planner…


Here’s how my weekly layout came out this week:

I used permanent market this week instead of pen, but then realized it bleeds through onto the other pages- so I probably won’t be doing that again.

I really want to get some different colored pens and start color coordinating things [if I do that I will probably not use as many stickers]



My sister is having  a Harry Potter trivia night for her birthday this weekend. You don’t know how badly I wished I had Harry Potter stickers for this week…I will be sure to blog about that!


What did your weekend look like and what are your weekly plans?

Sunday weekly planning



I hope you all had a great weekend! I certainly have and am getting to the point where the Sunday blues kick in….


But, I always feel so much better about my week when I plan it ahead.


I’ve talked about my love for my Happy Planner before and how I got the big Happy Planner, only to find out the planning could not start until July…
So I am sticking to my little one until July comes and I can use it.


My sister says- how can you see everything you have planned with all of the stickers?!

planner 1


I just can’t help myself okay- when I bring out my stickers I go a little wild. Strawberry, cow, and peanuts stickers just somehow make their way in there even if they weren’t originally planned or don’t necessarily make sense… : )


planner 4

Been loving my new workout stickers. And I’m hoping to go to the aquarium this weekend, hence the turtle and fish stickers…

planner 2

planner 3

Recently, I switched out the pink discs for these gold ones and have been loving them.


I tried to stick to somewhat of a color scheme, but then my random little cow and Linus stickers came out.


I also want to get some different colored pens and try a more minimalist style with less stickers and more planning based on pen colors, just to see how I like it.


But I just don’t think I am a minimalist kind of person. We’ll see how it goes, I love experimenting with my planning.


Hope you all have a happy and productive week!


If you are a planner, what is your style of planning?

The BIG Happy Planner!

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Hey guys! Happy Saturyay!


I woke up really tired for some reason- didn’t sleep great, had some bad dreams and night sweats. Anyone else get those? They are horrible…


Anyway- I have a day full of plans today, which is kind of rare for me. It’s mama’s birthday- so I’m spending some time with her before I head off to my friend’s 25th birthday party and then an indoor circus event [without animals] at this really cool club.


Pretty exciting!  What do you all have planned for the weekend? 


So if you have been following me for some time now, you may know that I love planning. It helps me stick to a routine, feel more balanced, and I specifically love the 365 Mambi Happy planner.


You can get that here: Happy planner site!


Soooo… in my past post about spring goals, I talked about wanting to start planning again.

I was going hard with the planning for awhile and then I started using my happy planner solely for work because the stickers and decorating aspect got a little too “busy” and distracting from all of my work things I had to write down and keep track of.


I talked about how I wanted to get an Erin Condren planner- which I still want.


Little did I know walking into Michaels the other day [for something else completely, by the way,] that I ran across the planning aisle only to see a big version of the Happy planner. You read that right.  Probably the same size or close to the Erin Condren.


I couldn’t resist…. I also had a great coupon.

happy planner.jpg

Yeah…. I went a little crazy…

Stickers, washi tape, dashboard, sticky notes, and page magnets! I ended up paying only about $50 for all of this.


Okay, so I got all of this, ran home, super excited. Only to open it up and find out that the planner does not start until July.  July!


Ugh. Okay- I have tunnel vision. So of course I looked up month extension pages- which I found out they only have for the smaller version of the planner, not this one yet- this big version was only released this month. Wahhhhhhhh.


The planner is beautiful inside, too. I am so excited to start decorating and obsessively planning again and want to use this one as more of a personal planner and journal/scrapbook.

planner 2planner 3


This section is new and I really like this:



The pages also seem to be a little bit better quality. Thicker and less easily to come out of the binding system.

I also love the new dashboard pages:


So I guess I will have to wait until july…. sigh… I was even thinking about buying the smaller Happy Planner month extensions and sticking them in here, using those for a few months until July. It may be look a little silly, but my other planner mainly stays at work now.


Are there any other Happy planners out there?!


Goals, with Gratitude

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Without stopping to be grateful about what’s in front of us, the here and the now, I think our goals can be anxiety-inducing. Thoughts of the future: we all have them. They can be fleeting ideas more than goals, or can last until they are fulfilled. Either way, our brains are filled up with tunnel visions. I get it so badly. When I want something-I need it, like yesterday. The truth is: the grass is actually greener where you water it. I’m not sure if we can have that much success with our goals without having the gratitude, too. What happens when we succeed- will we focus right away on the next big thing or pat ourselves on the back, take a little rest, and sit with the moment?I have been learning to balance the two much better. Check out my previous post Balance, baby!

At the beginning of every week, I write down my weekly goals in my little dinosaur composition notebook that sits right by my bed.

front of notebook

If I don’t do a certain goal, but do another that is equally as great just in a different way, I cross out the other goal and write whatever I did instead next to it. This tends to have the effect of, “okay, I see I did not make it to the gym this week, but I did go to yoga. Yay me!”

With working hard on my blog lately, I have added another section of blog goals to my weekly goals.

With working hard on my blog lately, I have added another section of blog goals to my weekly goals.

I noticed a dramatic change when I started doing this: I felt more excited about my week despite having a week full of work ahead of me and I felt better about myself for all the goals I saw that I was accomplishing as well as my willingness to forgive myself for not getting everything done, but other things done.

Weekly Goals: (I’m late on this post- it’s already wednesday! Haha.)

  • Finish my book. I vowed New Year’s 2015 to finish one book per month….this will only be the second I have finished this year. But it’s okay, guys! This is the first book I have really loved in awhile. It’s called “The girl who chased the moon” by Sarah Addison Allen and it’s ohh so good.
  • Get back into my healthier habits– this means less wine (wahhh) and more workout. Not only this, but getting back into meditating a few times a week. (I already started this goal, as it’s wednesday already,- went to the gym for the first time in months last night. )
  • See friends- Being an introverted type of person who sincerely enjoys time alone to focus on my own hobbies and myself, I actually do have to put this as a goal for every week. I have definitely gotten much healthier at balancing my introverted ways with still making time for friends.
  • Take pictures for Adventures of the Abandons Part 2 post-(check this out if you don’t know what I mean-Adventure of Abandons part 1)This is another thing I use my dinosaur book for. When I pass something I want to photograph with my good camera and not just my phone, I write it down to remember for later. Then i plan a time to take the camera and do so- i usually pack the pup and camera in the car and it ends up to be quite an adventure.


Write it down. Everything. The barista finally remembered your name and spelled it right on your cup. Someone said good morning to you that you didn't know- you made someone else's day and they told you so. In my experience, the more you look at your glass half full- the more the universe fills it up.

Write it down. Everything. The barista finally remembered your name and spelled it right on your cup. Someone said good morning to you that you didn’t know- you made someone else’s day and they told you so. In my experience, the more you look at your glass half full- the more the universe fills it up.


pooh bear

In my previous post, Mental Health Monthly Favorites, I talked about liking my routines. Planning out my week has become one of these helpful little tidbits for me. I have wanted this kind of planner for awhile- and decided to get it since the year is ending and so was my planner. These planners are built to be decorated, loved, and filled with the wonders of our lives. I bought mine at Michaels, but I found it on amazon too: The Happy Planner!

Planning out my week helps me be more organized and look forward to what’s upcoming, as well as focus on my goals!- Also, stickers always make everything more exciting and spice it up, right?

Well, I know where my money will go now. Sigh. But also, yay!

Well, I know where my money will go now. Sigh. But also, yay!

planner 4 quote and slippers planner 2 stickers

I went to show this to my mom today and she said, “You have always loved stickers!

Yes, mama. You know it.

planner quote

I am using this for work, every day life, and my blog now.

I am using this for work, every day life, and my blog now.

Do you all have a method of feeling good about your goals and your gratitude?

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