The Horrors of House Hunting

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Where have I been?

House hunting. It has been taking over my life. Ohhhhh….house hunting. If you have been there you know. The struggle is damn real.


house hunt


We have really been enjoying the process but it can be fun, heartbreaking, hilarious, exciting, and sad all at the same time.

We previously had an accepted offer on an adorable Cape Cod style home but after inspection it just had too many things that needed to be done that the sellers were not willing to budge on…and there happened our very first house hunting heartbreak as we had to walk away. It’s true what they say- if it’s meant to be it will be.

Of course there have been plenty of odd things we have come across while looking around….that I just had to share.


The Horrors of House Hunting

ghost emoji


There was the house with the wrestling rink in the garage….

Those are cemented into the floor.


wrestling rink.JPG


There was the house where I was really close to

getting attacked by a turkey…


mean turkey.png


The one that was listed as a 3 bedroom “2 bath,”

with this being the 2nd bath in the basement.


Guests won’t mind, right?

…….Where do I put my offer in?



The one with the Macaroni duct tape on the screen.


This will work….



The house where Mr. Knight was your neighbor….


Having a constant protector could be good, right?





The house where Jesus and germs were…..everywhere.




I hope you guys enjoyed! There might be a part 2 of this is we see even more houses with funny and ridiculous things- which is quite possible.


Do you have any house hunting horrors?


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3 Easy DIY Wine Cork Ornaments!

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❤ ❤ ❤


So I am definitely not a DIY-er by any means. But this year, my mom had a great idea of all of our family making our own Christmas ornaments for our nana and papa’s tree and surprising them at Thanksgiving with the tree & the handmade ornaments. This is their first year they can’t travel to Florida for the winter because of my papa’s health and we all wanted to do something special for them, especially since all of their ornaments were left in Florida.

When I started making ornaments, I couldn’t stop!

These are 3 fun and easy ornaments anyone can make (especially wine lovers like myself who collect all those wine corks! )

I found all of these ideas online, but may have altered them a bit.

These are all super easy that you can make them for Christmas or for a last minute gift idea!


3 Easy DIY Wine Cork Ornaments:



FYI Don’t feel bad if you have to drink all the wine beforehand to get the corks 😉 Or during the craft, for that matter!


For most of these you will need:


A glue gun 

Scissors (to cut wine cork)




The birdhouse:


home ornamenthome 3



Wine Cork 

Paint of your choice 

Small stick

Cardboard cut for the roof

Bottom quote optional- I used a wooden gift tag

Bird also optional- I used a bird cut out from a card

Glitter for the snowy roof

You could also use moss for the roof to give it a more realistic look!


The Pinecone Reindeer:



Wine Corks


Sticks for antlers





The Wine Cork Doggo:


Wine Corks 


Felt for tongue

Pine cone for ears and tail (Can also use brown/black felt)


He’s kind of goofy looking, but cute.


Hope you enjoyed!!

Happy Halloween!

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Frankie and I decided to dress up as 90’s Nickelodeon characters to celebrate this weekend..


     Krum from Ah! Real Monsters and Chuckie from Rugrats. Rugrats was my favorite show was a kid!





We were lucky enough to have 2 Halloween parties this year (this never happens) lol and we had a great time… I always love seeing how people set their homes up for Halloween parties and the holidays.


party 2.jpgparty 4party 3table partyparty food.JPGkramer.jpgpiano.JPGghost with drink.jpgvampire wine.JPG

Reptar definitely had a great time, too……..


repatr 2reptar 2reptar drinkreptar flip cup

Later on that night….

reptar pole


The only picture I got of the 2nd party…. #oops #blogfail


What are you dressing up as and doing this Halloween?!




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Thank you all so much for reaching 800 followers on here! To celebrate and thank you, here are some quotes…




Having people read my Blog and relate to it has helped me to find a purpose. 


My blog (and my blog readers)- you are my reprieve from this crazy world we live in. And an outlet to get it all out there!




A Woodstock birthday

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This weekend was Frankie’s birthday and we celebrated by spending a great weekend in Ulster County!

I surprised him with a massage at a spa in Woodstock and I also got a facial 🙂 We went to the same spa mom, sis, and I had our girls spa day for mom’s birthday this year.

We ventured into Woodstock after to grab lunch and walk the town…



I need this bike.




We happened upon the Woodstock flea market and Frankie purchased a really cool Cigar box…







I love this bar so much! We had already eaten so did not try the tacos, but I loved the atmosphere. [ Tinker Taco Lab ]





We decided to stop at a creek I have been wanting to check out for awhile. It was a lot easier to find than we thought! [ Big Deep Creek ]





Some Woodstock-ians were apparently trying to live #offthegrid as we stumbled upon their home…




On Sunday we went paddle boarding in Saugerties and practiced our yoga paddle!


yoga 3yoga 2me





What did you do this weekend?

26 funny feelings about turning 26

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– I just found this artist tonight. Thank you again, Discover weekly on Spotify. She is amazing!


Upon looking up inspiration for this post, I came across this read on Thought Catalog that summed up exactly how I feel about turning 26 in (less than) 2 weeks. It reads,


“It’s more like 26 shows up in the middle of coffee one morning and hands you a freshly printed memo that reads: “You’re going to get old one day and die. You’re cool for now, but it will happen. You’re officially on notice. You won’t be young forever.”


I am definitely not overly excited about this age. So I blog about it!

I wanted to make this a funny one because it’s 26 and let’s face it… 26 is not funny at all. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was turning 25?!  Also….my blog birthday is on August 17th– 2 days after my birthday! This year will be our 2nd birthday.


I wish it was only my 2nd birthday too…. at least then I would not be closer to 30.



26 funny feelings about turning 26:



1.) By this age, my mom had 2 kids and a house….

By this age, I am living in my mom’s house. Lolz. Working on that! …This is funny, right?


2.) Wrong. Things like that are no longer funny. It is no longer a joke to not have your shit together. Which is funny- because most people at 26 do not have their shit together…



3.) You are now officially closer to age 30 than to age 20.


4.) Your clock strikes midnight on your 26 birthday and so begins your life clock…tick tick ticking away….



5.) You are now officially an adult.



6.) And you are in that weird phase where everyone you know is either still going out partying a lot, (was never my scene) OR getting engaged or married, and having or already has kids. It is a confusing time for all of us.


7.) If you are like me and have been in a relationship for a long time and are not already engaged, the questions from everyone you know about “why” said engagement has not yet occurred will occur even more often.  Be forewarned.  We have joked that our answer from now on will be ,”Oh, we already had the wedding, you didn’t know?” Leaving said question asking individual to wonder silently how and why their invite somehow got lost….


8.) You are at that weird age where anyone under 22 seems really young to you and oh God, why am I saying things like “when I was your age….” Make it stop. I work with teens and young adults up to age 21 so continuously hear phrases like “on fleek.”



9.) This is the age where those same teens ask you, “how old are you anyway?” and you secretly cheer when they guess younger than you are.


10.) And although 26 is your new number, you still have no clue what you are doing with your life. I feel like most people by this age have a stable job that may have OK pay and good benefits that they could stay with for awhile, but they are not satisfied or don’t feel inspired by it. (me right now) Most of us have not yet fulfilled our dreams.


11.) My 10 year high school reunion is in 2 years. Woah.



12.) Your biggest milestone years from here on out include each new decade….16 you can drive, 18 you are legal, 21 you can drink, 25 you can legally rent a car, 26 you…..can no longer be on your parent’s heath insurance. Woo hoo!


13.) You are at that age where you are wondering if your Sims, Animal Crossing, and sticker hobbies are becoming too young for you.  Lol. JK- this will never happen. Keep that youthful spirit forever!


14.) ….Perhaps it is time for your Simming to get much more serious, though. No more drowning Sims in the pool or making them cook repeatedly to cause a fire. You will make more serious Sims lives now, give them more stability. Because are you are 26 now. You will now live out your 26 year old dreams for yourself vicariously through your Sims more now than ever.


sim meme.jpg



15.) Life choices feel much more….serious. At this age, it’s almost like you feel like you don’t have enough time to make mistakes!



16.) At this age, we are caught between struggling to still make small decisions, like what desert to order when you are out or which wine is the cheapest but the best quality- all while plagued with the sudden pressure that 26 brings to make those big decisions. Like whether to buy a house, marry, or have children.



17.)The feeling like you might really have to start that “having a family” thing soon, but don’t feel adult enough yet to care for yourself 100% yet, let alone a child.


18.) For me, this thought of turning 26 feels like I am caught between the urge to do something really out of my comfort zone and the urge to settle.


19.) The feeling of old and young happening simultaneously…


20.) You are now that age you used to think was “old.”


21.) I feel I should stop avoiding looking at my bank account balance…


22.) And save money so I don’t have to be afraid to look. : )


23.) 26 is realizing how far you have come..


24.) And how far you still have to go!


25.) It is learning to embrace age because with it comes wisdom from your experiences.


26.) 26 feels like I will be celebrating the small victories a lot, while I try to master this “Adulting” thing.


If you have passed this 26 milestone, any advice? Share with me 🙂









Easter and a first birthday!

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(This song though. Worth a listen, I promise….XOXO)


It’s been a busy few days! I am so so happy that the Daffodils are in full bloom and the pink trees are out and about.  Spring is seriously like a breath of fresh air.

I was in the city all day Thursday from super early in the morning until later that night with 15 teenagers for work! It was fun but definitely exhausting.

Then on Saturday we ventured down to Long Island for Frankie’s nephew’s first birthday. The theme was “wild one” complete with baby Kenny wearing his wild one shirt with fake mom and dad tats. LOVE.

bday party


Dessert is life.

frankie crown.jpgkenny and frankie.jpg


That night we had a bonfire and a few drinks…

Easter bunny.jpg

The Easter bunny still found us!


Lola was not impressed with Easter festivities…


Before we headed home I said we HAVE to go to the beach- it was about 80 out! And we don’t live anywhere near a beach so any time we are near one we have to go over…. we brought Frankie’s dog Renfield with us and it was Renny’s first time at the beach!

renny beach.jpg

renny beach 2.jpg

So many smells, so little time!

beach proposal.jpg

“Monica will you marry me? Marlon.” 


I had a surprise when I came home 🙂


How was your weekend?




500 followers and Spring days

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I reached 500 followers!



Thank you all so much for your support, you keep me going and wanting to write more and more!


I hope you are all well and possibly enjoying the February spring we are having like I have been…

I took off work the other day as soon as I knew it was going to be 70 degrees out!


We took a trip to a sculpture park…

It was a glorious, unexpected, sunshiny day of wonderful. The kind of day that makes you love life the way it was meant to be loved.



This doggy kept trying to bring us his big stick to play 🙂



Little tiny office people…



Thank you for being here. Thank you for being always patient and present. Patient when I can only post once a week because I am busy and totally present when you read my post that I worked hard on and decided to leave that thoughtful comment that makes it all worth it. (P.S.- this post took literally a day and a half because of all of the pictures to upload but mostly because my wifi SUCKS. lol….patience duly noted.)


I love you all, more than you know. XOXO


Christmas has come and gone…

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I hope you all had a good holiday!

How has Christmas come and gone already?

I wanted to share a bit of my festivities with you all since it is my favorite time of the year.

On Christmas Eve, we traveled down to my love’s side of the family in Long Island.

I had so much fun embracing the differences of celebrations between our families and playing with all of the little babes!



The coolest was when Santa showed up on Christmas Eve! They have a friend that does this every year for them and even buys her a bunch of gifts….so cool.  #greatguy #santa

santa and maddi.jpgbaby-kenny


On Christmas day…..we got just a tad excited….



Can you spot the toys Santa brought the pups? #moo #oink


I was actually crafty this year with mama’s gift and made this chalkboard wine bottle that says “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas but if the white runs out, I’ll drink the red!”

I am very proud of it =D


wine bottle.jpg


2 of my personal favorite gifts from santa this year include these lace up over the knee boots and this shirt I am wearing in this picture that could not be more perfect.




The skirt was from Santa too and I love it so much! The shirt says, “I just want to drink wine save animals and take naps.” TRUTH.



On top of the amazing Christmas festivities, me and the babies got some quality time together….


tiny baby.jpg


How did you all spend your holiday?

Halloween spooky haul!

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(….This song is so weird, yet totally perfect. Listen while you view…)





Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your spooky Octobers full of bright colors and dreams of goblins, ghosts, oh my….


My lack of posting this week is about to be justified because I have a fun post for you all!


I was honored enough to be able to work with Oriental Trading and at the same time, upgrade my Halloween collection. They sent me products to review, but being a huge Halloween lover, of course I was so excited!I got to pick out all of my own items- so they are all items I would honestly buy myself anyway.


Upon viewing their site to decide what goodies I wanted, I was so excited, like a kid in a Halloween store. After all, they have SO much Halloween stuff on their site- (Oriental Trading Halloween)


Since I love Halloween so much, I picked items that I thought I would use all year round, too.  (Because that’s totally normal to keep spooky things around all year, right?)’



Halloween lampshade topper:


The first item I wanted to feature was this Halloween lampshade topper, which is my favorite item that arrived.


lamp-with-skulllamp up close cropped.jpg


It has a feature on top that allows you to make it tighter or looser and is easily hideable, which I thought was really handy. The features are beautiful up close, too! Something about this topper just reminds me of the Adams family….and I would definitely keep this up all year long in my room.


Skeleton hand glasses:


The next item I was gifted with were the Skeleton hand glasses.  They come in a dozen and I could hardly contain myself.

Here they are pictured with apple cider(mmmmm), but feel free to add any bubbly cauldron-like Halloween cocktail to the glasses, I feel like they are just made for that!

I cannot wait to break these out at my next Halloween party. Or, any random weekday wine night by myself…just kidding, kind of.





Zipper mouth character pillows:


The Zipper mouth characters pillows made a nice addition to our white couch.  I just think they are so cute and they go perfectly with my Stranger Things pillows.(from Redbubble, if you are interested) Anyone else obsessed with Stranger things?!! I cannot wait until the new season… and I just found out Eleven and some of the crew were at NYC Com icon and I wish I had known!


pillows brighter.jpg

stranger things.jpg

They can’t believe how cute the pillows are, either. 

pillows edit.jpg


Round spider web table topper:


The Round Spider web table topper is a great addition to any table. Here, I have it on my square nightstand and even that worked perfectly. Don’t forget your other Halloween/fall accents, though!


spider web table side.jpgspider-web-tablespider-web


Black Widow Halloween costume: 

Aside from Halloween decorations, do you even know how many Halloween costumes Oriental trading has?!


This was an unexpected surprise, they sent me a Halloween costume that I didn’t even ask for! It was the Black Widow from Captain America 🙂


Sissy got lucky, as she had a Halloween costume party to go to and now has a costume and looks stunning in it!


And I got lucky to be able to work with such a generous company! Everything was shipped so quickly and the quality so far has been consistent with their online reviews.


Have you gotten any good Halloween hauls?

Thanks for reading 🙂