A new year’s letter to the universe…

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Dear last year,


You were really good to me. You showed me more of who I am, parts of me that I didn’t even know existed.

You showed me disappointments, in the form of losing houses we fell in love with and a career I thought was a dream. You showed me that you can do everything and anything for someone you work for (or this can be applied to a lot of things in life) but that in the end, sometimes things are just too good to be true for a reason. Sometimes you need to walk away when you realize that being in an environment where your absolute best is never good enough is detrimental to your mental health, happiness, and well being.

This year taught me to run like Forest Gump in those situations. Run at the first sign of a red flag. Your instincts are instilled in you for a reason…use them.





But with these, you lead the way for me to even better paths. You made me aware of a strength I didn’t know I had when it comes to standing up for myself and knowing what I want and deserve.

Within you, 2018, I learned that it’s okay to just….need time. To decompress after these disappointments and disappear for awhile, if you need to.

I learned that “FOMO,” or “fear of missing out” is basically all in your head and I have gotten insanely good at appreciating what I have rather than comparing to others. We all feel bad with social media but I think it’s more about how you look at things. Like, seeing someone go on a beautiful vacation and feeling happy for them and also being like “that’s great and I would love to go there someday too- but after we buy our house! Because I have exciting things coming my way that are more important right now than traveling.” I also know myself well enough now to look at someone’s photos of being out and filtering my own thoughts-like thinking, wait, do I even want to be doing that right now? Actually no, I’m super happy being on my couch watching this movie with wine.

I learned that the hustle is real and you can damn well get anything that you want if you work hard enough. This means you don’t always listen to people who tell you that there’s no way you can travel while you are not working for 2 months (yup and I never did put up my Canada travel post- but I will!) or that you can’t possibly pay your bills through selling on Poshmark?! Watch me, yo.





Dear new year,

Hey girl…heyyyyyy.




I have to say, you are starting off with a bang!




Please continue to teach me valuable lessons.

Please bring me a house I love with enough space for a chicken, pygmy goat, and another pupper. (or 2…?)

Please help me with discipline and consistency. This goes with all things: bullet journaling, blogging, Poshmark, gym,yoga, etc. 

Please allow me to finally actually learn the ukulele or guitar. (I see a theme here- again, consistency and discipline?!)

Please help me to continue stepping even further outside of my comfort zone.


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2016 triumphs; 2017 goals

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I hope you all had a safe and happy New Years filled with those you love and plenty of goals you promise to keep.  ; )

We started off the holiday with some snow tubing with Frankie’s family and later on that night a lovely evening of a double date complete with snow, pecan pie, and champagne at midnight…



tubing.jpgnye-1desertdeer mtn.jpg


I broke out sparkly orange tights for NYE because you can never be sparkly or glittery enough on this night! 


So while I think it’s important to create new resolutions or goals for the new year, I almost think it is even more important to ourselves to realize our triumphs of the year behind us.

We are notoriously hard on ourselves as a society and it’s really sad.

We have to acknowledge our triumphs and I wanted to share with you my 2016 triumphs so maybe you will be inspired to pat yourself on the back, too!


2016 triumphs:


Being healthy!


I have successfully kept my promise to myself and have gone to the gym consistently for about a year and a half along with yoga once a week, but only recently have actually started seeing real results! I’m really proud of myself for this, for eating healthy, and for trying new classes like piyo and spin. Spin is what I have actually seen results from and have kept up with for quite a few months now- I especially like it because it’s an intense cardio workout that you can sit down the whole time if you wish, LOL. About 5 minutes into the class I am regretting my decision to sign up and dreaming of my wine and the couch, but I push through!


spin gif 2.gif


Keeping up with this blog. 

This past August was my 1 year blogiversary and the victory of also actually keeping up with something consistently! I get distracted a lot and tend to want to try so many things, that often they fall to the wayside. But this blog has become a lot more to me than I imagined and inspired me to be more positive, do more, etc! It has become a journal for me, even writing about my triumphs right now is giving me perspective for all that I have done this past year- let’s face it, writing things down and seeing it in front of you makes it real. And is really therapeutic!




 My first sponsored blog post! 


I basically love Oriental Trading and they gave me my first sponsored post-on one of my favorite things ever, Halloween decor. 

They even sent me a Christmas card thanking me for being a brand ambassador and saying they enjoyed working with me- simply a pleasure to work with and I feel honored! It also inspired me to reach out to more brands in the future.



Making steps towards my dreams. 

I continued volunteering for the SPCA, (although in 2017 I want to walk way more doggies) explored schooling, and completed an internship at the animal sanctuary of my dreams. I really really want to work in the animal welfare field and a sanctuary would be perfect. I explored and took classes in the Vet Tech program, went back and forth and still do, but I think I want to focus on the animal welfare and nonprofit side of things. I also realized I think I want a job where I can be a bit creative. I currently work for a nonprofit and it is so flexible, rewarding, and I have never been treated better in a job before. Right now I am exploring a graduate non profit administration program and will probably try a class to see if I like it…. to be continued! I know what I want, the getting there is a bit confusing…but all in all, proud of myself for making the steps.

Remember my 17 quotes for 2017 post? Well, I am tired….but this quote holds so much truth. Remember to rest.



Without goals, we would not have triumphs? Am I right? Alas…. goals for 2017.


2017 goals:


Be more consistent with my blog…


While it’s great that I have kept up with my blog so well (triumph!), my consistency is lacking. I am not going to lie, the holidays had me slacking quite a bit, but there were times when I was in school and I will be in school again this coming semester, and it’s all about balance, right? I want to always improve my ability to balance everything and in turn, better this blog.

The thing is, I know this blog could be more amazing if I kept up on it and did more bloggy outreach kind of things. This is a goal! I want to maintain my blog connections better and keep up on everyone else’s blogging life, as well. Bloggers write about their lives but cannot be self absorbed to succeed in this world of blog…isn’t it ironic?



Continue trying new things…


This year I really was proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things- 2017 has goals for me to try silks, pole dancing classes, and hip hop classes. To name a few!  Along with this, I want to hike more unknown terrain, literally. Last summer any time off I spent at the lake, my favorite place in the world. But because of this, I also didn’t venture out as much to new areas to explore…this spring/summer I want to find new places to explore!




Save, save, save…


save money.jpg

This goal is kind of 4 goals wrapped in 1-

This year I really want to travel, move out on my own, and take classes for school… These things require a lot of money! So it’s time to save.

If I take a graduate class it is over 1k plus books. It’s insane. Thank God for payment plans is all I can say…

I am really good at selling things I no longer wear on Ebay. I fell off of it for a bit but I think it is time to jump back on that! You can make such good money while clearing out your clutter  and if you have enough of an Ebay following and good rating, people trust to buy from you and are more likely to do so. And now that I have my Canon Rebel, it’s easier to take good shots.

Be happy, healthy, and more present.


More meditation, more tea, less anxiety. Please, 2017?

I have some smaller goals too like read more books and to learn the ukelele (finally) but I’m trying to focus on the big picture here….


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July thoughts…

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[Amazing song, definitely worth the listen!]


Well all, I am so excited to get back into the blogging swing of things.

I have a bit of a deep post for you all, life talk, in the Life Talk blog section, appropriately. The blog has been a huge outlet of mine and I hope to maybe help someone going through the same things.

I mentioned in some of my last posts that I was going back to school full time for Vet Tech. I was taking an intense 7 week Medical Terminology class as my 2nd class of the major. It required studying every day, which I was prepared for.

I am doing well in the class and all is well.

I was prepared for giving up a lot of my free time and transitioning to school mode, which I did.

However, after a lot of second guessing, thinking of practicality, and my future, I have decided to put the Vet Tech on hold.


new girl gif.gif


I got into Vet Tech originally because I was looking to work in Animal welfare but was having trouble getting into it. I figured the animal experience would be great, knowing it would be difficult. I have been applying to a local animal sanctuary for years, with 1 interview right after college that was not the right job fit and 2 interviews recently, of which I did not get in the end- but I believe everything happens for a reason. The position was 16 hours and if I got it I would have had to give up my full time position with benefits.

This whole experience has made me realize that I love working for nonprofits[my current job], the flexibility is amazing, and very conducive to having a life outside of work and a family, which is a huge goal of mine. I aspire to get into the Animal welfare nonprofit field and I have plans for that too.

What I realized after this class, as time ticked closer and closer to going part time in my full time job with pretty good pay, great benefits, and amazing flexibility, was that I have it good. Not only that, but I love the aspects of nonprofits putting revenue back into their mission and that is and has been a passion of mine. I truly hope to combine the 2 passions into one some day.



The point of this post was to say- it is okay to be confused.  It’s fine to take it day by day.  I think the majority of society is handling life this way, I just did not realize until now.  It’s even better if you know in what direction you are going, and are going in that direction, and not exactly sure where it will lead you. That’s even more fun, right?

Not only that, but I have trouble living in the present. My mind gets stuck too far in the future, the anxieties of it, and i make rash decisions.

Why do we always feel like we need to figure ourselves out, asap?!

Let’s all breathe a little more, shall we?


To be continued…


Goals, with Gratitude: Part 2

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(Just found this and I am obsessed)



Awhile back, I did a post called Goals, with gratitude and felt really inspired after to make this a series of upcoming posts.

I talked about how it is hard to be grateful without having goals, too. After all, many of the things we have gratitude for are positive outcomes of goals we have created for ourselves and not only created, but that we have met.

This past sunday [Sundaze], I ended my weekend by writing down my weekly goals, gratitudes, and began planning my week in my planner. Laying out the week ahead on a sunday night helps me begin the hustle and bustle of my Monday on a calming and positive note.

I like reviewing my goals at the end of the week when it seems like the past 5 days have been crazy, have flew by, and yet- sometimes I still feel like I did not get a lot accomplished. Yet, looking back, I always feel better about that. Confidence boost!

This past week, my weekly goals looked a little something like this:

Checked off are the ones I have completed.          hands clapping

Weekly Goals:


check mark.pngGo to the gym Tuesday: I went Thursday- I felt so much better afterwards. It was a good gym session where you just get into your own zone with your headphones on and manage to get a lot done. Yay!

Pay rent and save money: Oops. I live at home and my mom takes rent and puts it away for me into a fund for my first place. [Thanks mama]  Even though I didn’t do this this week, it will get done next week. You’ll see from the goals below that my week got a tad expensive….

check markMeditate:  I did a small morning guided meditation from a youtube video while laying in bed in the morning. Even though I wasn’t sitting up alert, it still felt great.

Call therapist: I have been on a little hiatus from therapy. I have been going consistently for about a year now, but have missed a few weeks. Sometimes when you go every week for that long, it honestly just feels like a little break is needed. This will get added to the list for next week, too!

check markGet school sorted out. I have been wanting to do something with animals for awhile now. I have applied to every ASPCA and sanctuary job out there with no luck (yet). I think I would love to do some sort of animal advocacy job someday, and I figured, why wait around anymore. So I enrolled myself in an Introduction to Veterinary Technology class at my local community college and will work full time at my current job, while attending this class and paying out of pocket. I start Tuesday and my first school bill has been paid and books have been picked up! We will see what happens, but I am excited and knowledge is never wasted. I kind of want to take a web design class too- always exploring; learning.

[Hence why rent was not paid this week]


Goals I have accomplished that were not on my list include: deep cleaning my entire room and bathroom, consistent blog posting, getting a lot done at work.        hands clapping


Weekly Gratitude: 

  • Waking up at 7 am to let the puppies out and seeing this-

Light snow was drifting, and suddenly- I didn’t care that it was 7 am on a saturday or how tired I was. I cared about the moment in front of me; inhaling it like a breath into a fresh lung. The unexpected and un-forecasted little surprises life drops at our feet, right when we need it like soft snow falling right when we wake. Convinced someone may have sent this moment right to me…

How did you know?


  • Opportunities and the ability to adapt who we are at any given time. 

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

-Eric Roth, The curious case of Benjamin Button

school books.jpg

  • Discovering new music; thanks Spotify “discover weekly”
  • Wine.
  • Quiet time
  • A flexible job that I enjoy and allows me to go to school too; a job that allows me to pay to better myself and pay for things in general. 
  • Blogging. I never expected it would be this consistent. I never expected it would even last this long. I never thought that it would make me feel creativity I may not have known I had before. I never knew it would make me feel this good about myself and my abilities and bring me this amount of comfort.


How are your goals and gratitude going? I hope well. It feels good to look back on your week and know that you are a better version of yourself than the week before.


Thanks for reading!






Being kind to ourselves

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Definitely worth a listen.

own best friend

“Life is too short to spend another day at war with yourself; you are a work in progress. “

How are your resolutions going?

The gym has cleared out. We may be back to our habits, we may be sad about it, beating ourselves down for it. Don’t. That goal is still there for when you are ready, when you have summoned up the courage to accept it and work towards it. 

I am still drinking less coffee and more tea. I went to the gym monday, I meditated tuesday. I worked on myself this week. I worked towards a huge goal of mine and got everything accomplished for it; now I am waiting for the results of my work, and that is out of my control for now. I wrote my gratitude down in my new journal that says “let your inner sparkle shine through.” I found new music. I paid some bills, did some things I had been putting off for awhile. Do you know how good that feels?

You may not have accomplished this goal or that goal, let’s not pretend like tomorrow is not another day. We have it, we have time. Think of how far you have come, dig deep and you will see that you have worked towards something else positive, even if it was not what was originally intended…

be kind



Goals, gratitude, and rounding up the year

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I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing time with your families on the holiday.

christmas fam picoutside by fire

It was warm enough here in upstate NY that we were able to sit out by the fire!

I always get the after Christmas blues a little bit. December flew by this year and you work so hard to make the season and the day amazing and then before you know it it’s over so quickly. I hardly had enough time this year to watch all of my favorite Christmas movies!  But on the other hand, I find it’s kind of nice to get back to some sort of routine.

If you remember, I had a post Goals, with gratitude, where I talked about how gratitude helps me make and achieve my goals. Christmas time, especially, has me thinking about what Im grateful for and how far I have come from the Christmas before.

“And so this is Christmas
And what have we done
Another year over
And a new one just begun”

Gratitude: Last Christmas, I was in a job I was unhappy in, mainly because of anxieties I created in my own head.  This year, I am still in that job and appreciate it so much more and realize that many of my anxieties were out of proportion to what was going on in my real life. I am still in that job and much more confident at my abilities at it and I am up for a promotion this January. I also see how much it has taught me about myself and believe I am here for a reason right now- to listen, learn, and grow from the people I work for and the clients I am helping.As some of my anxieties lessoned, my gratitude for what I had in front of me and was not seeing before grew.

….And every Christmas, I become less concerned about gifts and more happy to spend time with those who really matter and see their faces when they open their gifts. I have so much gratitude  for this coming of age, and I think it’s inevitable for all of us as we get older, I’m grateful for discovering the true meaning of Christmas more and more every year. 

Goals and rounding it up…

I don’t really like to make New Years resolutions, I prefer to take it month by month, week by week, day by day.

My goals for January 2016:

  • Register for an animal shelter management certificate class online, finally. I have been wanting to do something with animals for a long time now and I’m going to stop thinking and the how and just start doing. Just work on it; worry about the rest later.
  • Working on my calm. More healthy habits to contribute to a healthier mind, because this goal has fallen by the wayside for awhile now. This means more meditation, exercise, and more tea; less coffee. Some coffee is necessary, but I also know it’s not the best for me. [I got a ton of loose leaf tea and a tea infuser for Christmas to work on this goal! And they are all delicious.]
  • De-clutter, physically and psychologically. I already started this goal, yay! I have finally taken on the daunting task of organizing my crazy messy jewelry box- I got rid of so much jewelry I no longer wore and untangled a mess of my favorite necklaces. Plus, I found jewelry I had thought I had lost but was really just in the abyss of my clutter. I felt better immediately, especially for completing a task I have been avoiding for years! I have also donated a few bags of clothes and have stuff up on ebay to sell.
  • Save money and stop spending money on things and instead spend on classes, experiences, etc.
  • Dig out the gratitude journal and start writing gratitudes down again. There is something just helpful about physically writing down what you are grateful for every day and sticking to it. Sure, I think of them in my mind. But writing them down makes it clearer to me and makes me feel better about my day.

Those are the main ones for me. What are your goals for January? Share with me, I’d love to hear them and maybe I’ll get some more ideas for myself!

So to round up the year, we only have 6 days. As Jack Dawson would say, to “make it count.” 

jack titanic.jpg




Goals, with Gratitude

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Without stopping to be grateful about what’s in front of us, the here and the now, I think our goals can be anxiety-inducing. Thoughts of the future: we all have them. They can be fleeting ideas more than goals, or can last until they are fulfilled. Either way, our brains are filled up with tunnel visions. I get it so badly. When I want something-I need it, like yesterday. The truth is: the grass is actually greener where you water it. I’m not sure if we can have that much success with our goals without having the gratitude, too. What happens when we succeed- will we focus right away on the next big thing or pat ourselves on the back, take a little rest, and sit with the moment?I have been learning to balance the two much better. Check out my previous post Balance, baby!

At the beginning of every week, I write down my weekly goals in my little dinosaur composition notebook that sits right by my bed.

front of notebook

If I don’t do a certain goal, but do another that is equally as great just in a different way, I cross out the other goal and write whatever I did instead next to it. This tends to have the effect of, “okay, I see I did not make it to the gym this week, but I did go to yoga. Yay me!”

With working hard on my blog lately, I have added another section of blog goals to my weekly goals.

With working hard on my blog lately, I have added another section of blog goals to my weekly goals.

I noticed a dramatic change when I started doing this: I felt more excited about my week despite having a week full of work ahead of me and I felt better about myself for all the goals I saw that I was accomplishing as well as my willingness to forgive myself for not getting everything done, but other things done.

Weekly Goals: (I’m late on this post- it’s already wednesday! Haha.)

  • Finish my book. I vowed New Year’s 2015 to finish one book per month….this will only be the second I have finished this year. But it’s okay, guys! This is the first book I have really loved in awhile. It’s called “The girl who chased the moon” by Sarah Addison Allen and it’s ohh so good.
  • Get back into my healthier habits– this means less wine (wahhh) and more workout. Not only this, but getting back into meditating a few times a week. (I already started this goal, as it’s wednesday already,- went to the gym for the first time in months last night. )
  • See friends- Being an introverted type of person who sincerely enjoys time alone to focus on my own hobbies and myself, I actually do have to put this as a goal for every week. I have definitely gotten much healthier at balancing my introverted ways with still making time for friends.
  • Take pictures for Adventures of the Abandons Part 2 post-(check this out if you don’t know what I mean-Adventure of Abandons part 1)This is another thing I use my dinosaur book for. When I pass something I want to photograph with my good camera and not just my phone, I write it down to remember for later. Then i plan a time to take the camera and do so- i usually pack the pup and camera in the car and it ends up to be quite an adventure.


Write it down. Everything. The barista finally remembered your name and spelled it right on your cup. Someone said good morning to you that you didn't know- you made someone else's day and they told you so. In my experience, the more you look at your glass half full- the more the universe fills it up.

Write it down. Everything. The barista finally remembered your name and spelled it right on your cup. Someone said good morning to you that you didn’t know- you made someone else’s day and they told you so. In my experience, the more you look at your glass half full- the more the universe fills it up.


pooh bear

In my previous post, Mental Health Monthly Favorites, I talked about liking my routines. Planning out my week has become one of these helpful little tidbits for me. I have wanted this kind of planner for awhile- and decided to get it since the year is ending and so was my planner. These planners are built to be decorated, loved, and filled with the wonders of our lives. I bought mine at Michaels, but I found it on amazon too: The Happy Planner!

Planning out my week helps me be more organized and look forward to what’s upcoming, as well as focus on my goals!- Also, stickers always make everything more exciting and spice it up, right?

Well, I know where my money will go now. Sigh. But also, yay!

Well, I know where my money will go now. Sigh. But also, yay!

planner 4 quote and slippers planner 2 stickers

I went to show this to my mom today and she said, “You have always loved stickers!

Yes, mama. You know it.

planner quote

I am using this for work, every day life, and my blog now.

I am using this for work, every day life, and my blog now.

Do you all have a method of feeling good about your goals and your gratitude?

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