300 followers and weekend dreams

Listening now…


(This song is in a car commercial and every time I see it I wanna dance and last night, when I could not sleep a wink,I had the beat in my head…so it had to go on the blog. #obsessed.)


We have reached 300 followers on this little up and coming blog!



This is a tiny update because honestly… I picked up a new project, as I usually do, and life has been busier.  I’ll talk more about it later because I wanted to do a whole post on that! But basically I am always hustling towards my goals and can’t stop, won’t stop. ok.png

I’ve been struggling with balance again. What is it with October, my favorite month, and feeling a sense of struggling to balance it all?

It’s getting dark early again and that’s been hard for me. I know that’s part of it because I feel this tiredness I haven’t felt in awhile, an effect of doing so much, and also- it’s dark by 6:30 pm…it makes me just want to crawl into bed…. z emoji.jpg

And I have started trying new exercise classes- 2 weeks ago Piyo, last week Zumba (which I have done before but picked back up after awhile) and this week Spin (I’m sore) and those have left me a little…tired, as well. With everything else. Why do I always decide to pick up a million new things at once?! Lol.

Piyo made me feel nauseas and like I was going to die, all at the same time. Spin, on the other hand, I loved and hope to make a weekly thing!


Anyway… when life gets a little bit harder, I try to go back to the little things, so here’s some pictures from my beautiful weekend…


pic for blog 1.jpgpic-for-blog-2pic-for-blog-4pic for blog 5.jpgpic.jpgpump.jpgpumpkin.jpgpump loot.jpg


I have to digress for a minute and talk about Greig Farm in Red Hook, NY.

This place has everything you could ever need. Apple and pumpkin picking, delicious bbq food in this adorable air stream trailer,  pygmy goats, and an indoor farmer’s market!!

I am getting hungry again just thinking about all of the yummy food we had.



food yum.jpg

We got these smokey deviled eggs and this brisket sandwich, both were amazing. The drink,too!

goat.jpggoat 2.jpgjelliesplantsbreads.jpggreig-2


An obvious fall necessity.

greig 3.jpg


I also love Sunday drives in October….




Thank you to anyone who has followed and supported this blog!