Spring outfits of the day

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Guys, spring is so sprung right now~!

I think I am enjoying this May more than ever. I love watching the trees bloom around town and our backyard!



Do you see the bird nest behind the Lilac bush? Mom- you were right, we have a beautiful Lilac bush!



With this beautiful weather, comes the perfect time to bring out your favorite spring outfits.

Sorry not sorry ahead of time for my silly bathroom pics. I do feel like it keeps it more “real” with these, though. To all the bloggers out there that just have a professional photographer following them around all day to capture their looks….I’m just not about that life. Although I love doing a good photoshoot every now and then!


Boat shirt, capris, and moccasins:


boat shirt.jpg

All 3 items were #thrifted


Shorts and tights


shorts and tights.jpg


Vintage Plaid dress


plaid dress.jpg

I haven’t actually worn this yet but I can’t wait to.


High waisted parachute pants, Keds, and wicker bag


wicker bag and keds.jpg


Camo overalls,  glasses, and hoop earrings


Camo overalls.jpg


Black Jumpsuit with cropped stripe shirt



This time taken in my very own bathroom!


Camo leggings, oversized sweater, slip on shoes


camo leggings.jpg


Striped shorts, cropped grey tank, and my Tuk leopard platform shoes




Floral Jumpsuit


floral jumpsuit.jpg



Favorite fashion of Downton Abbey

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I’ve talked about my love for Downton Abbey before, but not so much my love for Downton fashion. In addition to the addicting binge worthy drama of the show, the complicated relationships, and the interest in an older era- the fashion of the show is extremely well done, too.


I have reached the final season of the show [cries], I am not going to know what to do with myself when it’s over….however, I have been neglecting Shameless, so I am excited to get back to that once I have finished Downton.


I have enjoyed waiting to see what the cast will wear next. It is also fun to see the change in their styles over the seasons- going from much more traditional to the flapper style in the 20’s.


Lady Mary Crawley

My favorite has to be Lady Mary Crawley’s wardrobe. She wears a lot of beads, lace, hats, hair brooches, and long gloves. 

mary with choker.jpg

I especially loved Lady Mary’s  choker here along with her black embroidered lace dress…..

She wears the flapper-esque style later on in the seasons stunningly, too.

The bottom one here is one of my favorite’s from the 20’s era of the show on her- look at all of that gold!



But don’t be fooled, Lady Mary does not only sit down for lovely fancy dinners and sit drinks- she is a rider, too.


And her riding outfits are equally as charming and unique.



Lady Mary definitely takes the prize for best dressed Crawley.

mary gif.gif



Lady Edith Crawley


If you watch the show [which I highly recommend you do and after this post you might really want to] then you know that Lady Mary and Lady Edith don’t exactly get along, even though they are sisters.


They are very different- and you can see that in their fashion as well.


Lady Edith is much more liberal and less traditional than Mary and seemed to fall into the flapper-esque style quicker than she did.


However, she is my second favorite fashionista. And I embrace their differences.

edith velvet.jpg

Velvet, anyone? Via:

I love everything in this picture on her- the coat, hat, and boots:

This may have been an Edith favorite of mine.

edith gif.gif

       Lady Cora Crawley 


As mother of Edith and Mary and countess of Downton Abbey, Cora’s style is a bit older and more sophisticated.


All the less, I still adore it.

These last two are Cora favorites of mine. That medieval styled dress and this jacket are just beautiful.


cora gif.gif



I suppose if we all had our own lady’s maids to dress us each morning and night, we would look this stunning all day too!



What were your favorite looks?


And if you have not yet watched, get going, so we can chat about it!


lady grantham.gif



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