20 somethings guide to finally being on your own

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I’m writing this post because as humans, we have to laugh at ourselves.

I lived with my mom until this year, at 27, when we just bought our house.

Don’t get me wrong- while I lived at home all this time, I helped my mom out with chores, rent, etc. I was always taught and raised in such a way that if you were to live at home- you were also to help out, always be working and/ or in school, and to earn your keep.

But there are still learning curves even after seeing your mom do things around the house for your whole life.


laundry lol.png




This is a list of actual things I did that I had to laugh about after.

I’m hoping someone can learn from my funny moments.




1.) When making pasta with pre-made sauce, simply putting the cold sauce in after the pasta is cooked is not enough to make a warm dinner. Also, simply mincing (yes I actually know what that means!) up garlic and throwing it into said pasta won’t be enough to spruce it up and may result in chewing on garlic.




2.) When bringing in clothes from the clothesline, don’t walk down the clothesline, instead of bringing it to you….like the clothesline is intended to do.




Curtains are the devil


3.) Shopping for curtains will be the most stressful thing. Ever. Be prepared for that. More stressful than dishing out thousands of dollars for a down payment, than saying goodbye to your family and dogs, and the normal stressors of buying a house or being on your own.

new girl stress.gif


For me, this meant 3 trips to the store, after repeatedly buying the wrong sizing. Once I finally bought the proper size/length, I didn’t buy enough of them, which resulted in having to order more off of Amazon, and then when they arrive….. the top of them are not the same as the others, which have holes on the top… sigh.

Also… changing out the curtain rod in our bedroom today we managed to drop the biggest one right. onto. our. plant. He was literally decapitated… he is now soaking in a vase of water and I’m hoping he survives the curtain mayhem.






4.) Speaking of plants….why is one of my majesty palms dying, while the other chooses to live?



I re-potted one of them in with soil meant for cactus and palms and since then, he has been declining.

Side note- buying a plant you love in the store before doing any research on it at all is probably not the best idea. This article tells me I may not be the only one having trouble!




5.) Going to the flea market with your boyfriend will not prevent him from bringing home horse paintings. Be prepared for that.

When living together, compromise is vital. Also, thank God we have a garage where this horsey will live.




Your new hobbies


6.) The things you used to make fun of your mom for back in the day….you will now do and love. Embrace your new home hobbies.

My mom used to have this CD in her car that played bird sounds and then after they played the sound, the woman’s very calming voice would say something like, “that is the sound of a morning dove.” I used to think it was so funny that my mom listened to bird sounds in her car instead of music.

Now… one of the first things I did when we moved in was find a bird feeder hanging on the tree near our house and fill it up. I love watching the birds in the morning and snapping shots of them, as well as seeing new birds and hearing their sounds.




Do you have any funny stories about being on your own for the first time?

Share with me! 





5 thoughts on “20 somethings guide to finally being on your own

  1. This post made me so happy that read ❤️ I love how you are making this house your home with mismatched curtains and horse paintings and flowers that I know will survive. Funny story—bryan and I went to a goodwill once, the only time I went with him since I find it oddly calming to be in there? Anyway, he sees this cast iron bank that’s supposed to be a guy shooting out of a canon and it was so ridiculous that I thought, “I bet bryan would like that.” I see him five minutes later and he’s friggin holding it. 🤣🤣🤣 Anyway, the moral is compromise is key and it warms my heart to hear that you are striking this balance.

    Hope you are loving making it your own!


  2. Ok as the mom with the bird sounds CD I have to crack up at this….I suffered through many years of the two of you laughing at all my little things I do around my house….the curtains, plants, birds, puttering around the kitchen….and here you are wishing you paid more attention at the time so you could have learned more!!! 🙂

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