February favorites

Yay March! I am not a huge February fan, anyways. It’s that weird in between time where we are so far from spring yet not quite at the beginning of winter…




I posted this song in my A guide: 20 somethings myths post, but I posted the acoustic version.  I actually found the acoustic version before I found the original- and I like the original better. I love how it starts off slow and then builds up with a great beat:


You know when it takes a few times for a song to grow on you? That was this next song for me. Now I am obsessed and can’t stop listening….



Also, maybe I am behind on this, but I just found out about Chill nation music…this one’s my favorite so far. 



Blog post:

The Idea Catcher by Dave Rowley at Welcome Presence

His writing really got to me-

“When looking for a good metaphor it often helps begin with nature. And the abundance of creative activity in nature amounts to an embarrassment of brilliance: millions of eggs laid by sea turtles on a beach on a single night; galaxies bursting at the seams; countless fruit rotting under countless trees; the outrageousness of Spring where whole landscapes burst into bloom for a few weeks.

Maybe you’ve experienced one of those lazy days sitting in the garden, trees swaying, bees droning in the background as a s stream of creative ideas flow through your mind, only to be swept away as you fall into a nap. Or maybe your ideas arrive in the shower. Or you receive wild visions while stuck in traffic. You, too, are the conduit for an embarrassment of brilliance.

Like Bach, ideas are floating all around us like a rabble of butterflies. The next step involves action. We need to pick up an imaginary butterfly net and snatch the ideas we most resonate with, the ones we commit to working on.” 

idea catcher.jpg


The Idea Catcher


In my last post, Weekly round up, I talked about mama’s amazing quiche. Ever since I tried it for the first time, I have been obsessing over quiche.

quiche .jpg


Also-I am an ice cream fanatic. Since it’s getting warmer out, I have been craving ice cream obsessively again…




Funky sunglasses.

I particularly love Modcloth glasses- I don’t have a pair yet, but I need them for spring/summer.



What were your February favorites?

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