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March has been a busy month! Honestly, I have been very busy lately and that is why I have not had as much time for blogging.

I did not even get to a “Currently” post in February. Check out my last Currently in January post to see what I was up to back then…

But if you live anywhere where this Nor’easter Stella storm hit, then you may be like me, and currently dealing with this…

#Sorearms #3feetandabove


Currently doing…

I am currently doing a million things at once right now, hence why blogging is once a week at the moment, here’s why! 🙂

ems birthday.jpg

Birthday celebrations for a friend were had this weekend!I left my house, hooray!


Right now I am working towards an Animals & Public Policy certificate which is very focused on Animal law, Policies affecting animal laws, nonprofit administration, etc. I am still figuring school out but I think this is what I am really feeling- the skills needed to work in the animal nonprofit world- I hope! I am also considering a masters in Nonprofit Administration and would like to take both the certificate and classes for that, but school is a ton of work, time, money, etc. It is very hard to go back to school once you are working full time and paying loans and other bills- hoping I will figure this out slowly but surely…:)

Vacation Planning:


Frankie and I are planning a big trip (his first time out of the country) and we are seriously looking at Santorini, Greece.  Guys, I have wanted to go to Greece ever since I saw the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie which was filmed there. (Which was actually filmed in Santorini) We are waiting for his vacation time to be approved before we can book, but we are stoked! Has anyone reading this been? If so- recommendations?!

Awesome reasons to travel to Greece: (Based on my research)

  • Safe to travel to
  • Economically struggling at the moment, so cheaper goods
  • Exploring ruins! Right up my alley… so much history and things to learn here.
  • The scenery-the cliffs, beaches and blue water, blue rooftops in Santorini, the food, sunsets of Oia (or so I’ve read…)
  • Amazing Greek hospitality is something I have read a lot about
  • Greek food!
  • Greeks love to celebrate life

Time to start learning Greek language….

Currently watching…

This is Us.

I promise you you will not be disappointed. Every single episode I cry. That good-hearty, damn I needed that-type of cry. I think it comes down to the show being about the core of family, love, loss, meaning of life, and purpose. It’s just so good, you have to watch it for yourself!

Currently reading…

When I do have free time, I have been reading…

I am not as obsessed with this book and have been taking longer to get through it than when I read my recent faves, “Behind Closed Doors,” “The Memory Box,” and “It Ends with Us.”

It’s good so far and follows the story of an ex couple, recently divorced, whose daughter Anna goes missing.  I have not gotten very far but it seems to shift between their lives and search for her and the kidnappers vague story of taking her…

Currently playing…

I recently picked up a Nintendo 3 ds with my Amazon gift care and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I used to have this game and played obsessively, then sold my ds because I needed money at the time, then immediately regretted it and missed checking on my town and my villagers. (I realize I am strange, by the way) Plus there has been an update since then that allows you to scan cards into the game with certain villagers and you can ask them to move into your town.

Anyway, I have been reconnected with AC New Leaf!

For those of you who don’t know, Animal Crossing has been around for awhile. I used to play back when I had a gamecube…

It is a game where you control your town as mayor and work to make it better- creating new public works projects and ordinances and meeting and creating relationships with your villagers (who happy to be really cute animals who talk to you.)  You can work on your house-paying off your loans and decorating, earning money to do these things by catching bugs, fish, and shaking trees for fruit and selling them. The seasons change in the game too, and there are frequently events and holidays, following real world time.

Does anyone out there play?

I also want to pick up Pokemon Moon…

What have you been up to this March?Share with me!

12 thoughts on “Currently in March

  1. Wow, you have been busy! A masters Nonprofit Administration sounds fab, they don’t do a masters in that in the UK as far as I’m aware. And I’ve also heard Santorini/Greece is lovely, you’ve made me want to think about going on holiday (I’ve never actually been on a proper holiday despite nearly 29 years on this planet!) How exciting!
    Caz x


    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 yes, I’ve been looking into this masters- they have A LOT of them online, so you could look into that! However, the UK has many more masters in animals and public policy than we do here, for some reason! You should definitely go on vaca if you can…it is so worth the money!


  2. I always love your Currently lists 🙂 Also I have never been to Greece, but it’s always been tops of my list, too! That’s so exciting!!!

    DAYUM, girl. You got a LOT of snow. We had only about 8 inches, though they were predicting about two feet, too. Thankfully we live in a condo (we’re the only ones who rent) but we enjoy the benefits of having the board shovel out our cars… but yea… I can’t say I miss the shoveling part (but talk about a great exercise though, right?)

    Also. THIS IS US. OMG, i can’t with that show. Have never seen an episode without the tears happening. SO so good. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite character, but I really love Randall. ❤

    Hope you have a great weekend! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your support always, Charlotte! YES it was a killer workout, I was sore for days after but did feel accomplished!! I actually did not cry on the season finale of this is us- I was a little disappointed =/


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    • Yes you do- I promise you will not regret it!! I am also obsessed with Milo, omg. I prefer him clean shaven (most of the show he has a big beard) but he is so cute. Thanks for the comment and the follow Divya- I love your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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