Why I love being an Introvert

Listening now…

(Listen while you read, please.  🙂 I pick songs based on my feelings while I write….P.S….Introverts have good taste in music.)



Remember awhile back, when I wrote my Letter from your introverted [hermit] friend post?


I started talking about introversion because I feel like it so important for people like me, who love being alone and actually re-charge their energy from that, to embrace it and know that not only is it okay, it’s actually really cool. 


I wasn’t always like this. I used to think I was strange for often preferring to stay home, while everyone else was going out.


If you don’t know what an Introvert is, it is basically someone who turns inward mentally (we also tend to overthink a lot) and get their energy back from spending time alone. 



It was not until recently that I started thinking about all of the benefits and the things I have learned about myself from being an introvert.

While I think part of this is ingrained in my personality at birth, I think I really started enjoying time alone when I started gaming.

Growing up, my mom was in a band and worked late gigs on the weekends and I would often spend most of my Saturdays and Sundays playing Sims to keep busy (back when it first came out 17 years ago!)

I would get so engulfed in the game and could get lost in hours of gameplay- I still do!



If you are an introvert like me, or even if you are not, maybe you can look into yourself too and see what this personality trait has really done for you! If you struggle with being alone, I really encourage you to begin to get comfortable with it. It will teach you a lot about yourself and who are you.


Why I love being an Introvert:


1.) Alone time helped me discover who I am.

squish.jpglake .jpg

I know what I like and don’t like, I have found and developed more hobbies than I can even keep up with (lol) and through these hobbies, I feel more truly myself. When you find what you love and do more of that, everything just feels more sincerely you. 

I think it is an amazing life skill to have to be comfortable and accept your own presence. I frequent my favorite place on earth very often during the summer, the lake! With just myself and my dog Daisy. I used to feel awkward and like people were looking at me- now I read my book, play in the water, and bask in the sunshine and the glory of not caring about any of that anymore and enjoying my time.

Be proud to have plans with just you!

After all, this blog probably wouldn’t exist if I was not alone as much.


2.) I have found my creative side.

I used to think being creative meant you were “good” at art- I can draw no more than a stick figure and used to think because I did not have an artsy side, I was not creative. Through growing up and finding myself,  I have realized that art is much more than painting and drawing and my kind of art is planning, fashion, photography, and putting words, pictures, and music together in this here little blog space. Building awesome houses and decorating them stunningly on The Sims counts too, right?



3.) Who needs people when you have dogs (best friends), anyway?

Does this one even need explanation?…….

The more time out with people, the more time away from my dogs!

Both my babies are introverts too, so this works out for us really well.




squish and fries.jpg

When we are not relaxing in bed, we are probably out eating…

4.) I never get bored.

My mom always told us when we were little if we whined of boredom, “only boring people get bored.”

She is right. And I have always remembered this. And through my introversion and alone time, I always value it and use it wisely to do what I can’t when I am around other people!




19 thoughts on “Why I love being an Introvert

  1. You always share the best music here ❤ Thanks for introducing me to this "Alps" song… I dig it. A lot.

    Also yes. I'm a proud introvert myself. There are just times when I need to be alone to refuel, too. Living with my partner has challenges in that way, since we share a tiny space and I'm not often able to escape. But I've learned to be quiet and still when I need it, and to give my mind a break as often as possible by fulling immersing myself in all the things I love to do.

    Also this. YES!!! "I think it is an amazing life skill to have to be comfortable and accept your own presence."


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  2. WOW and here just recently I read somewhere that introversion does nothing but breed depression and suicidal ideation! Upon reading this I felt torn because I too am very much an introvert. I absolutely love music, video games, drawing and painting and spending time alone!
    What I was reading also stated that great ideas and solutions are made as a collective. I can’t recall where I read this obviously I didn’t care too much but it’s true… “believe most of what you see and none of what you hear.” Not sure if that is exactly how this saying goes but I think you get my drift… right?!
    I’ve spent most of my life caring WAY too much about what people thought of me and I get panic attacks sometimes around crowds. I’m also bipolar and have PTSD and social anxiety disorder. Well I’m 40 years old now and I can’t believe how much my way of thinking has changed rather matured it’s incredible thanks for a place to vent about this misunderstood trait some of us have!

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    • Wow thank you SO much for the thoughtful and relevant comment!! I do get your drift.. I definitely think there is a ton of stigma around wanting to be “alone” and just introversion in general! Thank you so much for reading I will definitely be doing more posts on introversion

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      • Side note… I too have social anxiety as my most prominent kind of anxiety (unfortunately) Although I have not talked about it on the blog, some day I hope to feel comfortable enough to do so… I am sorry you have these struggles. I know how much it can hinder your life


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