The BIG Happy Planner!

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Hey guys! Happy Saturyay!


I woke up really tired for some reason- didn’t sleep great, had some bad dreams and night sweats. Anyone else get those? They are horrible…


Anyway- I have a day full of plans today, which is kind of rare for me. It’s mama’s birthday- so I’m spending some time with her before I head off to my friend’s 25th birthday party and then an indoor circus event [without animals] at this really cool club.


Pretty exciting!  What do you all have planned for the weekend? 


So if you have been following me for some time now, you may know that I love planning. It helps me stick to a routine, feel more balanced, and I specifically love the 365 Mambi Happy planner.


You can get that here: Happy planner site!


Soooo… in my past post about spring goals, I talked about wanting to start planning again.

I was going hard with the planning for awhile and then I started using my happy planner solely for work because the stickers and decorating aspect got a little too “busy” and distracting from all of my work things I had to write down and keep track of.


I talked about how I wanted to get an Erin Condren planner- which I still want.


Little did I know walking into Michaels the other day [for something else completely, by the way,] that I ran across the planning aisle only to see a big version of the Happy planner. You read that right.  Probably the same size or close to the Erin Condren.


I couldn’t resist…. I also had a great coupon.

happy planner.jpg

Yeah…. I went a little crazy…

Stickers, washi tape, dashboard, sticky notes, and page magnets! I ended up paying only about $50 for all of this.


Okay, so I got all of this, ran home, super excited. Only to open it up and find out that the planner does not start until July.  July!


Ugh. Okay- I have tunnel vision. So of course I looked up month extension pages- which I found out they only have for the smaller version of the planner, not this one yet- this big version was only released this month. Wahhhhhhhh.


The planner is beautiful inside, too. I am so excited to start decorating and obsessively planning again and want to use this one as more of a personal planner and journal/scrapbook.

planner 2planner 3


This section is new and I really like this:



The pages also seem to be a little bit better quality. Thicker and less easily to come out of the binding system.

I also love the new dashboard pages:


So I guess I will have to wait until july…. sigh… I was even thinking about buying the smaller Happy Planner month extensions and sticking them in here, using those for a few months until July. It may be look a little silly, but my other planner mainly stays at work now.


Are there any other Happy planners out there?!


31 thoughts on “The BIG Happy Planner!

    • Definitely impossible! Lol… there is something kind of therapeutic to me about writing down things when planning – you should give it a try sometime and see if you like it, but then again, whatever works for you- if digital is better, that’s good too! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  1. This planner is gorgeous!! I am a big fan of planners and the stationary but it never ever goes to plan for me and I always give up because it never looks as good as everyone elses lol!! I am so jealous, this post has kind of inspired me to try planning again!

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  2. I love using planners–it seems such a weird thing to get excited about, but if you’re using it everyday it needs to be something you like! Such a bummer about the July start

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